Good Morning from Scotland 

Tigh na Mara at Dawn by The Unexplored
Via Flickr:
Holiday cottages beautifully located by the sea near Tarbert on the Isle of Harris, with seals and otters seen swimming a few yards from the front door. It was a frosty morning and the light was strong. 3 shot HDR processed in Lightroom, Photomatix and Photoshop. Again, our thanks to our friend Penny for a wonderful weekend there!

I did it, I drew Ash and all of his companions. I had originally intended to make this for the anime’s 20th anniversary, but my old computer disagreed with that. This is also my first digital picture to have a speed paint for it. In any case, Happy Birthday Ash, you’ve built a beautiful family.

my predictions for total drama’s new season

1. Duncan will come back

2. Noah and Owen will come back

3. DJ’s momma will join the game and will be on the opposite team of DJ

4. Sugar and Staci will have an alliance

5. As was confirmed by Fresh, it will be total drama dundie

6. Harold will come back

7. Mr. Coconut will be an intern

8. Ezekiel has devolved into a single celled organism

9. Gwen and Noah will hit Leshawna with their car

10. Courtney and Gwen will date

11. Three new characters will be added: Casey, Dr. Doofenshmirts from Phineas and Ferb, and Izzy’s twin

12. Dawn will come back but will be eliminated second

13. The final two will be Harold and Casey

14. Chris will die at the end