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ah srry if im being a bother but i saw some tags on one of your posts & u said tht david jay wasnt cishet? ah, what exactly does he ID as? i always thought he was just sum yucky cishet white dude tryna strongarm his way into the community?

Apparently he’s bisexual? People claim to have reciepts from a video interview he did but I genuinely can’t be fucked to watch his videos and confirm it. I’d genuinely rather die than watch him speak but I know people have it.

Sure, he’s bi.

Okay, literally right as I was about to click publish I went “tiredofcishets, you ass, you have to get a source on this. You don’t do unsourced information.”

So, I found the video. Lmao. In this video, he says that asexuality is fairly accepted in society and more relevant to your question:

At a 3:35, David Jay states you can be straight and ace, gay and ace, and that he is attracted 80% to women, 20% to men.

So, yeah, he is bi.

But can I say, when David Jay said “you can be asexual and straight” my brain immediately went:

X Factor 2016: Is Honey G David Cameron? Louis Tomlinson's Mum Starts Conspiracy Theory

Last night’s X Factor ended with a hopeful that stood out for all of the wrong reasons.

Honey G managed to secure three ‘yeses’ from the judges and a spot at Boot Camp, despite her questionable audition that had viewers in hysterics.

However, one viewer couldn’t help but notice an uncanny similarity between Honey G and a certain former Prime Minister who has recently found himself with a whole lot more free time…

Yes, behind those huge sunglasses and the hat, fans are now speculating that Honey could actually be actual David Cameron in disguise.

Oh, how we wish that this was true.

In a strange twist of events, the person who kickstarted the conspiracy theory was none other than One Direction star Louis Tomlinson’s mum, Johannah 'Jay’ Deakin, who wrote to her 1.45million followers: “Does anybody else think HoneyG is David Cameron in disguise? #XFactor @TheXFactor”.

She then tweeted a picture of Honey G and David Cameron side by side, and her theory was clearly supported as it got retweeted over one thousand times.

Replying to the photo, one fan wrote: “I really don’t see a difference”, as others admitted that they could definitely see a similarity.

Does anybody else think HoneyG is David Cameron in disguise? #XFactor @TheXFactor

— Johannah Deakin (@JohannahDarling)

27 August 2016

Jay had earlier admitted that The X Factor “warmed her heart”, no doubt bringing back incredible memories of her son’s first steps to superstardom, and we have to admit that we kind of feel the same way.

Now, if you excuse us, we’re going to investigate whether David Cameron and Honey G have ever been spotted in the same room…

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Swiggity swong suggest me a song

how bout a playlist my dude?? no idea if you know any of these songs, if u do oops

  1. tengo un sentimiento - alvaro soler
  2. conqueror - aurora
  3. next in line - walk the moon
  4. inescapable you - the moderates
  5. techno fan - the wombats
  6. rays of sunlight - david jay
  7. harambe (a true friend) - filthy frank
  8. smash into you - hey violet
  9. wir sind groß - mark forster

i tried to keep it as away from eurovision as i could but…….baby………..you hit like rays of sunlight…………… :)))))


It’s impolite to stare. But when it comes to severely injured soldiers, maybe we don’t look enough; or maybe we’d rather not see wounded veterans at all.

That’s the message you get from photographer David Jay’s Unknown Soldier series. Jay spent three years taking portraits of veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but before that — for nearly 20 years — he was a fashion photographer. His stylish, artful images appeared in magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

“The fashion stuff is beautiful and sexy — and completely untrue,” he says.

Truth became the focus of Jay’s work for the first time about 10 years ago, when he started The SCAR Project, a series of portraits of women, naked from the waist up, with mastectomy scars. Around the time he was taking those photos, he was also trying to comprehend the news coming from Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We hear about ‘this number of men were killed’ and 'this many were injured,’” Jay says, “and we think of them — maybe they got shot — or we don’t really picture what these injured men look like.”

It’s Not Rude: These Portraits Of Wounded Vets Are Meant To Be Stared At

Photos: Courtesy of David Jay/Unknown Soldier

Sexuality is like any other activity. There are people for whom skydiving, chocolate cake and soccer are their world. But some people don’t like skydiving, chocolate cake or soccer. There’s no reason to focus your energy and attention on something you feel no reason to do anything about.
—  David Jay, founder of AVEN
Clarifying a few points about David Jay
  1. David Jay founded AVEN. This doesn’t make him the inventor of asexuality or the Aro/Ace Pope. AVEN has been an important nucleus for a growing nebula of aro and ace communities, and any community problems that occur within AVEN’s leadership or on its forums will likely have to be addressed even among aces and aros with no ties to the organization, but David Jay does not even try to define the community at large, or steer community discussions on the AVEN forums (as of a few years ago, the last time I looked at the forums).
  2. It’s really not appropriate to call David Jay straight or heteroromantic, because he calls himself neither of those things and has talked openly about desiring and being open to partner relationships with men. A man dating women more often than men does not actually make him straight. (I’m not sure whether David Jay would strictly describe the various intimacies of his personal relationships as “dating”, but my point stands.) As far as I know, David Jay has never used a romantic orientation label for himself.
  3. Bringing criticism of David Jay’s activism/advocacy &c. to the attention of ace and aro communities make sense. But if you want someone to answer for or explain his actions… the best person to do that is probably David Jay. He has a social media presence. He doesn’t seem to have abundant time to use it, but if you have a legitimate question or concern about something he’s done, and you can express it without harassment, you could probably try bringing it to him. Personally, I don’t know him, I’m not involved in AVEN, and I don’t feel obliged to interrogate him regarding the various accusations about him that circulate around Tumblr periodically.

Discussing David Jay’s relationship with increasingly decentralized ace/aro communities is pretty much the last thing I want to do, but there a “receipt” post going around Tumblr about him incorporating the “f-slur” into the name of an LGBTQ sort of student organization years ago, and the same organization categorically including people who practice BDSM, and some of the notes on it gave me the impression this needed clearing up. (I haven’t attempted to verify the content of the post.)


The Skwad playing superhero charades


David Jay on Asexuality

Rough Layout for upcoming Brattleboro Museum and Art Center show entitled “Portrait Photographers on Tumblr,” that I’m curating -opening November 1st in Brattleboro, VT.  I’m very excited about the group that will be represented, diverse and all wonderful.


The (A)sexual documentary directed by Angela Tucker and featuring David Jay (founder of AVEN).  It’s just over an hour long, but I highly recommend watching!  It focuses on asexuality and the asexual community, and really puts into perspective just how new asexuality, as a legitimate orientation, is to society.