if we’re talking about weird old internet content involving charlie day we CANNOT forget this short film directed by and featuring david hornsby (sunny writer/rickety cricket) that also features charlie day in an nsync tribute band and jimmi simpson as a mall security guard

women contributors to iasip

y’know what’s fucked up? i don’t know anything about most of the women behind the show in any capacity. and by most, i mean Anyone besides kaitlin olson. i couldn’t name any women writers or directors. so, i decided to look it up. 

do you know how many episodes have women credited as writers? 

five. six. 

out of 134. 

the gang gets held hostage had the story written by lisa parsons. 

the gang exploits the mortgage crisis, mac fights gay marriage, and dee gives birth are written by becky mann and audra sielaff. 

the gang tends bar was written by megan ganz. 

edit: old lady house was written by dannah phirman and danielle schneider.

that’s it, folks. 

for women who have directed episodes, jamie babbit (the lesbian director behind but i’m a cheerleader, the L word, malcolm in the middle, and gilmore girls) has directed three episodes in this season: hero or hate crime?, ptsdee, and a cricket’s tale. 

that’s It. that’s all the women writers and directors of the show. 

and we wonder why dee gets the shaft


thank you for asking ^_^ of course yes to Adalind ^_^ 


this is the best video of all time and if you don’t think so you can get the fuck out of my face