Dead Wolf

Taken off of Taxidermy.Net.  One of the members there posted this picture of a wolf that was taken in Russia.  As you can see, there is something very wrong with this wolf.  Some said it is a spinal defect that made it this way.  Interesting never the less and hopefully this animal will provide answers.  I’m more shocked that an animal like this manage to live to adulthood in such a harsh environment.  Also this picture isn’t photoshopped as there was additional images showing this wolf.

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Better skull comparisons! These are really interesting to look at. 

1) Adult German shepherd skull: Note angle of protrusion of canine teeth and stop on the brow.

2) The mystery canine found in the City of Bones: Note wide spacing between molars but smooth stop.

3) Young adult wolf skull: Note that the sagittal crest is not as pronounced in young adult as it is in older animal below. 

4) Adult wolf.

5) Comparison between large (100+ pound) German shepherd, and big adult gray wolf. 

The mystery canine shares characteristics with both wolf and GSD, but it’s difficult to say for certain what it really is, so just to be safe, I’m working with law enforcement to report the incident and location of the body.  

It makes sense that it could be from a young wolf, separating from his pack to seek a new mate; OR-7 did the same thing and made headline news when he traveled across the entire state of Oregon and entered California. A wolf dubbed OR-25 was recently spotted less than 90 miles from the location where I recovered this skeleton. Oregon is now home to 77 known wolves, but OR-7 surprised biologists when he settled down and mated with a rouge female that had previously avoided detection in the Siskiyou Mountains. It’s entirely probable that this state is home to many more wolves than we know. 

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