In astrology, scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac. The key terms used to defined scorpios in some shitty astrology sites and books are: “murderous”, “vengeful”, “mean”,“cynical”… Scorpios are much much much more than these silly terms.

Scorpio is associated with reincarnation, regeneration, the soul in general, psychic abilities, occult, magic, death and everything concerned with the unknown (not darkness and evil!). 

In ancient astrology scorpio was represented by the phoenix, which is a mythical creature which burns its excess parts in order to be reborn again. Scorpios are one of the most complex beings in the zodiac, they are submerged within a milieu of deep emotions, instability, sexuality, anger, restlessness and darkness. Similarly they are filled with a world of hurt, purity, intensity, mysteries and profound insecurities. 

The representation of the phoenix in scorpios is that they burn the excess parts of themselves and rise out of the ashes, this can applied to more than one aspect of scorpios. When scorpios are sinking in the oceans of depth within their very souls, they rise above all the sadness and come out stronger and wiser than they were before. When scorpios’ minds are clouded with darkness, revenge and soul-wrenching jealousy, the scorpio learns how to throw themselves into the light (rising out of the ashes of darkness). When a scorpio reaches their final stage of spiritual development, they’d have learned sheer amounts of self-control, wisdom, and profound power.

Scorpios surely have poisonous tongues (they are brutally honest to the point of hurting others), but that’s because they do not want to get hurt by the people around them. They demand to be in control of relationships and friendships because they know how cruel the world can be and they do not want to be hurt by people’s devious motives.  

Because the planet of mysteries- Pluto- rules scorpio, they are very observant and they can read people instantly, blessed with a 6th sense to read people, they can track the other person’s weakness and think about ways to hurt the other person, but this isn’t evil, this is just a defense mechanism which they will rise above when they acquire wisdom and burn the ego and everything brutal and evil. 

Scorpio is associated with the soul, that doesn’t mean that they can be evil all the time, they acquire an intensely pure heart, a pure soul and an ocean of secrets, contradictions, anger, restlessness  and depth brimming within them. 

Scorpios are also co-ruled by uranus and mars, this makes scorpios intelligent beings, with an innate skill at cracking any mystery that comes their way, they are also very revolutionary and cynical because they can read people and they know that people can be evil and malicious. Scorpios radiate an aura of power, fear and magnetism, people find themselves afraid of scorpios because scorpios themselves are afraid of the dark thoughts which cloud them every moment and this fear they feel toward the voices in their heads is directed externally (and that’s why scorpios are considered intimidating). The vengeance they feel towards the people who’ve hurt them is only there to teach them how to acquire self-control and to teach them that they are only weakening themselves by thinking about hurting others. 

Being associated with the soul, scorpios are known for being sexual, vengeful, and dark that’s also when the roles of the phoenix and the enlightenment of the soul kick in. In buddha in order to reach illumination you need to be able to get rid of obsessions and ‘cravings & bad habits’ such as sexuality, addictions, gluttony, murderous thoughts and cynical opinions and views. So in order to completely evolve and reach their spiritual goals, scorpios must be able to burn out the excess parts (sexuality, bitterness, darkness, jealousy and ego) in order to rise above and acquire true power. 

All in all, scorpios feel like devils and angels at the same time, they exist with contradictions and they find themselves confused and blinded by the darkness, insecurities, restlessness and stress… They don’t realize that they are beautiful beings with the power to be able to sink into dark places and come out stronger instead of weaker… Everyone knows how strong and sensitive they are, and everyone admires them, but they do not recognize the pure good within themselves… 

-Řєℓєαѕє тнє вєαѕт