Day 115

Day 115: New York City, United States.

At the time this will be posted, I will be departing with some friends on a school trip to NYC! I’ve been to this city before but I was very young and hardly remember it. Plus when you go with family who don’t really know too much about places they visit, it’s not very exciting. I’ll be going to many locations around NYC over the next five days such as Rockefeller Plaza, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan, Central Park, and so many more. I’m really excited to feel the rush that everybody talks about. Of course, that rush is much more emphasized when you’re living in New York. I think there’s a sort of exhilarating feeling of independence living in such a city. Maybe I’ll feel it one day. For now, I just can’t wait to take pictures here! Be sure to check out my Flickr over the next couple of weeks to see what I’ve been up to in NYC!


Here I am, months later and still I wonder how you’re doing and if sometimes you think of me, too.
And it’s at those times that I wish I could still message you and just talk.
I’ll never forget you.

1D Hiatus: Day 115

* Louis posts a selfie on Instagram

* Fans spot Harry at Cafe Habana

* Niall is in Atlanta, meets fans at the airport

* Niall posts a video and a picture on Snapchat

* Louis’ sister Daisy posts a picture with Phoebe and Danielle on Instagram, you can see Louis photobombing it

* Few articles about Harry playing in the film “Dunkirk” are released

It’s Apr 6th, 2016.

Mini-fic/one sentence stories: Prompt “Stars”

“‘The Starry Night’ is one of the most world renowned and beloved paintings ever created,” Reddington said nonchalantly, brushing off Liz’s insult momentarily. “Did you know the leading theory is that Van Gogh suffered from astigmatism, and the iconic halos he painted in the sky might not have been just his dedication to the impressionistic period, but were probably also a faithful representation of what he actually visually perceived?”

“What’s your point?” Liz asked icily.

“My point is that yes, there *is* most likely something 'wrong’ with me, as you put it. Just do us both a favor, Lizzy, and keep in mind the fact that 'wrong’ isn’t always synonymous with 'bad’.”


I am the kind that rides with no helmet. The wind tastes sweeter on my cheeks, the sun twists around wisps of my hair, projecting my stained glass soul onto concrete that feels more fantasy than the twisting live oaks that offer all of the solace a city promises. No filter, the cracks and pores of reality added this balanced beauty to the street panorama that stretched on into neural pathways buzzing with traffic, thought. And the redness of the tail lights flashes existence, begs to be just as natural as the bird song and cloud cover orchestrating a cosmic performance. 

I smile because I know hell met with paradise in the bowels of our humanity and it was breath taking in its entirety.