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No one cares about the theatrical return of one of show business' most iconic divas in a well-known Great American Songbook staple, in a lavish production by Broadway's top producer, they care about a limited-engagement seven-person Bill Finn show where the biggest name is Andrew Rannells hanging out in between filming GIRLS.

the huge chunk of LGBT tony voters just are really goddamn homophobic… i mean, have you met a gay? they hate betty white. and david snide pearce and gavan greel? as straight as they come.

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What do you think about David Pearce's morning cocktail, containing "amineptine c. 200mg, selegiline 2 x 5mg, resveratrol 2 x 250mg, turmeric, blueberry, green tea extract, flaxseed oil, soy protein isolate, creatine, l-carnosine, optimised folate, LEF “Life-Extension” mix, 200mg ibuprofen; and a selection of various Linwoods products added to my black coffee and sugar-free Red Bull"?

Some of those I recognize as reasonable things that there’s some evidence might be good in some ways. But I think I’m just nervous at the idea of cluster-bombing your body with as many potentially-good things as possible in order to feel great. First of all, 90% of things that look good on paper probably don’t work. Second of all, half the things that do work probably don’t work for your particular metabolic needs. Third of all, the main defense against that is just taking it and seeing if it helps you feel better, which you can’t do if you’re taking fifty things at the same time. I guess I can’t think of any particular criticism of this kind of thing except that it weirds me out.

…actually, I have a criticism. Amineptine plus seligiline? If he’s been taking it forever I assume it works for him, and I guess seligiline is MAO-B and so you can get away with it, but I’d be pretty scared giving anyone that combination.

Also, I’m saying this in the context of David Pearce apparently being some person who’s taken all this for a while. I assume if you start Red Bull, coffee, and two dopaminergics at the same time, you make yourself psychotic.

(really, just the coffee plus the Red Bull would be a deal-breaker for me. I don’t know if this guy’s super-wired all the time, or has just built up immunity to everything)