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» The Yoshi-Go-Round’s Secret
» The Secret of Casino Delfino
» Vs King Boo
» Scrubbing Sirena Beach
» Eely-Mouth’s Dentist
» The Shell’s Secret

Super Mario Sunshine is now 75% complete and if all goes well next week’s stream COULD be the finale!

I think if I end up getting close then I’ll go a bit overtime anyway but I need at least 49 shines and I’m at about 37 right now :D

Also, I need to stop playing In the Groove in the same session so that my audio doesn’t get muted, heh :(


1977. East German ,,Pionierpanzer” operated by Young Pioneers (Jungpioniere), a suborganisation of the Ernst Thälmann Pioneer Organisation. Sections provided with these mini-tanks were effectively called ,,Panzerbrigade” (Armoured Brigade), which apparently operated under STASI supervision.

These ,,Pionierpanzer” were powered by a Trabant engine and had a top speed of 15 kph. The turrets couldn’t traverse. The crew was composed of 2 Jungpioniere. Different models were in production, resembling actual tanks: T-34-76, T-34-85. T-54, SU-100, and SU-122.

Sources are contradictory regarding the guns: some claim they could fire live ammunition, some that they could fire only blanks, others that “hits” were scored using a laser system, similar to nowaday’s Laser Tag.

Existing footage confirms that they were at least capable of firing blanks.

My aunt used to live in this long wavey building during the GDR. I spent the night there sometimes. I remember her flat was so small (1 room). In the livingroom, which served as bedroom too, there was the typical “serving hatch” from the kitchen. She placed her double bed right below it as she had to use all space and dead corners possible. I felt crammed in when laying in her bed, because to the left and to the right there was literally no space left and the only way to get into bed was from the foot end. When one night I stayed over I felt sick, auntie wanted to get me some tea. So she opened the yellow-ish/orange-ish glass-covers of the serving hatch, “Peekaboo!” and handed me the tea through it. Had a little heartattack and started laughing. The irony is that although almost every Plattenbau kitchen had these serving hatches in the living room, I cannot think of any other moment we ever used them than this once my auntie did! I remember though that the windows of her flat had no curtains, so when I was laying in her bed I could watch all the fascinating lights outside, lights in the windows of other people, cars passing by and such, as she was living on the 1st floor.