so when she invited us over to her house yesterday, me and Lilian were surprised  to see quite a few TENNANTS IN PLACES HE SHOULDN’T BE!!! (aha jokes, we planted them when the birthday girl was out)

SEVENTY TENNANTS!!! phew! We planted them all around her house and she had to find EVERY SINGLE ONE before we let her have her cake, card and present (well, we gave it to her at the beginning but stole and hid it for the tennant scavenger hunt).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!!! you’re getting older and older but your heart will stay forever kid. 


TENNANTQUEST by SpeakerWiggin

David Tennant quests to places he shouldn’t be and faces his greatest enemy ever…


This video was more than inspired by the blog “David Tennant in Places He Shouldn’t Be” and Neil Cicierega’s “BRODYQUEST” (If you’d like to download the MP3, there’s a link in the description of BRODYQUEST) - without either of them, this video wouldn’t exist.

The images in the video were all mined from Google search. I tried my best to avoid things like DeviantArt and personal sites, but if I mistakenly used an image you own, message me and I’ll credit you.