What happens when a custom DeLorean builder and a master stainless steel fabricator acquire not one, but three wrecked DeLoreans? They work together to modify and combine the broken three to create one of the most awesome stretch limousines we’ve ever seen.

Head over to the UK DeLorean Owners Club forum for lots of process photos.

We just have one question: What happens when the DeLorean Limo reaches 88 mph?

[via Nerd Approved]

Welcome to 2015

As long as Tumblr isn’t down at midnight on the East Coast this post should go up precisely at midnight. Since 2014 was kind of a nightmare for everyone there is a lot of expectation that 2015 is going to be better. To make expectations clear I just wanted to remind everyone what the goals are this year.


Obviously, by October of this year hoverboards will be everywhere. Mattel is going to make a killing on these things. And we’re all going to have a LOT of fun on them. Just be careful on water.

Jaws 19 To Be Released

Look, just because there have only been four Jaws movies released thus far, and just because no other sequels have been announced, doesn’t mean we aren’t getting Jaws 19 in theaters. Expect Universal to release a new Jaws movie every three weeks to hit their target. It’s going to be awesome.

Holographic Movies

And be sure to see Jaws 19 in holographic 3D.


Sneakers With Power Laces

Back in September of 2011 Nike announced, and then released, “Nike MAG” the sneakers seen above. They didn’t have power laces but expect those this year. After all, they'e had four years to work on the design.

Ford to Re-Introduce the Probe

This year Ford is expected to re-introduce the Probe with it’s classic flip up headlights and new aerodynamic design. 

Double Ties

The double tie is going to come into fashion. You won’t be able to be taken seriously in business unless you’re wearing two ties. No word on how this will work with bowties yet.

Flying Cars

Oh yeah. Expect flying cars. I hope everyone already has their pilots license!

So have a happy and safe 2015. This year is going to be awesome!

Today is Back to the Future Day. Clicking around the web today it’s impossible not to know that in Back to the Future Part II, there was a bit of time traveling that sent Marty and Doc to 2015 on October 21.

One thing you probably haven’t seen are these two items that reside in the Margaret Herrick Library: the original storyboard of the famous shot from the inside of the Delorean (from the Marty Kline Collection), and the corresponding page from the original script.