London 2006 - Earl Carpenter, Katie Knight Adams and David Shannon

Special mentions:

#2: Katie screams very loud when she’s grabbed
#4 and #6: Earl comes very close to slapping David but Katie stops him
#7: Earl touches Katie’s hand and face

#8: Earl is completely lost and helpless


Women Who Kill
Joan & Elizabeth Shannon

On the morning of the 23rd of July 2002 in North Carolina, 15 year old Elizabeth Shannon grabbed a gun and shot her father, David Shannon dead. Authorities were about to uncover dark secrets including sex and jealousy.

Joan and David were swingers who hosted sex parties for couples and in 2001 David met a man online called Jeffrey Wilson. David was happy for Joan to have sex with Jeffrey and others as long as no emotional connection occurred. However, many weeks later Joan was seeing Jeffrey behind David’s back and even declared she loved him. David did start to realise and wanted them to stop seeing each other and even leave the swinging way of life. This angered Joan who then hired her daughter to kill him.

In 2005, Joan Shannon was sentenced to life and Elizabeth Shannon received 25 - 30 years


Favourite ‘Music of the Night’ photos:

  1. Gina Beck & David Shannon
  2. Rebecca Luker & Cris Groenendaal
  3. Sofia Escobar & Marcus Lovett
  4. Jennifer Hope Wills & John Cudia
  5. Claire Lyon & Brad Little
  6. Kaley Ann Voorhees & Norm Lewis
  7. Colby Thomas & Thomas Schulze
  8. Jennifer Hope Wills & John Cudia
  9. Robin Botha & Jonathan Roxmouth
  10. Samantha Hill & Hugh Panaro

Three Phantoms in Macau and Singapore!

Alistair Barron
Olivia Brereton
Kieran Brown
Earl Carpenter
Rachel Chapman*
Marisa McIntyre
David Shannon
Paige Starbuck*
Joanna Walters*
Lisa-Anne Wood

*Macau only

The Parisian Theatre in MACAU
Opening Performance - Tuesday 28th February 2017
Closing Performance - Sunday 26th March 2017

MES Theatre at Mediacorp in SINGAPORE
Performances - Friday 12th May & Saturday 13th May 2017