“Art is not made for anybody and is, at the same time, for everybody.”

Piet Mondrian was born on this day in 1872! Although he is best known for his De Stijl work, Mondrian created many Impressionist paintings as a young artist. The vibrant coloring and thickly applied lines of this 1909 work demonstrates the transitional moment in Mondrian’s career, from earlier naturalism to a period of formal experimentation.

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[Piet Mondrian. View from the Dunes with Beach and Piers, Domburg. 1909. Oil and pencil on cardboard. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. A. Conger Goodyear Fund]


From his3rdgirl on Instagram: 

“I have never told any of ya about this nor put it on IG. Now that I’m getting to know you all better and you’ve all been so supportive and caring towards me the more you’ve gotten to know me as well, I’d love to share this with you. In 2012 I received this personal video message from Jack himself. It showed up in my email one morning from a brother of a friend I had in HS. He knew a couple of the musicians touring w/Jack on the #blunderbuss tour and told them my story. He ended up getting to talk to Jack about me and all that I’ve been thru, how I’m a crazymegahuge fan since De Stijl and how he and his music have gotten me thru really terrible times in my life, most recently, my burn injury. Jack’s response? He thought I was incredibly inspiring and this is what he ended up doing. I freaked like a little girl and have played this a million times.”