I’m so tempted to play Inquisition again, but I know it’s going to end in me spending 10 hours in the character creator trying to give my Inquisitor a decent nose, running around the Hinterlands doing everything for at least 3 days, promising myself not to collect the shards and then collecting them all, trying to roleplay but selling myself out so none of the companions leave, accidentally jumping and throwing myself from cliffs, spending all of the Inquisition’s funds on lustrous cotton so that everyone matches, visiting the prison over and over on the off chance there’s a prisoner in there, never using a horse, pretending the Hissing Wastes don’t exist, feeling guilty for killing all the Dragons, not playing The Decent, not playing Jaws of Hakkon, crying over Trespasser…

Oh. And violently combat rolling away from any and all fade rifts.


Here we go, another hot topic to be addressed because once again, it’s getting on my nerves and again, it’s to do with Johnny. It’s about how people are getting angry that he is still appearing in movies after all the drama with his ex, Amber. It’s quite ridiculous that people are getting angry about this. He is an incredible actor and deserves to redeem himself in the public eye because all this happened mid last year! It’s now nearly 2018, over a year has past. People need to move on and get over it because producers of movies, other actors and Johnny himself have so why can’t the public? There are many other things happening in the world that people should be concerned with rather than what is happening in celebrities lives. It’s not even 100% known if all of this really happened so all this hate towards him could really be for nothing. A few of his ex’s, his daughter and others have stuck up for him in this providing information against the accusations and if people that close to him believe in him then why can’t others? People are mainly mad about his appearance in the second Fantastic Beasts movie because of his brief sighting in the end of the first one. The second movie won’t be out until late 2018 which will be over two years since this drama, almost three years and that’s a long time to still be talking about it! A producer of the movie said they cast Johnny because “He’s an iconic actor and we needed an iconic actor to play this part. Johnny’s created two or three iconic people, people who are unforgettable. He makes choices and that was really, really important… He was an absolute pleasure to work with.” A director of the film also said “What you have to remember about Johnny is that extraordinary talent and that talent never goes away. Hollywood is such a fickle place. People go up and go down.” Even JK Rowling had something to say about Johnny appearing in the Fantastic Beasts movie. She said “He’s obviously a cameo in this film but going forward will obviously be more important. Watching Johnny create a character is really quite remarkable, it’s fascinating. It’s great as a writer to work with people like that.” If these people who are very involved with this film can see how good of a man he is then why can’t others? Even is co-stars of his most recent film said how much of a pleasure it was to work with him and how great of a man he is.

Johnny is a great man and what people are failing to see is that even though the accusation was that Johnny hit his now ex wife, his ex wife has been previously convicted of abuse herself but nobody is talking about that now are they? I am not saying it’s acceptable to hit others but in this day and age, people would applaud if it was a male abuser who was abused because they’d say that he got what he deserved but because in this situation, it was a woman abuser who was supposedly hit then everyone is loosing their mind over it and calling the man an animal. To me that is seriously wrong. Everything is one sided these days. Why is there never any justice for men but there always is justice for women? What’s that all about?! Johnny was never even convicted of this accusation and both him and Amber made a joint statement during their divorce which said “Our relationship was intensely passionate and at times, volatile, but always bound by love. Neither party has made false accusations for financial gain. There was never an intent of physical or emotional harm”. 

I personally believe that Johnny didn’t do it and there is alot of evidence floating around that can support that but Johnny and Amber knows what really happened, Amber could have made it up to take light away from her own abuse accusations made against her or for some other reason or Johnny may have done it but not intentionally, he’s never done that in the past so something must have pushed him to do it, for example, the death of his mother last year which was very close to the accusation in question. People stricken with a big loss and grief can become angry because of that and it may have caused him to loose his temper at Amber. A mother is the biggest part of somebody’s life and once you loose your mother it’s a huge part of you gone too so it’s understandable to be angry. None of us know though, we could throw suggestions around for days but it won’t do anything. You are still entitled to have your opinion on this whole thing but we can’t go around acting like we know what really happened because we don’t. All we are going by is the information the media has provided us with and even the media have been known to stretch the truth so just be opened minded about this please or just leave this whole ordeal alone because it’s almost two years later! Just be kind to one another. 


us: “no we hate mercy because her design is boring and impractical, and while the idea of a powerful doctor being a woman is good it’s nothing new in this day and age. the idea of an angelic, kind, black man being a supportive healer who’s a groundbreaking nanosurgeon and inventor breaks so many more stereotypes, and would be a much more important character than a blonde haired, blue eyed white lady doctor with the personality of a dead fish”

you lot:

XI. The Justice - objectivity, harmony, true, honesty, responsibility
‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’

… to be honest I just really really wanted to paint Cullen with fall coloured leaves instead of his fur cloak. But it transformed into a tarot card. I got a bit hyped after the Reyes one for another. And … I thought that the Justice would be perfect card for him. <3

So was Solas dressed like shit during DAI simply because he “just woke up” and was just chilling in pajamas

Then like, between the game and trespasser he had some coffee and was like “aight I better get dressed for the day”