Sale of the Dead Is Upon Us

Sale of the Dead Is Upon Us

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With Halloween slowly creeping upon us, Sony saw it fit to give us gamers some ghastly deals. Until November 1st, you can pick up horrifying titles like Deadlight: Director’s Cut, Outlast, and The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season, as well as films like the This Is The End, Evil Dead (2013) and more – all for wicked good prices.  (more…)

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Conflicted - Chapter 26 : A Date With Danger

โ€œYou ready, doll?โ€ ย 

The village and wooded area around us remained deadly quiet and the once warming sunlight had all but completely dwindled away, allowing the thick blanket of fog to set upon the ground. The only disruption echoing down the narrow street came from the sound of heavy footsteps scraping over the gravel, and the low muttering of the menโ€™s voices as they departed to embark upon their assigned roles. Soon enough, a number of men sparsely surrounded the target area, and the remaining men deemed capable enough of raiding the homes and fighting off walkers equipped themselves with large duffle bags and an assortment of weapons. Negan himself hoisted up a bag that had been dumped in the dirt, and slung it into my arms as he gestured with the tip of Lucille to follow a small group of men, who were already making their way towards the second building upon the row of neat looking houses. The three men had marched on in an almost militaristic fashion, followed by myself and then Negan who sauntered leisurely behind, barely phased by the task ahead. Probably below his paygrade, I scoffed to myself. They passed effortlessly through the white picket fences surrounding the house and trudged across its overgrown lawn, until they reached the panelled door that they soon broke inwards, granting them entry. The house was eerily silent, apart from the sound of my own heavy breathing and the deep thumping of my adrenaline fuelled heartbeat that rang loud in my ears.

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