Twin Peaks is resolutely horror-oriented in its underlying premise, but some weeks it is indeed more soap than nightmare, more pointed satire than suspense. Still, when Twin Peaks decides that horror is its primary component for the week, the program manages to be more terrifying, more frightening in its implications, than just about any program in television history. Simply put, it is a masterpiece of TV drama, and one of the greatest modern horror programs [of the last twenty years]. The threat of the Black Lodge, and the presence of a maniacal killer from the other world, named Bob of all things, assures that Twin Peaks is never far removed from a terrifying place… a place where reason and goodness cannot compete with an unfathomable evil.” - “Terror Television: American Series, 1970-1999″


“The role of Cooper was pretty much on the page. All there, David and Mark Frost had written just a wonderfully complex, quirky, eccentric character. Cooper is my favorite character… that I’ve ever played. He’s got a complexity to him in a way of looking at the world, that I can understand and relate to. He’s, you know, powerful without having to demonstrate it. He’s compassionate, he’s got tremendous empathy, he’s incredibly smart.” - Kyle MacLachlan x