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Looking further afield on February 23rd 1836 we saw the first day of the Siege of the Alamo. 

There were four Scots born present,  Richard W Ballentine, John McGregor (piper), Isaac Robinson and David L. Wilson and many of Scots ancestry among the defenders.   The siege lasted until March 6th.  According to local legend, Crockett endeavoured to maintain the spirits of his men on the eve of battle by playing on his fiddle. He knew, and they knew, that they all faced certain death. Accompanying him on the bagpipes was John McGregor.

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I’m the winner. That’s who I am.
                                                      The Time Lord Victorious.


The Twelve Davids of Christmas Part 4 (5/12)

Eight Davids Hand Talking

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Norwegians: “Hey, check it out, I met Tarjei on the street today!”

 “Look, Henrik made my coffee!” 

“David’s so nice! Great meeting him!”

“Omg, Ulrikke is just as pretty in perseon!”

Literally anyone who watches Skam but does not live in Norway: 


David Tennant + Tumblr [Part 1/6] (insp.)

who you should fight in criminal minds
  • aaron hotchner: he killed a man with his bare fucking hands. that should be reason enough to not fucking fight aaron hotchner.
  • emily prentiss: you could fight her and you’d probably lose, but life is already fighting her and winning so please don’t fight emily prentiss. give her a hug instead, maybe get her some coffee. don’t fight her.
  • jennifer jareau: she may look smol and non-threatening, but she will fucking beat the piss out of you in about 10 seconds flat. so don’t fight jennifer jareau, unless you enjoy being round-house kicked in the face.
  • derek morgan: do not fight derek morgan because he is derek morgan.
  • spencer reid: you could fight spencer reid and win, but why would you have any reason to fight spencer reid? because he beat you in a chess tournament? or keeps rambling about doctor who? why are you trying to fight that human lemur?
  • penelope garcia: you’d definitely win the fight, but fighting her would be like whaling on a kitten so you’re going to hell if you decide to fight penelope garcia. plus morgan would come and kill you. so don’t fight garcia.
  • alex blake: why are you still considering fighting fbi agents? don't fight alex blake? she could kill you? are you ok?
  • tara lewis: she hasn't been on the team long, but it's already apparent that you Should Not Fight Her.
  • jason gideon: he is a complete asshole and you should fight him. beat his ass. he’s dead but you can still kick the shit out of his corpse, please.
  • elle greenaway: don’t fight elle unless you have a death wish honestly why is this even under consideration.
  • kate callahan: she has 3 guns. don’t fight her.
  • david rossi: he may be up there in years, but he could still fucking beat your ass and nobody would feel bad for you. don't fight david rossi.

a group of weird professional idiots i don’t know fc bayern münchen players make a christmas video [x].