My Tumblr list of must-see movies

A list of 15 movies you must see before you die:

1. Notting Hill (1999) - Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant

2. Sleepless in Seattle (1993) - Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks

3. Sabrina (1995) - Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, & Greg Kinnear

4. The Way Way Back (2013) - Steve Carell, Toni Colette, & Liam James

5. You’ve Got Mail (1998) - Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks

6. A Walk to Remember (2002) - Mandy Moore & Shane West

7. Kings of Summer (2013) - Nick Robinson, Moises Arias, & Gabriel Basso

8. Dead Poets Society (1989) - Robin Williams & Robert Sean Leonard

9. Breakfast Club (1985) - Molly Ringwald & Judd Nelson

10. Forrest Gump (1994) - Tom Hanks & Robin Wright

11. When Harry met Sally (1989) - Meg Ryan & Billy Crystal

12. The Blind Side (2009) - Sandra Bullock & Quinton Aaron

13. Pretty in Pink (1986) - Molly Ringwald & Jon Cryer

14. Steel Magnolias (1989) - Julia Roberts & Sally Field

15. Serendipity (2001) - John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale


So I’m one of those fans obsessed with finding connections between the American Horror Story seasons. I noticed this while watching Coven for the first time today. The gothic girl Tate Langdon murdered during the school massacre (season one) is in the photo of past witches Zoe shows the girls during the Ouija Board experience (season three). I’ve been looking online everywhere because I’m sure this has been pointed out before but I couldn’t find anything.

MY FAVOURITE MOVIES (highly recommend)

dead poets society
the breakfast club
begin again
great gatsby
the perks of being a wallflower
to kill a mockingbird
12 angry men
the bourne ultimatume
magnificent seven
les miserables
the edge of seventeen
a separation
eternal sunshine of the spotlight mind
requiem of a dreams
american history x
silver linings playbook
camp x-ray
curse of the golden flower
the hateful eight
crimson preak
the imitation game
harry potter and the deathly hallows
django unchained
max mad fury road
saving private ryan
captain fantastic
manchester by the sea
black swan
grave of the fireflies
sherlock the abominable bride
v for vendette
under the shadow
gone baby gone
the grand budapest hotel
a beautiful mind
the pianist
the revised fundamentals of caregiving
miracle in cell no 7
into the wild
a clockwork orange
persuit of happyness
the silence of the lamb

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what would a Hufflepuff movie evening include?

  • Disney + Disney Pixar movies
    • Any would work but I feel like Enchanted, Up, Toy Story, Wall-E, Tangled, Zootopia/tropolis and Moana would all be particularly good
  • Knowing it’s healthy to have a good cry sometimes, therefore tearjerkers 
    • Marley and Me, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, Bridge to Terabithia, A Monster Calls, Me Before You
  • Coming of age movies 
    • The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Breakfast Club, Dead Poets Society, Paper Towns, Stand By Me,
  • Fairytales - adaptations or originals 
    • Again any of the Disney movies, Ever After: A Cinderella Story, Ella Enchanted, Mirror Mirror, Penelope, Beastly
    • Depending on your POV, this doesn’t count as a fairytale but Peter Pan (2003) and Hook are both wonderful movies
    • Potentially too dark and definitely in Spanish, but I love Pan’s Labyrinth
  • The best snacks and blankets for everyone
  • Hugs their pillow/friend/whatever-is-closest during scary scenes, or jumping and throwing popcorn everywhere
  • Giggling during romantic scenes
  • Warm, comfy pyjamas and face masks
  • Pausing the movie midway through to make smores
  • Saying you’re all going to stay up till early in the morning but passing out around midnight
  • Making forts out of pillows and blankets and decorating them with fairy lights
  • Hufflepuffs enjoy well-executed character/redemptions arcs, watching relationships develop (romantic, platonic, parental, found family, any is awesome as long as it’s realistic), and movies that leave you feeling warm and happy when the credits start rolling

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Involves Masterlist: (x)

-Lauren and Kerrie

DBC - phanfic

Summary: It’s 1995 and five kids are stuck in detention the night of year eleven prom. There’s the bad boy; Dan, with his battered leather jacket, bad attitude and lame crush on Phil, the hot-headed geek who hates him. Then there’s Emma; the strange red-head with no voice, Louise, the pretty rich girl and Joe, the guy who’s captain of every sport in the school, but his only interest is drama.

Something happens that night, forever trapping the five of them in Batley Arts High School. They maintain their ambitions and aspirations despite being dead for twenty years…

Genre: Supernatural

Word count: over 4k

Okay, think dead breakfast club ;) :P 


She was only looking for a book. But fifteen year old Zoe Sugg couldn’t help gulping as she made her way swiftly down each aisle of books, a dainty finger sliding down each battered book. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be in here, but the old library surely had the better books. At least that’s what she told herself. And if she wanted to get a better grade in biology this term she should just suck it up – ignore the stupid rumours about this place being haunted. The library was twenty years old and said to be place where five kids lost their lives back in 1995. Because of a fire. You could definitely tell a fire had ripped through this place, Zoe thought as she scanned the aisles of books, practically all of them blackened or just skeletal remains.

Zoe fiddled with her iPod, trying to find a good song, as she zigzagged through row after row of books.

She walked slowly, her high-tops overlapping each-other as she neared the next section. The book she was looking for was somewhere around here. Zoe cleared her throat and forced herself to carry on walking, despite a sudden cold breeze making the exposed skin on her arm tingle. “Just my imagination.” She said out-loud.

A book suddenly hit the soft carpeted floor. Zoe yanked an earphone out of her ear and tried not to gasp when another book flew off the shelf, landing by her foot.

Zoe couldn’t help herself. “Hello?” she whispered. “Anyone…” she hesitated. “Is anybody there?”

“Grab a book!” a voice hissed, making her twist around, a scream threatening to rip from her throat. The voice was male and teasing. “Flap it like that! Yeah, that’s right!” Suddenly she was face-to-face with two boys wearing odd clothes. One of them had ebony dark hair whilst the other sported a brown fringe hanging in bright mischievous eyes. They were holding books, flapping them in her direction.

Zoe took a step backwards. “What are you…?” she lost her breath when the brunette frowned and dropped his book. “Wait..” he let out a laugh. A bright red scarf hung loosely around his neck. “Can she see us?”



“Detention? Are you kidding me?!”

Phil Lester couldn’t help his voice rising to borderline hysteria. He held the screwed up pink slip holding his fate in his clenched fist and tried his hardest not to glare at the teacher. “I- I don’t understand?” he stammered. “What did I do wrong?” Phil stood in-front of the ancient teacher, his arms folded. He was lightly aware of his classmates staring- and probably laughing their asses off at him, but he didn’t care. He was the one going to a top university. That’s what he told himself anyway. Every-time dipshits like Dan Howell kicked his desk all the way through a three hour history class. “Lester…Lester…..Leeessterrrr!”  Dan wouldn’t give up until he ended up twisting around on his chair and yelling “What the hell do you want?!” right in the smug bastards face.

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Top Ten Movies that have Influenced my Seventeen Years:

10. The Spectacular Now (2013)
9. Stuck in Love (2012)
8. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
7. Into the Wild (2007)
6. The Breakfast Club (1985)
5. Dead Poet’s Society (1989)
4. Frank (2014)
3. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)
2. Say Anything (1989)
1. Good Will Hunting (1997)

I don’t want someone that always post his relationship on social media to tell everyone how happy he is. I don’t want someone who complains about my physical appearance, ask me how my weight comes from, and who complains about what I wear. I don’t want someone that I can only share my other interest with, rather than all the stuffs that I like.


I want someone who understands me. He would listen to all my shitty things and have a deep conversation with. I don’t know, maybe talk about the existence, how the galaxies are made, death, politics, history, philosophy, what is life, what life means, music. I don’t want to have a conversation that is just saying “hey, what’s up”, I do really hate small talks.

I want someone that looks me the way Johnny looked at Winona. The one that we have something in common, but also something to argue. Despite the arguments we would make, we still look each other in the eye and last the bond.

I want someone that is just okay for what I wear. Ripped jeans, oversized tees, sneakers, messy hair, all black outfit, flannels. Dresses, tank tops, blouses, heels, make ups. He would not complain for what I wear, instead we just have fun.

I want someone who I can call in the middle of the night just to tell him that I just ate a cereal. He would listen all those nonsense, and continue to talk about how did Socrates could have such a great minds.

I want someone who makes me laugh. Telling me his jokes even though it’s not funny, tell me how his day was and being lazy together. Maybe watch a movie, listen to music, read books, or just lay in bed all day. Or maybe, watch The Breakfast Club, Dead Poets Society, The sound of Music, Disney, Pride and Prejudice, or 10 Things I hate About You.

I want someone that doesn’t afraid to tell me if I behave rude lately. We just share our thoughts and being outspoken. 

I want someone that can also be my best friend. Instead of “Hey baby, I love you” he can say “Hey let’s have pizza, my treat”. He doesn’t have to buy me sweet things, like flowers, expensive stuffs, dresses, and all those cliche things. I would rather be given a mix-tape. Or love letters. Or a book about our bucket list. 

I want someone that photographs the memories and even though he would photograph the insecure me, he would just pause me to do other thing and capture it and he would say how perfect it is. Not to be posted in social media, but instead being framed or saved in the photo albums. We would look to all those photographs some other time, and how the person in it would never change.

I want someone who takes me to unpredictable dates. Not a fancy dinner, but maybe we could hike. Explore nature and go on adventure. An impromptu date night where we would just lay on the grass and stare at the starry sky, or maybe we could have a snack eaten outside a closed library. I don’t know, take me somewhere I have never been before, or somewhere that is your favorite place. Your sanctuary. 

I want someone that Winona hard to get over, and be someone Johnny really tried to get over. We just complete each other and we don’t know what to do if finally we are being apart.


Maybe this is too much for I could have asked for someone. But I swear, the way you give me your best, the way I do give you the very best of me.


TOP 10 MOVIES BY GENRE [6/36] → Teen Comedies

Clueless (1995), Mean Girls (2004), Heathers (1989), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), Election (1999), Juno (2007), Animal House (1978), Drop Dead Gorgeon (1999), The Breakfast Club (1985), 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Stop Romanticizing Tate Langdon. Romanticize Massimo Dolcefino instead.

Massimo :
- Saved Elsa’s life.
- Taught Elsa to walk again.
- Taught Elsa to dance again.
- Couldn’t live with himself till he got revenge on those that cut off Elsa’s legs.
- Was tortured

- Raped and impregnated Violet’s mom.
- Murdered innocent people just because he fucking felt like doing it.
- Lied to Violet about killing the dead breakfast club
- Never felt remorse for anything

- Didn’t actually love anyone. Except maybe himself.

Now tell me… Who deserves to be romanticized by this fandom?