The World’s Simplest, Most Secret, and Maybe Most Effective Health and Healing Spell

You will need:

  • A glass of water.
  • Alternatively, a plastic bottle of mineral water.


Any health or healing purpose, any place.

The spell:

  • Hold a glass of water between your hands. Because water is pure, you can use it as a magical space and imprint it with whatever you need.
  • For a specific health or healing purpose, say what you most need. For example, say: “My headache is lifting and I am full of energy.
  • Empower the water for health, vitality, and strength for the days or hours ahead.
  • Keep your hands cupped around the glass for about two minutes and then slowly sip the water, thinking about the empowerment.
  • If you always feel tired in the morning, fill a glass of water before you sleep, endowing it with energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead. Drink the water as soon as you wake, saying: “I fill myself with the enthusiasm and joy for the day ahead.

“1001 Spells: A Complete Book Of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason

ouma is already a problem, but I’ll never get over little kiibo;; hang in there saihara! 

Dress Code (m)

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➾ reader x CEO!jimin

➾ word count: 6.3k words

➾ warnings: incredibly filthy smut with no plot at all | cumplay | dirty talk | tit fucking | slight demeaning names/ name calling | face fucking | oral sex | unprotected sex

➾ summary: ceo!jimin takes it upon himself to discipline you when your attire doesn’t exactly adhere to HR regulations

➾ a/n: okay look this is just my excuse to write a ceo!jimin smut… i just felt like i owed him big time after what i did to him in instant gratification :”) i speed wrote this in a day and didn’t proofread whatsoever rip…

The clattering sounds of typing, clicking and pages flipping lull you into a state of lethargy as your eyes flutter half-shut in your cubicle. Having graduated as an arts major two years ago, you’d never imagine being holed up with a mundane 9-5 office job that had almost nothing to do with your major. But bills needed to be paid and rent had to come from somewhere, so you find yourself trudging to work soulessly every morning, day in day out.

“Hey, are you almost done with those files I gave you this morning?” The voice of your co-worker Mingyu in the next cubicle jolts you into awareness immediately.

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Predicting Timing with Tarot

Lately I’ve been doing some research on the timing associations of the cards, and have found some pretty interesting methods that I thought I’d share!

Here are a few different systems I’ve found of simple Minor Arcana suit associations that you might want to try: 


⏳ Wands: Day(s)
⏳ Swords: Week(s)
⏳ Cups: Month(s)
⏳ Pentacles: Year(s)


🌻 Wands: Summer
🍁 Swords: Autumn
🌷 Cups: Spring
⛄ Pentacles: Winter

Lunar Phase

🌑 Wands: New Moon
🌗 Swords: Waxing Moon
🌓 Cups: Waning Moon
🌕 Pentacles: Full Moon

While it’s definitely possible to have a timing system for the Major Arcana as well, it’s certainly more complicated. Generally, I prefer to read the timing as “this will happen once the issue represented in this card is resolved.” However, I did find a neat, simple system that associates the days of the week with several Major Arcana cards:

Days of the Week

🌟 Sunday (Sun): The Sun
🌟 Monday (Moon): The High Priestess (fyi: The actual Moon card is associated with Pisces – go figure!)
🌟 Tuesday (Mars): The Tower
🌟 Wednesday (Mercury): The Magician
🌟 Thursday (Jupiter): The Wheel of Fortune
🌟 Friday (Venus): The Empress
🌟 Saturday (Saturn): The World

As with everything related to tarot and divination, remember that tarot merely predicts a possible future – not an unchangeable one. Always take timing associations with a grain of salt, and remember that you have power and control of your future!  🔮 💖 

🔮28 Day Witchy Challenge🔮

Hi lovelies! I hope you are all having a beautiful day! I have decided to make a 28 Day Witchy Challenge Post. This can be started at the beginning of the month or at any time. It’s whatever you prefer.

This is geared towards all witches, new and old. This challenge is focused on taking care of you and your witchy self. I am starting off September with challenge one. I’d love to see or know if y'all do it!!

🔮 DAY 1 - Take time out of your day to think about, write about, or draw what your witchy self looks like. What they are into. Their favorite witchy activity. Any details you can possibly think of.

🔮DAY 2 - Take the day to meditate. It can be about anything or nothing at all. Let your mind wonder and do it’s thing. Journal about it and let things come to you.

🔮DAY 3 - BUY SOMETHING WITCHY! This challenge is all about self-care for you and your witchy self, so it can be as simple as spending a dollar at the dollar store or buying something elaborate online. If there is no way you can buy something, try to find something. For example, go to the woods/Park and try to find a mushroom for an offering.

🔮DAY 4 - Piggy backing off of day 3, MAKE SOMETHING JUST FOR YOU AND YOUR CRAFT. Like all of these days, it can be something big or small. You can make a set of runes or maybe make yourself a picture for your alter. Just make it for YOU!

🔮DAY 5 - Watch or listen to something witchy. Charmed, Practical Magic, listen to some witchy music, anything!

🔮 DAY 6 - Spend some time in nature! Whether it is sitting on your lawn or taking a hike, or even a walk through the park, just take time to appreciate nature and Mother Earth and all she had given us.

🔮DAY 7 - Let an entire candle burn. I know this may sounds silly to some of you, but I am the type of person that struggles with this (unless doing a specific spell). So, just sit with your candle and watch it burn. Feel free to multitask while doing this. Just try to focus on it now and again. It can be a birthday candle or a very large candle, whatever works for you.

🔮DAY 8 - Make a special cup of tea. If you’re not a tea drinker, try a different kind or hot coco or coffee. When making, focus in your intent. When drinking, focus on all the different flavors you taste and sensations you feel.

🔮DAY 9 - Journal about the elements and what they mean to you.

🔮DAY 10 - Make a list of new worst things you can try. It can be anything like talking more walks or a new spell!

🔮 DAY 11 - Journal about your deities/higher power. What they mean to you. If you don’t have any, then try to journal about the energies around you. What you feel and the power.

🔮 DAY 12 - Piggy backing off of day 12, write down/find a new way you can honor your deities or energies that you journaled about. And if it’s possible, do it! It can be anything from a leaf you found to an elaborate meal. It can be simply praying.

🔮DAY 13 - BATH OR SHOWER MAGIC! This is pretty self-explanatory, but try to just take some time and take a magical bath or shower. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, or it can! Try to just focus your intent and maybe try a shower or bath meditation. There are a ton of different things here on Tumblr, so get creative!

🔮DAY 14 - Spell Jar!! There are a TON of spell jars on Tumblr and all over the internet. You can use those or make your own! They are very easy and great if you’re low on spoons!

🔮DAY 15 - Cook! If you aren’t able to cook due to physical reasons, or even lack of time, then try to eat something special. Regardless, cook or at least eat something that inspires you or harnesses your intent.

🔮DAY 16 - PRAYER! This is pretty self-explanatory, but try to honor and show your intent. Ask even, for guidance, hope, strength, whatever!

🔮DAY 17 - Sky watching! You can watch the Moon and stars or just the clouds go by.

🔮DAY 18 - Journal about what magick means to you. Go into as much detail as possible.

🔮DAY 19 - SIGILS! Make your own sigil! Focus your intent and be creative! If there is no way you can come up with your own, then feel free to use one from the internet.

🔮DAY 20 - Alter time!!! Try to redecorate your alter! If you are in the broom closet, then maybe draw one!

🔮DAY 21 - Journal about ways you can, from now on, nurture yourself. Whether it’s teas, baths, putting on makeup, whatever! Make lists or just woke about the things you want to do!

🔮DAY 22 - Worry Stone! You can find one or make one or but one, it’s totally up to you! Which brings us toooooooooooo……

🔮DAY 23 - Cleanse and charge your items!! There are umpteen different ways you can cleanse and charge your items, just pick one! Please make sure that however you cleanse and charge your items, it is safe for them.

🔮DAY 24 - PLANTS! Take care of your plants, harvest a plant, buy a plant, even take some time to talk with your plants!

🔮DAY 25 - SCAVENGER HUNT! No, not literally. But, go find something that nature has given you. A mushroom, a leaf, anything! Place it on your alter and honor it! By honoring it, you honor Mother Nature and all that she has created. Including you!

🔮DAY 26 - Do a glamour!! This can be anything from enchanting your chapstick to make you feel loved or carrying a self-love charm bag. Get creative with it! Try to make your intent focus on love from yourself or self-confidence!

🔮DAY 27 -MAKE YOUR OWN SPELL! Literally, just have fun with this. Use your alter, use your journal entries and the internet and books! Get creative! Focus your intent and be specific! It can be low spoons or high spoons. Whatever works for you!

🔮DAY 28 - MEDITATE! Meditate about the past 28 days and all the work you’ve done! Think and focus on your craft and all the self-care you have worked for!

I hope y'all enjoy this! Please let me know if you do it! I’d love to hear y'all’s thoughts! Feel free to edit this however you want! Make it work for you! I hope all you lovelies are have a beautiful day/night! 💚

Love and light

Cait ✌

  • “It’s been raining for days.”
  • “Looks like the rainy season is finally here.”
  • “Shall I put on a pot of tea?”
  • “Turn up the heat/put another log on the fire, the rain brought a chill.”
  • “Close the window, you’ll ruin the flooring!”
  • “You’re sopping wet.”
  • “What on earth were you doing out there?”
  • “Fine, you can come in, but take off your shoes.”
  • “I don’t need you tracking mud everywhere.”
  • “The sound of rain is so nice.”
  • “You’re going out? In this?”
  • “You can’t go out there, it’s pouring down rain!”
  • “I like the rain and all, but being stuck inside is so boring.”
  • “The day would be a lot less boring if you learned how to sit still.”
  • “I cannot believe we’re stuck in this!”
  • “Maybe we should find somewhere to take cover until it stops.”
  • “Does it ever stop raining here?”
  • “Oh no! The rain ruined our picnic.”
  • “Want to go for a walk in the rain?”
  • “Can I have a blanket?”
  • “Sorry to intrude. This rain came out of nowhere.”
  • “Look at the sky! The lightning is insane.”
  • “It’s getting pretty intense out there.”
  • “A rainy day, warm blankets, a cup of tea, and a book to tie it all together.”
  • “Let’s go for a walk in the rain.”
  • “Here, this should warm you up.”
  • “Come in here before you catch a cold.”
  • “Ugh, that’s just a silly old wives’ tale.”
  • “I pity the poor souls caught out in this.”
  • “Aren’t there any books to read?”
  • “Rains smells so different in the city.”
  • “The rain smells better in the countryside.”
  • “Nothing like the sound of rain to go with a good book.”
  • “Careful, the tea is still hot.”
  • -draws on the fogged up windows-
  • -Flips loudly through book-
  • -sighs- “It’s so cozy in here.”

You are the blankets I wrap myself in as I fall asleep, a warm cup of tea on a winter afternoon, the bed I crawl into after a long day, a cup of coffee to wake me up in the morning. You are my warmth, my comfort, my safety, my happiness, my home, my heart. You are the one place where I know I truly belong.

bts // the way he kisses you


  his kisses can range from super rough to super gentle. it all depends on his mood. if he’s horny and he needs you, it’s full on lips on lips, deep groans escaping his mouth, and his hands roaming all over your body. he usually rubs his hips against yours. if he’s sad or it’s just any other day, he gently cups your cheeks in his hands and kisses you for a while, lingering. he loves the feeling of your lips on his.

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  yoongi will usually grab a hold of your hips and pull you into him. he makes sure to look right into your eyes, making you know what he wants. the kiss starts out gentle, but with him, it will turn out to be slightly rough and filled with a lot of passion. with each kiss he makes you feel wanted and loved, you love that feeling. his grip on you sometimes tightens when he wants to take it to the bedroom with you. his lips will press harder into yours, wanting you closer to him if possible, he just can’t get enough of you.

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(not even going to lie i’m in love with his gif of yoongi)


  hoseok loves all kinds of kisses. he’s very affectionate, he wants always wants to remind you how much he loves you. this means he’ll kiss you everywhere, anytime. forehead kisses in the store. hand kisses at dinner witht the boys. neck kisses during cuddling. one kiss he will never do in front of the boys or in public is kiss you on the lips. he saves those for when it is just you and him. those kisses are filled with too much love and passion that they are saved for only you and him. his lips linger on yours, gentle and soft. he’ll sometimes rest his forehead on yours when its done. both of you slightly out of breath. 

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rap monster

  his kisses can range from full of love from full of lust. like jin, it depends on the mood he is in. if he just wants to show you how much he loves you then he will push your hair behind your ear and look deep into your eyes. he will lean in slowly, you meeting him halfway, your eyes closing and lips connecting. you feel like you two are the only people in the world, every problem and noise disappears as long as your lips are touching. when his eyes are filled with lust, his lips are too. he pushes you against the wall, your lips moving in perfect sync, both of you wanting the same thing. 

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  when you guys first started dating, it would always be you intiating the kiss, since jimin would be a little shy. but after a few months he would be more comfortable around you and even intiate it more than you. he would kiss you all the time, especially infront of the boys. he would want you and the boys to know that you are his. he would be very protective with his kisses, grabbing onto you with a slightly tight grasp. sometimes he would even surprise you with kisses, pinning you up against a wall randomly. or leaning his head over the couch when you are laying down to kiss you. you would love the feeling of his plump lips on yours, both of your lips moving in sync all the time.  

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  i feel like taehyung is really into neck kisses. like you would be cooking in the kitchen and he would come up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and nuzzling his head in between your shoulder and neck, his lips brushing over your neck. or if you guys are cuddling, he would leave lazy kisses all over your neck. he would be very into giving you hickeys in the most obvious areas, making sure that the boys would seem them. when he did kiss you on the lips they would be filled with hunger and need, like he needed your lips to survive. you would love his lips and his kisses.

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  i think his kisses would be shy sometimes but very confident at other times. like if you guys are infront of the boys it would be shy, only three pecks and then a small grin at eachother. a kiss on the cheek will be shared in between you guys at times too. but if you guys were about have sex he would be so confident. you would be moaning into the kiss at times, boosting his ego. he was extra amazing when he was confident. his hands would roam all over your body just to rest on your ass and squeeze roughly. 

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How Jack Zimmermann finaly comes out

The day after the Falcs win the cup, Jack posts a picture on instagram. It’s the cup, in bed, next to Bitty. The caption says “Look, everything I ever wanted. Oh, and also some cup or something, I guess.” Because Bitty is everything he ever wanted, get it? He’s so proud of it and when Bitty finaly wakes up he despairs at the joke but can’t help kissing his amazing, hopeless dork of a boyfriend.

Peter: Have you ever hit a guy so hard his head came off?

Bucky: No.

Peter: Why are your boobs so big?

Bucky: [shocked] They are not… Boobs.

Peter: Do you have to wear a bra?

Bucky: What?

Peter: Will mine be as big as yours one day?

[Tony snickers in to his cup of coffee]

It’s time to get serious now.

If I want to be a skinny girl, I have to start acting like a skinny girl.

Starting Monday this is my new diet plan. I want to be as small as I can possibly be by Christmas and I think this will seriously help me. I have left the 25th to the 29th blank as I will be at home then and until closer to the time I cannot be sure on how restrictive my calorie intake can be.

I will weigh in each day and write down my weight. I’ll tick off if I completed the fast and I’ll write underneath my calorie limit how much I have consumed.

Alongside this I will;
• drink 3L of water a day
• drink 2 cups of green tea, one in the morning and one before bed
• walk for at least 30 minutes a day
• burn more calories than I consume
• 50 sit ups and 50 squats in the morning and before bed

I am fasting until Monday when this diet starts.

Anyone wishing to join me on this give me a message maybe? Please post updates on Tumblr, use the tags #skinyb0nes and #christmasfix where I’ll reply to posts and reblog them!

We can do this.

I can do this.