Because Avatar is amazing and everyone knows it. Alternative universe! Yey. (I honestly placed the water marks cus those places looked empty x,D)

So, Deadpool is a fire bender provably known as … i dont know deadragonpool or something because he is insane and we all know about it. The fire choose for him is all because of how unstable and dangerous he is at the same time that he is very sweet and warm.

Murdock is NOT a copy of Thoph (I Didnt even thought of her until I show the other mods and they were like, oh like Toph. and I was like Dang it you are so right!) but because of the strong sense of right and wrong of him makes him kind of a strict and rock like person xD but then I thought in Toph and how she can “see” and everything fitted perfect.

And Spidey was almost a water bender (that some how remember me to science? I dont know I must be insane) but thinking in how light and free he is of spirit air bending made much more sense : D

so here is my entry tomorrow I wont have I put too much effort in this one I have no time for the other ;w;

Mod: Drako


MJ Gif Challenge-Day 02-Your favorite tour

I love this tour the most simply because this was his first tour as a solo artist. He seemed so happy and so alive and free without having to deal with his brothers or anyone else that was trying to hold him back. He was able to go and venture out on his own and show the world what he was capable of. People had the chance to witness the master…and that was only the beginning of the way he made his way into becoming a true legend.

Day 02: Prominent Physical Features

Uh, his white hair? Maybe. He’s not really very physically odd with a glamour on.

Maybe his inviso-tail? He’d figured out he has a tail, about three months ago, even though the glamour hides it and usually keeps it from interfering with solid objects other than plants and earth. He has to concentrate to have it affect the rest of the world. He’s felt it out with his hands and it seems to be just long enough to have a couple inches drag on the ground and is thicker at the base than at the tip. Fleshy.

He doesn’t know much more about it. He’s learning how to use it.

15 Day Courteney Cox Challenge
•2. Least favourite character played
I don’t really have a least favorite character when it comes to Courteney. Ofcourse there are movies i like a little less than others, but it has to do with the movie not her character, as long as Courteney plays it i enjoy it. Even the roles she played that weren’t that big, i loved. I just regretted they were so small.

Your Girl
  • Your Girl
  • Mariah Carey
  • The Emancipation of Mimi (Ultra Platinium Edition)

Mariah Carey - Your Girl

Day 2: Favorite song from the Emancipation of Mimi?

It’s actually a tie between “Stay the Night” and “Your Girl”, but I post “Your Girl” because that song is so overlooked and it definitely needs more love :)