The DrWho Fandom on Tumblr - a summary:

Our fandom is adorable

We are all brilliant

Well… not all of us…

But we are funny!

And yes, that’s Merlin. But we constantly shit on other fandoms anyway

In summary it’s beauty…

… pure sass…


…an unhealthy obsession with bowties and eyebrows…

… self destruction…

… oh and most important:


When you start to realise your girlfriend doesn’t actually like you that much.

WE’RE 11.000!

Hi everyone! We reached 11.000 followers a while ago (we’re 11.603 right now) and, as usual, this means that we’re going to introduce something new to the blog! 
People, be ready to say hi to… KILGRAVE!

He will be added at the end of the queue, after Matt Murdock.

So imagines requests are open even for him! No one-shot though, since the requests for those are closed for now.



Behind the scenes of The Decoy Bride (part two)

From an MSN UK interview with Kelly MacDonald:

We were lucky enough to grab a word with the lovely Scottish lass turned massive Hollywood star. She’s just starred alongside one of our fave national treasures, the very easy on the eye, Mr David Tennant in The Decoy Bride. Written by comedy genius Sally Phillips, MacDonald gushed about her time on set for The Decoy Bride with co-star David Tennant.

“I’m one of his female admirers. I’ve never watched Doctor Who, but of course I knew who he was because he’s all over the press. I think I met him, years and years ago, very briefly,” she said. “I think he’s just great. He’s very comical. [We were] in the middle of nowhere and there was always a wee group of fans wherever we went!”

Link to [ part one ]



     ↳ I’ve decided to try my hand at fake social network profiles and I figured what better way to start than with Alec and Ellie

I know Alec would never voluntarily set up a social media account, so just assume Ellie started this one for him. I imagine Alec as the kind of guy who would post memes on instagram until Ellie made him stop and suggested being artsy, which of course he would try and fail at. 

I just imagine Ellie’s instagram is full of pictures of her kids and angsty pics of Hardy she takes while he’s not looking.

( for @whatisthepointofyouhardy )


David Tennant & Catherine Tate in a clip from Much Ado About Nothing

Buy or rent a digital copy of the play here

Role Call: Through the Looking Glass

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