David Manis


Y’know, I don’t much like telling people how to live their lives and all that but in all honesty,

if you watch Camp Camp

without captions on





My favorite thing about that Dadvid hug in the finale is how genuinely surprised David is and his entire reaction after the fact.

Like, everyone expected Max hugging David to end in David squeeling and freaking about it and being so excited, but I’m really glad they did it how they did.

Because David was just completely stunned, and then he gave this smile:

Which is so much better?? Because he was still showing that he was happy Max hugged him, but he also had that calm reaction and didn’t just starting freaking out over it because he knew how important it was that Max actually showed his love and trust in David in that way.

And he didn’t downplay how important of a moment it was and then reacted in a way that both showed his feelings about it and was a reaction that would make Max feel more comfortable about it all.

I’m just….so emotional over this scene…

imagine if you work as an intern in the new season of twin peaks and you need to ask david lynch how many giant chess pieces they’ll need for the new scene but you can’t find him anywhere so you venture into his secret studio that you are told to never enter under ANY circumstances and you find something like this

~I gotta be either dead or dreamin’, cuz look at that pape with my face beamin’
Tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it, but I was a star for one whole minute!~

Look at them! They’re the kings of New York!! The prompt for @newsiestober day 6 was “favourite song”, and while they’re all amazing, this one is really special to me :D