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All the racial leaders have a rivalry about which of their children is the coolest. Ghost Varian is all like "my son could beat up your sons" and everyone else is all like "I don't have a son/ my son is dead". Thrall is trying to teach his kid to fight so he can brag about him.

Aw, how sweet! Headcanon confirmed. Additionally, Tyrande shows up a lot to insist her wonderful adopted daughter Shandris could beat everyone else’s kids in any competition ever. She’s probably right, too. 

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Last year, you said Jon and Dany would have an interesting dinamic. What makes you think so? Not that I disagree ;)

What’s really intriguing to me is that their hearts are in the same place, but their minds work in totally different ways. I suspect that if you asked Jon and Daenerys any question sufficiently broad enough to be within both their frames of reference, you’d get the same answer but with totally different reasoning. They have similarly strong moral instincts, but Daenerys thinks in these big dramatic abstracts, while Jon processes in that very pragmatic Northern task-oriented kind of way. Daenerys acts, pushing Slaver’s Bay to the tipping point it’s been approaching for centuries; Jon reacts, resisting an encroaching alien threat. Jon looks to rebuild ancient ruins; Daenerys burns cities to the ground.(There’s symbolic alignment here. Dany’s burning of the slavers is a capital-s Statement ideologically and about her own power, while cremation burials are pragmatism on Jon’s part. But at both ends of the earth, fire means freedom: it liberates living slaves in the East; it spares the northern dead from becoming thralls of humanity’s greatest external enemy.)

All of that’s led them to very different places by the end of ADWD. Jon has been assassinated – but I’d hazard a guess that at least some of his reforms will stick. He’s sent trustworthy people all up and down the wall, so whatever toll the next battle at Castle Black takes, there are still eyes on the ball. He’s gotten some level of cooperation from the mountain clans, who don’t seem quite to have grasped the real issue yet, but he’s moved them significantly closer to figuring it out. And he’s set up a base of support in Karhold. Even if (nooooo) Jon really were to just be dead and gone at the end of ADWD, he’d have laid some solid groundwork for the fight against the Others. It’ll be in better shape if he’s resurrected, for sure, but he’s managed to put down roots. This eludes Dany. Unlike Jon, she is physically safe and about to stumble into the head of an extremely powerful consensus – but dragons plant no trees.

All of that’s far more project-oriented than about interpersonal chemistry. But those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. Dany and Jon are both people who really pour their heart and soul into challenges that they know to be vital, and I think they’ll recognize that in each other. And their different styles of thinking show the ways in which they’re complementary overall. Jon needs to really grasp and own what sets him (them) apart, rather than chafing against it. Dany needs a partner who will ground and focus her. For that matter, she needs that experience of having a partner, an equal, and those kinds of relationships are the ones that are the most important to Jon.  

I’m talking about this as a partnership, but to be clear, the idea of a romantic ship isn’t really make or break for this dynamic, IMO? I get the appeal and I get why it’s weird for people, but, eh. The big thing is, they’re drift compatible.

One step and then another, Jon told himself. One step and then another, and I will not fall.

He had not shaved since leaving the Fist of the First Men, and the hair on his lip was soon stiff with frost. Two hours into the climb, the wind kicked up so fiercely that it was all he could do to hunch down and cling to the rock, praying he would not be blown off the mountain. One step and then another, he resumed when the gale subsided. One step and then another, and I will not fall.

Soon they were high enough so that looking down was best not considered. There was nothing below but yawning blackness, nothing above but moon and stars. “The mountain is your mother,” Stonesnake had told him during an easier climb a few days past. “Cling to her, press your face up against her teats, and she won’t drop you.” Jon had made a joke of it, saying how he’d always wondered who his mother was, but never thought to find her in the Frostfangs. It did not seem nearly so amusing now. One step and then another, he thought, clinging tight. (ACOK, Jon VI)

That was where she belonged, surely.

Keep walking. If I look back I am lost.

Memories walked with her. Clouds seen from above. (ADWD, Dany X)


I wouldn’t do that if I was you, Jester. You will become his punching bag.

Taking a break from Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura and went back to Darkest Dungeon with 4 new class mods. Two of them being Ironclad (left) and Thrall (right). I thought they were pretty interesting and helpful.

Ironclad - Class Mod was made by ActionJack from Steam Workshop
Thrall - Class Mod was made by Marvin Seo from Steam Workshop

This is just a silly doodle I drew because I couldn’t sleep and it’s 2am over here.

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The irony of reanimating Ulfric’s body and using it to further Imperial plans is just so great that i couldn’t resist trying to make him my permanent dead thrall. Sadly, i had killed him when i was already at a very high level and now he’s apparently too powerful for reanimation. Blood and damnation!

I can use Galmar’s body though, which is still quite ironic since he was overzealous in his hatred for the Empire.