Long Distance Relationship Challenge

Day 12: How did you tell your family and friends about your relationship? We’re they supportive? What about your partner?

I just sat everyone down at some point and said “Cassie and I are together.”

Well, my brothers were the first to know. They were just like “oh, okay, cool.” 😜

Mom said something along the lines of “she’s really cute!” And high fives me lmao. 😂😂👏👏👏

Best friend in Korea was a little hesitant to show support, but came around eventually. She’s over protective af xD. It’s cute sometimes~

Best friends stateside were kind of thrilled to finally see and hear about me dating someone.😅😊😁

💞💕💘I personally, didn’t make that big a deal out of it. I was just happy I finally found someone who sparked an interest. It was EVERYONE else in my life who had a million questions or wanted to meet her, Lol. 💞💕💘

c-assassin I love you, sweetheart~

Books and Cupcakes // October Book Photo Challenge

Day 12 - Got this as a gift

I don’t think any of the books I currently own were gifts from anybody so this picture is a recent present from me to me…