Once Upon a Time 5x06 Sneak Peek “The Bear And The Bow” (HD)

David thinks that his heart might be breaking.

Only moments ago, he would have strangled Killian Jones with his bare hands, for putting them all in mortal danger. Now, he watches the gurney as the paramedics wheel it away, at a loss of what to do. It’s not him, a voice inside him whispers. It’s a trick. He’s always been good at tricks. He’s going to appear in a puff of smoke and swagger over and laugh about how they should have seen their faces.

Any minute now.

Emma is inconsolable, clinging to Snow as if she has no strength left to stand on her own. David reaches for her, his eyes still trailing the gurney, his arms unsure of where to go. He wants to make it better, but he can’t reach where she’s hurt, can’t take away any of the pain.

Any second now.

But there’s no smoke, no swagger, no pirate. No laughter.

He’s gone.

David doesn’t know what to do about that.

He wants to comfort his daughter, but for once, he doesn’t know how. It’s the kind of situation that he would normally trust Hook with, and before he can stop himself, he’s looking around for the pirate again.

Emma’s sobs subside into something quiet, and broken, and utterly lost. And David swears that he can feel his heart break.

Damn the pirate, anyway. He should be here. Emma needs him.

David’s fists clench, but still, he can do nothing. He cannot help the man who just gave his life for his family – again. He cannot help his daughter, his baby girl, who has just lost the man she loves – again.

The night is one of the worst of his life. Emma refuses to stay at the loft, refuses more comfort, refuses their offers to stay with her. She withdraws, and David is terrified that she will retreat back behind her walls, build them up higher than ever. He cannot sleep with the guilt of it all, the knowledge that he wasn’t there for her, that she thought she had to solve the whole problem alone. And with his memories back, there’s something else weighing on him, too: his doubt of Hook and the faith that Emma placed in him. A doubt that was not entirely unfounded, perhaps, but ultimately proven wrong. The pirate may have given in to the darkness, but in the end, he clawed his way back out of it. In the end, he was what David always hoped he would prove himself to be: a man of honour.

In my experience, honour causes death.

No, David does not get much sleep that night.

When Emma calls the meeting and announces her plan, he feels relief. It’s quickly followed by a burst of renewed worry, but that in turn is replaced by chagrin when he realises what Emma is about. She has found an answer, she has a plan… and she has come to her family with it. The pain is still there, lurking behind her eyes, but David can see the hope that has overpowered it. She looks at him, and her expression is so like her mother’s that any protests David might have had stay unspoken.

She has not retreated. She has reached out.

She’s going to the Underworld.

I’d go to the end of the world for her.

David doesn’t even need to look at his wife to know that they are going with her.

Hook’s absence in the loft is palpable as they discuss the logistics of travelling to Hades, and David knows he’s not the only one who feels it. Again and again, there are little gaps, little pauses in the conversation in anticipation of a sardonic remark, or strategic advice, or a suggestive comment.

They really do need him back, David thinks. It isn’t the same without him, not anymore.

Besides, they owe him. Hook – Killian – has risked and given his life for Emma and her family, and not just once. He’s the reason why they’re all here now, together despite Pan’s and Zelena’s machinations. He’s one of them.

It takes David a while to realise that he is still thinking of him in the present tense. He doesn’t adjust it.

There is a pause, eventually, when the matter is all but decided, and Emma’s determination seems to falter a little. David knows that feeling, when the plan is made and the strategy decided and everything is ready, and it’s time to take that last step that will make it all real.

Emma’s eyes slide to him, almost reluctantly. He meets her gaze steadily, and nods. “Okay then,” he tells his daughter. “Let’s go find him.”