I had a friend who’s roommate had a large German Shepherd dog. One day when she came home from work, she found him playing with the next door neighbor’s kid’s pet bunny (dead). She panicked and gave the bunny a bath, blow dried it, and placed it back in it’s cage, afraid to tell the neighbors that her dog killed it. A couple of hours later, they heard the neighbor’s kid screaming hysterically. It turns out the bunny had died and they had buried it, and her dog had dug it up to play with it.

I think I jinxed it.

I feel kinda guilty.
A couple of days ago I was talking to a friend and she was like “I wanna buy a ferret”.
And I was like “You have too many pets, you should wait till one dies before you get another”.
And now her puppy died.
I guess she can buy that ferret now.