Tensemi Week Day 02: Insecurities / Bullying

“ I will life you up no matter how it hurts”

about what this drawing of mine means:

Semi’s insecurities were like dragging him down and Tendo’s bullying issues were like arrow’s that hunt for him like how a monster should be treated. The hooks on Tendo  means that he won’t give up on Semi so easily. So I presented it like how ‘difficult’ it is to encourage and convince someone.

- hope I won’t confuse someone about this….

[Day 02] You were my—

Day 02: Spring / That’s what being a partner means, right?


[You were my—]

It’s the start of spring.

Most cherry tress start to bloom and Yokohama is once again clouded with peach petals and majestic flowers in all sorts. There come announcements and invitations to spring festivals filling the area as they go outside their houses to watch the day unfold. To Nakahara Chuuya, it was his most-favored season years ago, but one night was all it takes to hate the said season because of one certain man.

He liked beautiful things. He liked the vast flower fields, as ethereal as ever, and the smell of rain after its pour. He liked the colors of the sky, and water, and the eyes of that man he used to know. He liked his darkness and the bloody smirk on his face—to his eyes, he’s still the most beautiful—but that man left and the beauty in his dim world disappeared along with him in the first spring day four years ago.

He stopped liking them, because beautiful things don’t exist. There’s only tragedy and scars and all ugly things that he thought was beautiful. There’s only fiction and make-believe lies and Chuuya’s not going to fall for them again.

So in the first day of spring, he gets himself drunk.

He’s been into that bar for as long as he can remember, enough for the bar manager to know better than bother him when he’s this drunk. He’s the only customer left now, along with the company of a few expensive wine bottles and his cellphones that lies on the tiled floor. He’s screaming and shouting but he doesn’t even care because he’s a Mafia Executive and he can pay. And it doesn’t matter anyway. Because despite all these he’s a human and he longs for another man who has gone and left a long time ago.

Why did you leave—

Where did it go wrong—

What could I have done—

To stop you—

Could have I done something at all?

Another yell breaks free from his lips and he doesn’t know what’s happening anymore. The alcohol is fogging his thoughts and he’s uncertain if he hates that man or misses him. Or is he upset of his betrayal or abandoning Chuuya. It’s all fucked up. And he’s smashing the bottles everywhere until a cold hand stops his wrists—

A cold hand—

“Rest now, Chuuya.”

Chuuya gazed at him through half-lidded eyes and a tear fell. That man is there again and he’s looking at him as he did four years ago. He wraps his arm around Chuuya’s waist and sits him in the stool. And there, Chuuya breaks. Always. Always. Always when he’s with him.

“What are you doing here, asshole?!” He half-shouts, half-pleads.

The man doesn’t relent. He embraces Chuuya tighter and plants a short kiss on his nose.

“That’s what being a partner means, right?”

And the genuine smile is back on his face.

“Idiot. Partners don’t leave each other—“

“And partners come back.”

For a moment, he plans to say that he has no one to come back to anymore, but he’s too lost in the man’s warmth and his intoxicating kiss to even give a damn. The morning is near now and his head hurts but there’s nothing more important than this, whatever this is. He’ll regret this soon enough but that soon enough will come later but this is now and nothing is better. A tear fell once more and the man’s kiss is on his lips.

He doesn’t know what happens next, but by the time he’s awake he’s inside his room and on his bed. A few peach petals lie beside him, along with a freshly stirred coffee above his desk. He feels nothing, he tells himself. He has no partner anymore to count on to bring him back to his house whenever he gets too drunk to even move on his own. Last night was just tragic, fictitious and a make-believe lie. Nothing is worth remembering; and now is the soon enough he’s mentioned earlier.

Maybe it’s one of those ugly things he thought beautiful.



Inktober day 02

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Because Avatar is amazing and everyone knows it. Alternative universe! Yey. (I honestly placed the water marks cus those places looked empty x,D)

So, Deadpool is a fire bender provably known as … i dont know deadragonpool or something because he is insane and we all know about it. The fire choose for him is all because of how unstable and dangerous he is at the same time that he is very sweet and warm.

Murdock is NOT a copy of Thoph (I Didnt even thought of her until I show the other mods and they were like, oh like Toph. and I was like Dang it you are so right!) but because of the strong sense of right and wrong of him makes him kind of a strict and rock like person xD but then I thought in Toph and how she can “see” and everything fitted perfect.

And Spidey was almost a water bender (that some how remember me to science? I dont know I must be insane) but thinking in how light and free he is of spirit air bending made much more sense : D

so here is my entry tomorrow I wont have I put too much effort in this one I have no time for the other ;w;

Mod: Drako

Day 2- Favorite character.

Fujisaki Nagihiko.

First of all, androgynous characters always get my attention in a special form XD. I was in love before, thinking he was a little girl. And then I got that big surprise…. Well, you have to watch the show to understand.

Why do I love him so much? I like his politeness and how he can sacrifice huge things, because he’s unconditionally obedient. He can looks like he’s a bad boy sometimes, and he’s the master when it comes to embarrass Amu and piss Rima off. He’s also very friendly and do whatever to help those he cares about. He’s amazing, and it’s so precious the way he is discovering and accepting himself with all the weaknesses — and the way he can be protective, even when he’s with his own problems. His charas re also very instigating, each one with an opposite characteristic that, together, make him what he is.

I could explain a lot of another things I do love on him, but it’s just so repeating  and stuff (plus, my lack of english could make the things really hard to understand at all, then ~)

Basically, this is what makes him my fav character <3

Day 02 - What was your very first ship?

It was Rivalshipping (Yuugi x Seto). I’m not sure what really led to it; I was much younger at the time and I wanted Kaiba to not be a jerk so badly so that I could like him as a character.

So I *imagined* that he had a secret thing for Yuugi.

I use the word imagined because it’s true; I’ve come to the recent realization that most pairings are only possible through development - it makes no sense to imply that romance existed between any two characters during the course of the series (unless explicitly stated, for example in the manga chapter where Honda asks Miho out) because, simply put, Yu-gi-oh! isn’t even in the romance genre. It barely falls into the action genre, runs away from fantasy and only sometimes steps into adventure; therefore it can really be classified by the elusive Japanese tag shounen, wherein the book is only defined by a gender goal (and of course, because it’s directed toward boys, the majority of the fanbase for the anime and manga are girls, lol).

Anyway, there has to be some implied development at least for any pairing to make sense, even the ones hinted at in the show. Unless it’s PWP…then it’s okay. :P