panic at the disco and new politics losing their shit to weezer at the apmas (my vine//i have more if anyone wants me to post them all)


“I’ve written more than one set of wedding vows, but the vows for Booth and Brennan in Bones are my favorite because they were steeped in years and years of history and both actors thrummed with that energy. Booth’s face as he watches Brennan state that she has caught him gazing at her over the years when he thought she wasn’t looking, well, you don’t actually write that stuff but you get credit for it.” - Hart Hanson (x)


Large, gorgeous and generally high quality Phantom photos - because who needs an excuse to post gorgeous pictures like these?

  1. Samantha Hill, Michele McConnell and ensemble
  2. Ramin Karimloo and Robyn North
  3. Howard McGillin and Julie Hanson
  4. Ramin Karimloo
  5. David Shannon and Gina Beck
  6. John Cudia and Trista Moldovan
  7. Claire Lyon, Anthony Downing and ensemble
  8. Gina Beck, Simon Bailey and ensemble
  9. Sarah Brightman, Steve Barton and ensemble
  10. Ray Gabbard (thank you nice person who’s url I forgot cause I’m silly!), Colby Thomas and Thomas Schulze

Some of these are guesses and I have no memory of who the Raoul in all the Colby Thomas promotion shots are so any corrections etc. are welcome! Enjoy :)


Do you love robots? Phil is one and he looks very humanlike. You will find out about his AI only by looking at the back of his head where you can see all those wires and mechanics who bring his actions and reactions to you to live.

The video is a “breakdown” of a Video of PBS’ Nova scienceNOW, which you can watch here: http://video.pbs.org/video/1801365037