Y'all still alive???



Now go and say your prayers because we all are going to die.

oh you thought I was going to stop talking about shadowhunters just because season 1 is over??

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this will always fuck me up


Shadowhunters - June 19th 2015

Episode 3 filming has commenced!

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  • raphael: carries simon to the institute while he's dying
  • raphael: vows to protect simon
  • raphael: doesn't give up on simon despite his violent outbursts
  • raphael: tries his hardest to make simon feel at home at the hotel
  • raphael: helps create an alliance to help out ONE seelie
  • raphael: basically considers the clan his family
  • raphael: tries his hardest to protect everyone he can
  • raphael: feels incredibly betrayed when simon lets everyone see camille
  • y'all: raphael DOESN'T C A R E ABOUT ANY O N E