Meet David Marinelli [website bio]

I have lived 17 of the 17 years of my life in Los Angeles. My mother is a studio horn player/teacher and my father is an actor/teacher, so I have grown up in a wonderful, extremely artistically supportive household in Burbank, California with my brother (the legendary VINCENZO) and Presto, the most adorable yellow lab to ever lick anyone’s legs.

The first time I ever enjoyed music was during a dark time in my life: the Star Wars phase. I grabbed my favorite (yes, I had multiple) light saber, donned my shower/jedi robe, cranked up the soundtrack to Episode III and proceeded to WRECK the office chair in my room. First time I played drums? I was at a family friend’s party when I was in fifth grade and I snuck off into the garage and saw it in all its glory: an unattended four-piece drum set. Fueled by wonder and nervous energy, I attacked the drum set with the same passion that led to the office chair’s doom not long before.

The following year in 2008, I joined middle school band and was approached by a saxophone player, one Robby Fitzpatrick, who told me: “Hey, I heard you have a drum set. You’re in my band now,” and that was that. My first goal on the drum set was to be better than the average person who had never, ever touched a drum. I persistently continued the drive to be as great as I could, eventually realizing that I wanted to play music for the rest of my life. Robby and I have been best friends on an emotional and musical level for six years.

I have been playing with The Slightlys for exactly one year as of right now, 11:33 PM on October 4th, 2014. This band is my life and I am looking forward to whatever is coming to me and three of the best friends I’ve ever had!