volcano_grad Part 1/8 - Beneath the Surface: Exploring Our Global Seafloor 🌐🌏🌎🌍 See why exploration of our deep oceans is so important in this day and age!
GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans) is an international organisation of ocean mapping experts who are striving to achieve their final goal of mapping the entirety of Earth’s oceans by 2030.
The Forum for the Future of Ocean Mapping last year brought together research institutes and organisations across the globe to create a massive international collaboration to achieve this goal.
This video highlights why this is important, who is working on it and how we are going to achieve it.
Stay tuned for the rest of the clips! Or check out the full video on YouTube:
(Video sharing courtesy of GEBCO)

TalesFromYourServer: Dine and Dash

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A few years ago I was a server at a country style restaurant near a highway. The food was pretty cheap and a lot of our guests were in a hurry or traveling so I was used to people being a little grumpy when they came in to eat.

One day, two middle aged women came in and sat in my section. I went to greet them and was immediately interrupted by one of the women. She told me her drink order in the rude, snappy way that all servers are familiar with. I got the drinks pretty quickly since they were my only table. When I sat them on the table, they complained that I didn’t make their “half sweet, half unsweet” tea right. Whatever… I fixed it and got the food order–a reuben sandwich with mashed potatoes and a bowl of chicken and dumplings. The whole time I was at the table they had a nasty attitude and were very dismissive of anything i was saying. The food came out in less than 10 minutes since it was just a sandwich and what is essentially a dumpling and gravy soup. After giving them a minute to taste the food, I checked back in to make sure everything was good. They denied complaints. I left the check on the table and told them to pay up front in the convenience store section of the building whenever they were ready. Throughout the meal they continued being rude but also very needy.

When the meal appeared over, I went to offer them carryout containers and asked how the meal was. They grimaced at the scraps of food left on their plates, back at me, and proceeded to tell me how they hated the food that they scarfed down but couldn’t explain what in particular was wrong with the food. They demanded a manager. I pried further into what was wrong with the food and one woman stammered out that her food, chicken and dumplings that were cooked and served in HEAPS OF GRAVY, were dry and the other woman’s sandwich was burnt. I looked at the sandwich left on the plate and asked the other lady in what way was the sandwich burnt, because we only grilled the bread on the outside, where burning would be visible…. She replied “I don’t know, it’s just burnt”.


Got my manager, who typically bends over backwards for guests, and sent him out there to the table. He spoke to them for about 5 minutes. He came back to the kitchen and told me he only comped the sandwich and they were both just trying to get free food. I then went out to the dining room to see they were gone. The table was empty so I checked the store and didn’t see them at the register. There wasn’t a tip on the table to I checked the POS to see if they had left me a credit card tip at the register…. nope. Not only did they stiff me, these two GROWN women ran out on a $15 bill after treating me like trash.

Tl;Dr: Two nasty ladies tried to get free food by complaining that their gravy was dry. They ran me like a dog throughout the meal and were super rude. When my manager saw through their attempt to get free food and refused to comp the entire meal, they ran out on a $15 check.

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