David Sobolov


Still on the fence about coming to AA2014? Can we tempt you with some voice actors? These VOs will be available to sign autographs from their tables each day, as well as participating in panels and a script reading.

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- Isa

Dining with Depth Charge

So, not gonna give a full Botcon report yet, but I needed to post this while it was still fresh.

At the Casino Night dinner, myself, vickiannecrane, and blackout501st plopped at a table with a random smattering of fellow attendees. While I was away getting food, one of the other people at the table happened to see David Sobolov, the voice of Shockwave in Transformers Prime and Depth Charge in Beast Wars, looking like he had nowhere to sit down. So, low and behold, I come back to find Mr. Sobolov at our table, chowing down. He chatted it up with us for the entire night, which was great fun in and of itself.

The best part, though, was that I was coerced to do my Waspinator impression for him, after he was told that I was an aspiring voice actor. He was impressed enough with my performance that he gave me his card and offered to give me some coaching and tips over Skype.

Which, you know, made my year. And then the guy took a photo with my goofball self.

Botcon is awesome. Thank you, Mr. Sobolov, for hanging out with us and for giving me an opportunity I am not going to waste.

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Shockwave is too SEXY!!!!

and of course, I always like to remind people on Canada Day of the wonderful Canadian talent we have within the Transformers franchise :D
(a lot more than I previously realized! look at this list!! I just hope tfwiki is correct on all these lol)

  • Peter Cullen
  • Alex Milne
  • David Kaye
  • Garry Chalk (*born in England but grew up here)
  • Tara Strong (VA for tfa Sari Sumdac, Slipstream, Strika, Red Alert)
  • Michael Ironside (VA for tfp Ultra Magnus)
  • David Sobolov (VA for tfp Shockwave)
  • Maurice LaMarche (VA for rescue bots Chief Charlie Burns)
  • James Raiz (comic artist who has worked on Dreamwave stuff and a few TF spotlights)

and, if sources are correct, then I think the VAST majority of the voice acting for both Beast Wars and Armada/Unicron trilogy [english dub] was done by canadians!! sweet  B)

I’m sincerely sorry if I forgot to mention anyone!!