So I’m one of those fans obsessed with finding connections between the American Horror Story seasons. I noticed this while watching Coven for the first time today. The gothic girl Tate Langdon murdered during the school massacre (season one) is in the photo of past witches Zoe shows the girls during the Ouija Board experience (season three). I’ve been looking online everywhere because I’m sure this has been pointed out before but I couldn’t find anything.

AHS Day Five - Favorite Member of the Dead Breakfast Club.

Kevin Gedman. 

He’s clearly a major slacker, and admits this freely to Tate and Violet. However, he points out that any of the other kids that Tate killed that day could have been great - they could have been the next great inventors or scientists. Despite his appearance, he stands up for Amir (the nerdy yearbook editor). I think he showed great fortitude of character in what little airtime he had.