Day of Silence

connorfranta: taking a moment of silence today in protest of anti-LGBTQ bullying in schools. Many who are bullied/harassed are silenced out of fear and today brings awareness to those victims. Join me and @GLSENofficial on this #DayofSilence. Only together can we advance into a future where ALL kids feel safe, celebrated and included in their schools. Hate is wrong, Love is right. ❤️💛💚💙💜

hey i’m gonna be pitching some ideas to the principal tomorrow about day of silence and i could use some input from fellow ell gee bee tee’s

my ideas are as follows

- pack of gum for everyone who participates (i already have 40 bought)
- brief statement on the announcements about the day and its purpose, have the announcement during the week leading up to DOS
- print out some posters
- print out cards to give people that explain what DOS is to hand out to people who want to know more
- make some kind of thing to identify participants so their teachers know (i was thinking bracelets made of tape?)
- borrow whiteboards from the math department to make communication possible
- encourage social media silence as well as physical silence
- possibly mention the Bullshiet going on in russia as an example of gay people being silenced forcibly

hey guys. something really ironic has happened at my school. 

Our SAGA group (like a gsa) made a video for the day of silence. It’s set up like an interview, and we talk about being lgbt+ in a school setting, along with explaining (roughly) why the day of silence exists. We put a lot of work into planning & filming this video.

and now we’re not allowed to show it. 

The school board has been giving reasons for not allowing it, there was a specific example that could target a teacher. so we edited that part out. they still didn’t allow it. They said that we don’t have permission (faces etc), but the video making is covered by a form signed earlier in the year. there was the argument of “other clubs don’t do this” but they do. I’ve seen numerous videos from clubs that were to get the message of their club out. There are numerous other reasons they gave that our club sponsor wouldn’t go into, but she (our sponsor) says that she doesn’t see them as valid. 

i think it’s ridiculous that we’re being silenced on this day.

we’re not giving up on getting this video out, and you can watch it here 

Day of Silence 2017

So this year the day of silence is on April 21st. I’ve participated since before even I acknowledged that I was queer and for the most part I felt like I understood the reasoning.
This year feels different.
With 45 in the White House and the Pulse shooting, and actual facts fucking concentration camps in Chechnya, right now doesn’t feel like the time for silence.
It feels like a time for shouting and demanding attention to the harassment and violence feels like it’s lurking around every corner.
Trans people in particular are getting the shit end of the stick with regards to silence, with bills like HB2 and bullshit claims of protecting children (from an imaginary threat) it kind of seems like the only silence that exists is the one that surrounds the murders of trans women of color.
I know it’s supposed to highlight the silence around bullying but, fuck, the message every damn day seems to be that they wouldn’t have to bully us if we’d just shut the fuck up.
I’m just not satisfied with more widespread silence this year.


Tony Goldwyn participating in Day of Silence ant-LGBTQ bullying in school

ahhh i’m organizing day of silence at my school! i’m meeting with the principal on wednesday and i’m planning on handing out a pack of gum for everyone who wants to participate, borrowing whiteboards from the math department, and maybe making some kind of bracelets or something to identify people who are participating. im so excited i hope the principal OK’s it