Day of Silence

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Hi , I'm not really sure if this is the best place to ask this or not so I'm sorry if it isn't in advance. So yesterday my friend registered our school under my name for the day of silence campaign from GLSEN and I was just wondering if the school would be notified in any way about this. Once again , I'm really sorry if this isn't the right lace to ask this!!

Kii says:

We are not affiliated with the DoS or GLSEN, so I don’t think we can answer this question. I would recommend contacting GLSEN.

I know this whole day is about keeping silent, even when it comes to things like this, but I have to say something.

You all are beautiful.

You all are amazing.

You are you.

I don’t care if you’re a stranger. If you need support, come talk to me. I may be busy, but I will find a way to help. Even if it’s just a few dumb words, or just me listening.

Please, don’t hurt yourself because of who you are.

You’re perfect in your own way.

Happy national day of silence.

You’ll get through this.

Love, Wiley.

So apparently my high school used to have a Day of Noise instead of the Day of Silence. Our school is in a really liberal area where people are generally really supportive and respectful of LGBT rights and individuals. The GSA thought it didn’t really make sense to take a day of silence in an area where most of the affected people actually do have a voice. So, the school GSA decided instead to have everyone dress super flamboyantly (think Gay Pride), and they blasted music by LGBT artists between class periods, and they hung posters, and all this great stuff. I really like that idea.

a straight letter from a straight

Dear LGBTQ+,

I was never one to remember anything, especially when it came down to spelling.

I could not and still cannot remember how to spell the word restaurant properly.

Is an a then a u or the a then the r?

Uhm… r-e-s…taurant.

But your name I can clearly remember and say without any doubts.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, the Questioning, and beyond!

Dear LGBTQ+,

I have always been lumped into your community somehow,

Every single time.

For it appears that I do not quite show my sexual preference for straight males,

And I get slapped right on the cheek with a sexuality brand that isn’t my own.

I am straight as their accusing finger, directly pointed at my face.


Dear LGBTQ+,

I will not let that branding shame me,

For you must dearly suffer ten folds more

Than this straight female.

Dear LGBTQ+,

There have been far too many nameless victims,

Called by the wrong pronouns,

Misunderstood as a freak,

Shunned by society for writing she/her pronouns instead of he/him pronouns,

Pushed aside when there are scars on your sleeves,

Driven to that bridge,

Driven to jump off that bridge.

All because you’re different?

Dear LGBTQ+,

I cannot let that happen to any of you,

For you are all dear to me.

I cannot let my dear friends and sisters and brothers

Get shamed by those who finds pleasure in undermining

Those who were born and destined to be part of your sacred community.

Dear LGBTQ+,

You can love whoever you want,

I just hope you don’t find a backstabber.

I just hope you find your true love,

get that marriage license,

and never prove that your love is authentic.

Your love was already authentic to begin with.

Dear LGBTQ+,

Be yourselves, no matter what people say.

Plant that flag firmly into the ground

and show the world your colorful rainbows.

I will show mine just for you, too.

Despite those bright purples and reds definitely not being my style.

But you are all dear to me.

So let me fight by your side,

For all of us to see the day,

Where you may hold hands with another down the aisle,

And press your lips firmly against your partner’s,


Unfortunately at my high school, that considers themselves “diverse”, our gay straight alliance club, PRISM, doesn’t get the same rights as other clubs. So it goes without saying that the school thought it would be a good idea to schedual a pep assembly on the same day as the Day Of Silence (which is a national celebration). My school has actually don’t this for many years in a row. The Day of Silence is a day where supporters and members of the LGBTQ+ community remain silent for an entire day as a sort of memorial and celibration of our pride. All PRISM asked for was a section of the bleachers where we could sit and be silent but still attend the assembly, we even wanted to invite others who were partisapating to sit with us. We were told that we couldn’t do this because they didn’t want to make others feel uncomfortable with our presence. Also because we had to sit with our classes, even though other clubs get to sit togather. We were however offered a small section of the balcony in the back corner so we would be hidden. As a member of the lgbt+ community it absolutely sickens me that my sexuality which I am PROUD of has to be hidden. Because at my high school we are diverse and accepting, but only if your white and cis. As a protest PRISM is trying to get as many people as possible to be silent at the school assembly. Because of course the best way to morn the loss of thousands of people in the lgbt+ community (according to my school) is to have trycicle races, dancing, and other stupid shit.