Even though I’d already finished all my Christmas cards, I was so excited for the 50th Anniversary and rewatching old who (The Five Doctors), that when this idea popped up…I couldn’t say no. Especially when 10’s lyric was ‘leaping’.

So, enjoy, one last geeky Who card from me, the Twelve Doctors of Christmas.

(For anyone wondering, my favourites in this pic are Two and Three…and Ten.)

Get it as a xmas card here: Redbubble / Society 6

(See the other cards here)



so when she invited us over to her house yesterday, me and Lilian were surprised  to see quite a few TENNANTS IN PLACES HE SHOULDN’T BE!!! (aha jokes, we planted them when the birthday girl was out)

SEVENTY TENNANTS!!! phew! We planted them all around her house and she had to find EVERY SINGLE ONE before we let her have her cake, card and present (well, we gave it to her at the beginning but stole and hid it for the tennant scavenger hunt).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!!! you’re getting older and older but your heart will stay forever kid. 

So I got bored and decided to spruce up the stock wallpapers they give you on the iphone so I made this

After madly cackling for 5 minutes straight during and after making this, it occurred to me.

I could make this even better.

Yes, perfect.