10 Days of Hell Yeah, Delain- Day 4: Favourite Video

Get The Devil Out Of Me (Music Video)

I’m no Jesus Christ
I’m the one mistake
That you love to hate
I apologize
It’s your destiny
To get the devil out of me

It was hard to decide between We Are The Others and Get The Devil Out Of Me, but in the end,Get The Devil Out Of Me won! The song is awesome and the video is a mix of sweet derps and cuteness

(If any gif doesn’t move .. I don’t know the problem, maybe some error occured while I uploaded them)

A Song of Ice and Fire 30-Day Challenge

4) A character that you grew to love that you previously hated/felt indifferent towards: Sansa Stark.

I couldn’t stand to read Sansa’s POV in the early books due to her naive perspective of the world and her obsession with the fairy-tale like romances from the songs she had heard. Obviously she was quite young and had been sheltered from the true horrors of the ASOIAF world, so her character was genuine but that didn’t make it anymore enjoyable to read. I also hated her for her extreme selfishness that she exhibited, particularly in A Game of Thrones. However, by the time of reading A Feast For Crows I found a far more mature Sansa who has the potential to make an impact on the struggle for the Iron Throne. I am particularly excited to see where her storyline leads in the upcoming books.

City lights at four a.m. Messy rooms that smell like home. Eating pizza out of the box on the floor. Steam rising from hot green tea. The light of a screensaver in a dark room. The wind tangling your hair. The color of the sky between dusk and nightfall, rich and deep. Rainy days on the couch. Fireworks and freezing nights. The first leaf on a winter-bare tree. A pack of happy hounds excited to see you. A flock of wild birds, beautiful and free and fleeting.
—  Describe the aesthetic of someone you love. // poetry month day 4 // J.S.

As the smoke cleared, I saw you. You continued to stand right by me, no matter how many hits we took, nor the many times I said that I would protect you. Each time you said to me, “I’m gonna fight with you, Natsu.” A smirk came across my face when I figured you wouldn’t leave. “Alright, then…” I said to you; as my fists became engulfed in light, “Let’s kick some ass.” NaluWeek- Day 4-“Smoke”

{ tehgrandmasterpotato}