I think one of the things I really like about chickens is how accessible they are.

Like, I was telling my cousin about how I had finally gotten a mille de fleur hen I’d been searching for for two years and she sort of gasped and asked how much I had to spend for it and I told her $5.

I just had to find one, not save up for it.

12x10 coda based on Sam saying that Dean and Cas were ignoring each other in the kitchen every morning

Castiel wakes up alone. He rolls over in bed and sighs loudly as he runs a hand through his hair. He feels groggy and uncomfortable, just like he always does after he sleeps. It’s not natural for his body to rest, and even just a few hours of sleep makes his grace buzz beneath the surface of his skin like it’s been de-charged for too long. Still, he sleeps most nights.

Dean is in the kitchen hunched over his phone and furiously drinking a mug of coffee when Cas stumbles in several minutes later. He looks up from his phone just long enough to make eye contact before casting downward once again. It’s deliberate. Acknowledging Castiel’s presence to demonstrate that he’s purposely ignoring him. It’s something Castiel never would’ve recognized a few years ago.

“Hey, Cas,” Sam greets a little somberly as he goes straight to the coffee pot. “Sleep OK?”

Dean clears his throat.

“Fine, thank you,” Cas answers gruffly. 

Sam turns dramatically toward his brother. “How ‘bout you, Dean? Did you sleep OK?” he asks too loudly, obviously annoyed.

Dean grunts his response.

Sam and Cas share a look.

While Sam goes on a grocery run later that morning, Cas and Dean sit silently in the library together. Dean is on his laptop, and Cas is sitting directly across from him reading a book that might have pertinent information regarding cosmic deals.

“More coffee?” Dean asks as he picks up his own mug.

“Mm,” Cas responds without looking up from his book.

Dean takes it as a yes and grabs Cas’ empty mug. 

When he comes back two minutes later and sets Cas’ mug down, he briefly squeezes his shoulder before returning to his seat. Cas stupidly lifts his head and strains his neck up in anticipation of something that never comes. 

They continue on in silence. 

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Hi! So I just watched "Kitten Time in Kitten Town," and I see there's a cat that bears resemblance to Viktor. The fluffy fur, one eye, and seeing that he looks rather big (but with only kittens to compare thats a bit of a stretch.) So who is this mystery cat?

That’s Luca.  That he’s a big, one-eyed fluff like Viktor is kind of just a weird coincidence.  When  I started work on Lackadaisy, he belonged to one of my neighbors and was still binocular.  They left him to his own devices outside most of the time, but he’s an unusually friendly cat and everyone in the neighborhood knew him because he was always porch-hopping for treats and pets.  In 2010, he went off-grid for a time and then reappeared in my backyard, caked in blood and suffering some pretty gruesome head trauma.  I opened my door to him and gaped as he stumbled inside, made his way to a toilet, climbed in and tried to drink the water with his dislocated jaw hanging uselessly.  He also had a swollen face-ful of infection, which told me he’d been walking around with his injuries for at least a couple of days, uncared for.  I rushed him to a vet who told me to euthanize him.  So I took him to a different vet.  They said, “okay - we can work with this.”  That became my go-to vet clinic from that point on, and Luca became my cat.  Several surgeries later, he’s got one functioning eye, a crooked jaw, a couple of teeth, a boxer’s nose, and an 8-cylinder purr.  He’s also a total sweetheart (and a walking allergy attack for unfortunate visitors who immediately become the focus of his drooly lovey-dovings). 

Anyway, along with all of 2016′s other shenanigans, it brought me a feral mom-cat and her six little imps. Solid black, all of them.  They were camping out under a (different) neighbor’s porch.  I ended up hosting them because I had the humane trap and, well, no one else here was going to deal with it.  I had their mom spayed and released (I still feed her), but I couldn’t find a single rescue, no-kill or foster group that had room or who would take on a litter of feral kittens in need of human socializing.  I was stuck in a position of having to either dump them at a high kill rate shelter (which I was just physically incapable of doing) or socialize them all myself and somehow find homes for them afterward.  

Playing with six feral kittens and getting them to like you might sound like a giddily fun and easy thing to do but…it is not. Point of fact, it is hell.  
They had already learned from their mother to perceive people as predators and, unless I was motionlessly holding out some tasty morsel at arm’s length and making no eye-contact whatsoever - prostrate like a browbeaten acolyte with a meager offering of turkey - they would not let me anywhere near them. It was all hissin’ and poppin’ and hiding and literal scrambling up walls and curtains in panicked escape.  I made seemingly no progress with them for the better part of two weeks.  I had just recently lost Calvin, my work was suffering, I was getting no sleep, my house was a warzone strewn in cat litter shrapnel, I knew I was hopelessly in over my head, and I was feeling and functioning like the wreckage of a former human being.  Aaand Luca totally saved the day.

I was keeping the kittens and my own cats separate for probably obvious reasons.  My cats wanted nothing to do with the interlopers anyway…except Luca, who kept insisting I allow him into the fray upstairs.  He was curious, and the kittens had been de-wormed, de-flead and SNAP tested, so I relented and let him up.  The kittens took to him instantaneously, all purrs, chirrs and rubs.  He, in turn, was wholly tolerant of them clamoring over him, chewing on him, and playing with his tail.  Most importantly, as long as he was with me, they were suddenly trusting me to interact with them.  His ambassadorship got me over an enormous hurdle in the socializing process, and happily, most of them have now been adopted out.  The remaining two are still his loyal fans.  So am I, really.  

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a prompt mayhaps: Viktor is a big-time lingerie designer and Yuuri is a model ;)

finally getting around to this one! s/o to everyone on discord who aided and abetted ;)

In retrospect, it really should have been more obvious. After all, the brand’s name was Secrets by V, for crying out loud.

But at the time of their first meeting, Yuuri had been nothing but nervous. It had been his first shoot as a History Maker – the industry nickname for the beautiful, sexy models of all genders who advertised Secrets by V’s ultra-luxe lingerie. The new campaign that season was fairytale and true love-themed, to better highlight the romantic details on the new Stammi Vicino line. Yuuri had rushed in late that morning, no thanks to the traffic, and then watched as two female models posed together in each other’s arms, clad in coordinated bra and panty sets with wings on their shoulders.

(He’s still not sure how he managed to join their ranks. He’s just too mild-mannered and plain – too Clark Kent, no Superman.)

“Are you looking for something?” someone asked, and Yuuri turned to see the most beautiful man looking at him curiously. His silver fringe was falling into one of his icy blue eyes and he was clad in a simple navy suit, clutching a tray of coffee.

“Y-Yeah!” Yuuri stammered. “I’m the new model? Yuuri Katsuki?”

The man hummed, consulted a clipboard, and nodded, pointing to a door to the side. “Go through there and they’ll get you ready for the shoot.”

Yuuri nodded, his throat feeling more and more like sandpaper the longer he stood there and watched this man scrutinise him. “Th-Thanks,” he said, feeling his face redden. “Are you – do you work here?”

The man raised an eyebrow and nodded.

“Are you in charge of this shoot?” wondered Yuuri.

The man laughed, shaking his head. “No, I’m just watching.”

“So you’re an intern?”

The man’s eyes widened briefly, but he quickly recovered and nodded, laughing. “You could say that,” he said. “I’m Viktor.”

“Yuuri,” said Yuuri, and lost himself in the brilliance of Viktor’s smile as he shook his hand.

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I have a demon character with horns. Can horns break? If so, is it painful? can it heal / grow out? Thanks, and love your blog!

An excellent question my friend. It depends on what sort of horns we’re talking about.

(Ram Image Source)

Animals with true horns, which are mostly ruminants like the ram and friends, which is also the classical demon look, have a core of living bone in the center of the horn. The outer layer is composed of thick keratin, but it is the shape of the living bone core that dictates the shape, size and direction of the horns. The living bone core is often much smaller than the keratin component.

(Goat skull showing bone core of horns)

The keratin has no nerves and little blood supply. The living bone core has a whole bunch of nerves, an impressive blood supply (it is bone after all) and if you break the horn too close to the skull then you will also have a big whopping hole into the frontal sinus.

This would be at least as painful as breaking one of your bones.

Horns can certainly heal, but they often heal in a not quite right manner. If you haven’t completely fractured off the living bone then the shape template for the new horn will be different. If your character has lost the living bone core, but still retains the germinal layer of cells around the base, then they can develop scurs.

A scur is like a remnant horn growing without a template. They often occur when de-horning hasn’t quite been done right or after trauma. They have an unpredictable shape, can grow in any direction, and are frankly quite annoying.

(A particularly funky scur)

These are often tipped (cutting off a portion near the end) and sometimes have no blood supply. They have no feeling, and can twist around to grow into other areas of the animal’s head.

There are other structures animals have which we often refer to as ‘horns’, even though they’re not true horns like these.

(Rhinoceros image source)

Rhinos do not have a living bone core in their horn. You can cut off parts of these horns, they’re made of keratin and can be thought of similar to a very fancy finger nail.

But uh, don’t be tempted to do it like the poachers do it, where they cut a straight line including both horns and part of the skull. That is going to be the equivalent of fracturing a true horn at the base and entering a sinus (or nasal cavity in this case). I’m not posting those pictures on here.

But lastly, another anatomical feature we humans sometimes think of as ‘horns’ are antlers.

Antlers are dead bone with no covering when mature. They are shed every year. When they are mature they have no feeling and no blood supply except at the very base. While they are growing they have a good blood supply,  but when mature they are inert. Antlers don’t grow bigger as such, they are shed each year and regrow, sometimes into a bigger or more pronged shape, depending on the species.

So take your pick. I don’t know which sort of horns your demon has, but I hope that’s answered your question.

Because multiple people have now said something about it:

Resurrection (the 7th level spell requiring a 1,000gp diamond that Pike typically uses out of combat) can indeed rez people who have been dead for as long as century, however it requires a body. It can be a mutilated or withered body, but it must be their body.

True Resurrection (a 9th level spell requiring diamonds worth at least 25,000gp) does not require a body and can resurrect someone who has been dead for up to two hundred years. No one in the party can currently cast this, though Keyleth is coming up on it and Pike is a ways behind her.

(Wish would also work of course, but let’s not pretend that isn’t just as rare a spell and again, the party cannot yet cast this. Keyleth and Pike will never be able to cast Wish, as it is a Wizard/Sorcerer only spell. Scanlan can learn Wish, but not until 18th level, when he gets his last opportunity to poach a spell from another class’ spell list, and he can easily choose something else.)

The bodies of the de Rolos are gone, never given respectful burials by their usurpers. There is no body for the twins’ mother either, likely burned to ash by Thordak. Scanlan’s mother was almost certainly buried in a pauper’s grave, if she was buried at all, and the body would be long since gone. 

We literally just this past episode had a conversation in which we learned that Vox Machina is not aware that if you’re powerful enough, you can resurrect the dead without a body. And of course they’re not aware of it, it’s never come up and requires someone to be incredibly powerful. 9th level spells are obscene. Do you realize that Delilah Briarwood was high enough level to cast 9th level spells, but she didn’t know any because A. they’re rare and B. her using any of them would have been a damn TPK on the party at the time?

This is not the players meta-gaming that they can’t bring their tragic backstories back to life. This is an in-character failure of Vox Machina to understand just how truly outrageously powerful they are. It’s the same reason they keep turning to Allura and Gilmore and Kima and Jarrett for help, despite the fact that all of those NPCs are now lower level than they are.

And even still, VM doesn’t yet have the ability to cast True Rez.

But more important than all the rules-based reasons that VM has not and will not try to resurrect their long dead families is this:

In a purely mechanical, rules as written sense, it’s probably possible that that everyone’s dead families could be brought back to life. But this is not a purely mechanical, rules as written world. If it was, there wouldn’t be resurrection rituals to begin with. Matthew invented those to make death more meaningful. This is a world with a story to tell and a narrative to uphold. 

For Tiberius, Vax prayed and meditated and was told by the Raven Queen that Tiberius had moved on and was at peace. This was Matt blatantly hinting that a resurrection ritual would not work. So per the laws of Matthew Mercer, once a spirit has moved on, the dead stay dead.

The de Rolos have been dead for five years. Elaina (Vex and Vax’s mother) has been dead for longer. Scanlan’s mother has been dead for much, much longer. They’ve moved on. There’s no way they haven’t.

And in an out of character sense, this is simply Matt maintaining a cohesive narrative that doesn’t allow a party of demi-god level players to just do whatever the fuck they want and make the campaign spiral wildly out of his control, while still allowing them to be more powerful than 99.5% of the known world of Exandria. 

In an in-universe sense, this is simple logic. Once the dead have gone on to their deserved rest, you can’t reach them anymore. They’re beyond your call. They are no longer in the limbo between life and death and their souls cannot be dragged back.

Which comes right back to the survivor’s guilt that Percy is wrestling with - that Percy, for all the faults and sins he blames himself for, is part of a powerful group that can bring him back to life seemingly without issue, but no one can save the family he lost.

“This series of animations was inspired by finding solace in celebrating traditionally dismissed feminine objects, the act of creating a world that mirrors my desires, and Eiichi Yamamoto’s dark psychedelic fantasy tale ‘Belladonna of Sadness’ (1973).”  - Grace Miceli

For PopRally Presents Petra Collins: In Search of Us, artists Madelyne Beckles, Aleia Murawski, and Grace Miceli have created a series of original, short artist videos, conceived with Petra Collins, that re-examine the canonical representation of the female body. This contemporary take on the 19th-century Salon des Indépendants has been released over the course of the week on our Instagram account, in advance of Saturday’s PopRally event, where a site-specific, live tableau will confront these very notions IRL. The event is sold out, but tune in to Instagram on Saturday night for live posts from the event. More information at

@des-zimbits has been talking about Jack doing various arts and crafts and I just… 

Jack never does perfect the art of making pie lattices. But Bitty shows him how to make and decorate chocolates, and how to pipe chocolate to decorate other things, and then he ends up watching videos on YouTube, and one thing leads to another. 

Anyways, Jack totally spends half days during the off season at the bakery, chocolates and various decorative whatnots. 

He comes home from the last game the Falconers play in the playoffs frustrated and tired. Bitty makes him eat something, shower, all that good stuff, and when they’re sliding into bed, Bitty says “oh, and we’re expecting you tomorrow. We have an order placed for way too many chocolates and we’re going to need your hands”.

And okay, it’s not playing in the playoffs, it’s not having a team leaning on him to play well, it’s not the pressure - but it’s something to do that he’s good at and it’s being needed


March 18th 1314: Jacques de Molay killed

On this day in 1314, Jacques de Molay, the twenty-third and last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, was burned at the stake. The Templar knights were a major fighting unit of the Crusades, aiming to preserve Christendom and regain control of the Holy Land. After control the Holy Land was lost to Muslim forces, support for the Knights Templar started to fade. King Philip IV of France began to mistrust the group and wanted to free himself of his debts to the Templar; he thus had many leading Knights burned at the stake. Pope Clement V disbanded the group in 1312, and the hunt continued for remaining members. The Knights were tortured until they confessed to a range of crimes, including heresy, obscene rituals, and idolatry. De Molay had been forced to make such a confession, and despite retracting the confession, he was charged with heresy and burned at the stake. Pope Clement died a month later and King Philip died that year. With their leader gone, the remaining Templars were arrested or removed from the group and the Knights Templar were no more.

“God knows who is wrong and has sinned. Soon a calamity will occur to those who have condemned us to death"
- De Molay’s words from the stake

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Why is Mads in Iceland?

 There are a few theories…

1. Black Mirror. Was filming for the weekend around Reykjavik from Friday the 24th Feb when Mads was there the first time. Filming took a break, Mads went back to Denmark. Black Mirror is now filming again at lakes around Reykjanes 10th + 16th-18th. Mads is back again. No actors or plot have have been announced as of yet. There are reports of an upcoming episode titled “Crocodile,” a crime thriller, but that could be for a different episode.

2. Some kind of short movie involving De Laurentiis Co. Martha De Laurentiis has been teasing a secret movie/”reunion” on her Twitter. Joe Penna (youtube musician and director) appears to be directing it and is in Iceland scouting and filming it for 10 weeks. He joked on his instagram that it’s “Hannibal on Ice” but the message he replied to about it is gone so idk what the question was. He recently followed the DDLC crew/Mads on Twitter.

3. Both? Maybe Mads was already signed on to Black Mirror and agreed to be involved with DDLC project because he happened to be in Iceland at the time.

4. Neither, something else.

5. Some have suggested American Gods but I don’t think so, nothing to suggest it.

6. Game of Thrones was filming there, but too early to line up. Rule that out too.

 I had gone off the idea of Black Mirror when I found out about the DDLC thing… but the timing of visits and filming is bringing me back around to the idea. Tiny coincidence towards BM is Kojima also binge watched it late last year, which could mean Mads told him he was gonna be in it next.