Days of Future Past

It’s been at least a decade since I first saw my X-Men movie, and I am still blown away by how beautifully complex the relationship and friendship between Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier is. Even now, I think spotlighting their relationship is important, because it should serve as a model for everyone. Charles and Erik have incredibly different views about how mutants should interact with humans; Charles wants to be understood and accepted by humans and coexist peacefully with them, while Erik wants to establish superiority and scare them into allowing the existence of mutants. Still, while their tactics and ideology couldn’t be further apart, this does not mean Erik and Charles are not friends. They have their differences, and their friendship certainly suffers because of their ideological differences, but it’s clear they still love each other so much. They always had, always would. I have had friends like this, who were so incredibly different from me ideologically but that I still loved. Eventually, we met each other half way. Despite this, I admire that Erik and Charles didn’t, but still maintained such a connection from start to end. Even through all the horrible things Erik did, I admire Charles’ ability to unconditionally love someone who felt so betrayed and broken by the world. And I admire Erik for letting Charles in when he felt so betrayed and broken. 

Little homage to the classic X-Men cover. Saw a Rick and Morty version of this and wondered why no one had attempted one with Gravity Falls yet.

Will most likely make this a print eventually.

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