David Nytra

Woodland Secrets - an illustrated book review of David Nytra's  “The Secret of the Stone Frog” by Vera Brosgol, author of Anya’s Ghost (which won the Eisner for Best Publication for Young Adults). 

Anya’s Ghost at the Book Depository. 
The Secret of the Stone Frog at the Book Depository.

She’s also on Tumblr!

(via David Nytra’s ‘Secret of the Stone Frog’ - NYTimes.com)


Has anyone read the comic “The Secret of the Stone Frog” by David Nytra, who also wrote/drew that webcomic Ballad? If so, does it not remind you a lot of “Over the Garden Wall”? Is David Nytra involved in that animation in any way or is it all just a coincidence?

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