This took me two days i wanna cry oh my god but it was worth it.. enjoy~

Quick question...

I’m working on more Fallout 4 companion chibis, & I wanna know what outfit I should put Curie in. I know her normal synth outfit is like a plaid shirt & jeans, but whenever I picture Curie in my head, she’s wearing a lab coat. Probably because she’s a scientist?? also because it’s white, like she was when she was a robot?? I dunno, but I kinda wanna draw her in the lab coat. My question is, would you guys still recognize her if she wasn’t in her plaid shirt & jeans?

This is the debug space for our retro MGS fangame Peace Day.  It doesn’t look like much right now because we don’t have enemies or any real gameplay yet - but we have PHYSICS!  One way platforms and stuff like that!  Plus, just about all the basic movement mechanics are done.  Finally, we can move on to more exciting things besides the solid foundations of the game.  (Disclaimer: I’m aware that some of the movement still looks a bit funky and we’re working on that.  But you get it.  It basically works!!!)