which pokémon will we choose?

yo, happy 2 year anniversary twitchplayspokémon! i’m alive
have some johto starters!!

anyways … y'all should go and watch the stream once february 14th comes around - we’re playing cystal 251, which is basically an edited version of pokémon crystal! hype!

coming from the guy who has been inactive on tpp for the past month or so

(chikorita - cyndaquil - totodile - all three)


The infamous Cheetah that Daniel M. mounted after many taxidermists told him the skin would turn into ‘cheetah soup’ after it was rehydrated because it was a 70 year old pelt.   It managed to hold up hydration and was mounted up.  It was featured in a previous issue of Breakthrough magazines.

Its important that with mountable skins that they must be stored properly in order to make sure the tan holds up as well as getting it tanned properly.  If I recall this skin was in a museum freezer as a dry tan all those years.