Deadstare // Fetch the Baltak

Doing a dead stare with Bobby Moynihan as we worked with him at the Cartoon Network booth at comic con for his signing. Really awesome guy! Check out his new show on Cartoon Network called We Bare Bears! #Comic-Con #webarebears #bearwalk #deadstare

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The Halon Ring

The Halon Ring is one of Wildstar’s more infamous unreleased zones, as its existence has been known of and acknowledged by the playerbase for quite sometime.

Supposedly it was originally a Level 40 zone, before being revamped for the end game. It is also tied, heavily, with the release of Redmoon Terror.

This Wildweave post outlines some of the events that would have occured in the zone, including a confrontation with Laveka the Dark Hearted, and her recruitment of the Grimvoid and Deadstar marauders. Several of the maps also point to elemental chambers that seem to be named after the Eldan who became the primevals… 

However, as we approach the release of Redmoon Terror, it seems like there’s no hide or hair of the Halon Belt being released.

So what’s the deal?

Well, the most obvious answer is that the version of the Halon Belt that was datamined more than a year and a half ago has undergone heavy revisions. It’s certainly possible that it will appear in a later patch to provide a non-raid resolution to the RMT storyline; Omnicore-1 didn’t come out until Drop 5, despite Datascape having been in the game since lost. It’s also possible that the Marauder storyline is being folded into the introductory quest being released next drop.

It’s also possible that the Halon Ring is being revamped to coincide with the next stages of the World Story (seeking out Omnichron in the aftermath of the Vault of the Archon), and is being revamped to become a daily zone. However, there’s also the sticky problem of keeping it from conflicting with Arcterra.

In any case, players can expect to take a journey to the rings of Nexus in the upcoming patch… even if it’s not quite in zone form just yet.