Friendships fade. That one person you called your bestfriend 5 years ago, are they still your bestfriend? It’s something between the drifting, meeting other people, and not being there for one another anymore that makes people think twice about who their bestfriend is. Thats just how it is. People change, and things just arent the same as they used to be.

I am here, and
I will continue to be here.
I will stay by you until you are ready
to stand again. Ready to begin again.

I will wait.
For however long it takes.
I will wait.

—  “I promise” // to a friend

primal-lord  asked:

Hey there! Saw that you're doing a sketch suggestions, so I was wondering if perhaps maybe you could try drawing Supergirl as being a Saiyan (from 'Dragon Ball Z') with their physical features, instead of being a Kryptonian? Odd request I know ^^;


Crossember Challenge! - Day 1

Knock knock, it’s Cross! - Let’s start the challenge by drawing Cross coming into your life (and bothering you for the next 31 days, probably)


I had this idea at work, but it took me forever to finish it XD I like this idea a lot. I might doodle more on this later.

Also bonus:


161203 B.A.P One Fine Day Episode 8 Preview

Throughout history and even today, science asks only certain questions, and as a result, is used in ways that primarily benefit certain racial and socioeconomic groups in society (Harding, 1994). Depending on what it finds (or chooses not to find) and publicizes (or chooses not to publicize), science can have different political and material consequences on different populations, justifying the privileging of certain groups and the marginalization of others, as happened with the AIDS epidemic when the science community refused to devote significant time and resources until the “problem” changed from an African/gay disease to a virus that can spread to mainstream America (Treichler, 1988).
—   “Posts” Perspectives on Anti-Oppressive Education in Social Studies, English, Mathematics, and Science Classrooms” by Kevin K. Kumashiro 
a day in december: spheres of influence

on ao3


@freakingsnowqueen​ suggested a snow globe akuma!! the actual akuma isnt in this but ~bonding~ and shoutout to @ladyserendipitous and @miraculousstorytelling for helping me figure out what was going on here because i sure didn’t know

ok yes lets go!

“Not that I don’t love spending time with you in spheres, buggy,” Chat says, “but can we be honest and admit this is starting to get weird.”

Ladybug rolls her eyes and tries to make herself more comfortable. As she moves, the fake snow and glitter puff up around them. She buries her face in the crook of her arm and squeezes her eyes shut.

After a moment, she opens her eyes. When she’s sure nothings floating around anymore, she lifts her head from her arm. “Sorry about that,” she apologizes.

Chat rubs his eyes. “No, no it’s fine. Let’s blame the akuma. Because I love breathing glitter.”

“At least there’s no water in here,” Ladybug says. She kicks the snowman between her and Chat. “That’d be problematic.”

He snorts. “Yeah, no kidding.”

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1. a sudden and very heavy rainfall.

Cloudburst is an Americanism whose construction is similar to, and may be a translation of, the German noun with the same meaning, Wolkenbruch. It entered English in the early 1800s.

“Sunrise doesn’t last all morning, a cloudburst doesn’t last all day, seems my love is up and has left you with no warning. It’s not always going to be this grey. All things must pass, all things must pass away.”
- George Harrison