Day 20

I Dare You To

-ask someone out
-ask someone out to dinner because you want to be FRANZ
-finish the art/writing/craft project you have been working on in your spare time
-buy a bold lipstick that is not your color and wear it out for a whole night
-get rid of all your clothes that you no longer wear and donate em!
-in the same vein, clean out your room while listening to a podcast. Clean a drawer or a corner ever couple of days in your spare time.
-eat one healthy, delicious, not-super-fancy-and-expensive make at home meal a day for a whole month. Make your own granola. Or just cut up a bunch of fruit. Bake some tofu and sautee some vegetables and cook up some brown rice. Big ass salad with goat cheese and almonds. Try Ground Turkey Chili or Black Bean Soup or an Egg Frittata. Bake some salmon with lemon and olive oil in aluminum foil. NOT a juice cleanse.
-one time a week, then twice a week, then a couple of times a week, do some physical activity you really enjoy and push yourself to do it more.
-find something you like about yourself and remind yourself of that often.
-when something feels bad, evaluate how much you need it in your life.
-try not to buy anything you don’t need for one week, two weeks, a whole month!
-go home before one last drink
-yo, did I mention stop saying sorry for stuff you do not have to be sorry about?
-read a book every month for a whole year
-do one thing you are afraid of a month: apply for a new job. do karaoke. start a youtube makeup channel. go to a party alone.
-stop talking about it and get the haircut!
-learn about something you don’t know too much about and become your own teacher
-tell someone when they have upset you or hurt your feelings.
-if you don’t like something about your life, begin to make the smallest, then bigger, then biggest steps to change it.

the day our lips met I knew I was allowing myself too much vulnerability but fuck I wanted you I desire you I don’t know what it really is but I love the way your lips curve when you smile and the way your eyes shimmer in the moonlight I love that you like to stargaze and that some days all we do is talk Fuck I want you more than I have ever wanted anyone else and I’m terrified



Kuroko Project, day XX, “Magical Girl”. Prompt by I think probably everyone why is this so popular why you guys makes me draw Kuroko like this why you know I enjoy it.

The real question is how does Aomine know it’s from a different anime. Momoi probably.

Omg pls imagine kid!Aomine being forced into watching CCS can I have this

You can send in prompts for me! This will last until the end of January!


Day 20: Angst/Comfort

Every time Nagisa starts crying for whatever reason and Rei is alone with him, the butterfly swimmer is brave enough to comfort him with physical actions such as delicate touches, gentle hugs and soft kisses until the other boy stops. He acts cool on the outside, but his inner self is screaming and regretting his whole existence due to the embarrassment.

This is actually an old drawing I did some months ago that I forgot to post XD;; I noticed that the idea fits the prompt, so why not to post it for the reigisa celebration? :)


20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Day 20: I Love Gravity Falls Because

…of everything! This show provides a variety of elements that make it so wonderful. The animation is gorgeous, the characters are likable, the plot is intriguing, the action is stupendous, the jokes are hilarious, the emotions are powerful, and it always leaves you wanting more. The show is full of fun and charm and mystery and I am glad to have discovered this show back in June 2012. I get emotional watching the episodes again and I am becoming a wreck on the arrival of season two.

This challenge has been a blast and now I’m ready to see what else this show has to offer! Heck, who am I kidding? I’ve been ready since August 2, 2013!