Anakin's Training: Implications of a High Midichlorian Count

The minimum midichlorian count for a Jedi was 5,000 and to have over 15,000, it was said you had to be born of the Force. Anakin has over 20,000.

This interests me in terms of his childhood at the Temple. Anakin was at least 2 to 4 times more powerful than all of the Forcefuls in the Temple. I would imagine that once his training began, there would have been trouble. Where most people took months of meditation to learn proper telekinesis, Anakin probably struggled not to throw objects and hurt people unintentionally. When Anakin was taught how to warm something with the Force, he set it on fire. He burned himself trying to raise his temperature. I imagine meditation was so difficult for him because he heard so much. He was probably overwhelmed and easily distracted by what he felt but didn’t know how to control or channel. It probably scared him

Even more intriguing is the question: Was he separated from others for their own safety? Did he believe he was dangerous, difficult, unnatural? I imagine the other initiates kept their distance. Was he pulled from normal classes?

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ratings of the planets

Mercury-11/10, smol, buddies with the sun, eccentric orbits, lot’s of craters but that’s what makes him beautiful

Venus- 27/12, she’s hot, tidally-locked, and my girlfriend; people fear her going into retrograde, the Soviets were super into getting through her smokey outer layers, brightest object in our night sky and she’s taken people

Earth- questionable, hand dryers rarely work, not as much quicksand as I was prepared for as a child, redeemed by the fact we are in the ‘golden location’ of sustaining life, nice, 10/9

Mars- 25/10, a good boy!! We sent robots out to meet him, totally earth’s bff, we’ll have to get used to lack of air and less gravity after earth is fed up with us

Jupiter- Saviour/1, we’d totally be dead right now without Jupiter, LARGE, the largest boy, full of raging storms and weird anomalies, but same

Saturn- 17/10, look at them hoops, beauty, golden, not as large but has it going on, shaped like a friend

Uranus- 22/11, don’t laugh at him!! He is blue and filled with love, very cold, ice giant, interior is made of rocks, ice, and a BIG HEART

Neptune- 24/8, very saucy, taking her time rounding the sun, slow, found with math instead of telescopes and that’s why we love her

Things I Love About the Lore of Kirby Games #87: There is a white and pink being named Star Dream that, in its true form, has a cute cat face.

This being is a supercomputer who deleted their creator’s soul and takes over a spacecraft the size of a planet as part of its initiative to eliminate all organic life because organic life is not profitable under capitalism.