Day 19

Little Reminder: Treat Yourself Better

-make your bed
-stop picking your face
-keep your socks together
-leave the house and get the coffee
-stop procrastinating
-put some money into savings, even if it’s ten bucks
-put the phone down
-if you need to sleep, sleep
-if you need to cry, cry
-if you need to talk, talk
-splash cold water on your face
-stop being your worst enemy
-get up
-bad days are okay and not a life sentence
-the past is not the present
-check something off the to do list
-you’re not alone
-you’re not a failure
-you are a work in progress
-look in the mirror and appreciate that shit
-do the work to have a shot at your dreams
-you deserve it


Day nineteen: What’s your favorite Doctor Who-related youtube video?

The fans reacting to Doctor Who moments one, it has that family-feeling, seeing people fangasming or fanguishing over thing just like me!


Books and Cupcakes // October Book Photo Challenge

Day 19 & 20 - Howl at the moon good & Favourite author

Decided to combine today’s and tomorrow’s challenge so sorry for all the pictures! I have just finished Landline (howl at the freaking moon good) and I’m about to start Attachments & I would definitely say Rainbow Rowell is one of my favourite authors.

I love the way she writes her characters and these books will always make me happy! And don’t they look beautiful all together?!


20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Day 19: Favourite Episode


Out of all the days in this challenge, this one has proven to be the most difficult. This show provides so many wonderful episodes, yet Dreamscaperers is the one that I favour the most. It’s fun and creative, and beautifully designed. The scenery, from the rain outside to Bill Cipher’s summoning to Grunkle Stan’s mind, is drawn so well. The story is engaging as you want to follow the twins on their journey. It introduces Bill Cipher, the entertaining yet frightening Dorito-shaped dream demon, it’s sentimental and helps develop Dipper and Grunkle Stan’s relationship, and it is hilarious! This is a memorable episode that I could return to time and time again.

Honourable Mention(s): The Inconveniencng, Double Dipper, Fight Fighters, Summerween, Carpet Diem, Gideon Rises, so many others


M*A*S*H 30 Day Challenge → Day 19

 Favourite Swamp moment?

Honourable mentions go to the time Hawk and Trap put Frank in a crate while he was sleeping, and when Hawk, Trap and Henry began singing ‘Mississippi Mud’ out into the compound.

30 Day One Piece Challenge
Day 19: Favorite Cipher Pol Member

This one was easy to choose, he’s such a cutie. Especially when he gets all defensive over his devil fruit.
Another favorite line:
“That is exactly the kind of thing I would expect a tall horse to say.”
“Don’t you DARE call me a tall horse! I’m a giraffe, dammit!!!”