David Jacobson


Justice Rains From Above

Brimstone Volley - Eytan Zana

Frontier Siege - James Ryman

Starstorm - David Martin

Thunderous Wrath - Adam Paquette

Aurelia’s Fury - Tyler Jacobson

Bathe in Dragonfire - Chris Rallis

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Harder Hall (Sebring, Florida)

ADDRESS: 3151 Golfview Rd, Sebring, FL 33870

COORDINATES: 27.470054, -81.467883

Harder Hall was named after its developers, Lewis F. Harder and Vincent Hall, and opened in 1927 on the shores of Little Lake Jackson. In 1953, it was bought by Victor and David Jacobson and partners Larry Tennenbaum and Sam Levy. Victor commissioned acclaimed golf architect Dick Wilson to transform the resort’s golf course into a championship layout. Victor and Eva Jacobson operated Harder Hall Golf and Tennis Camp at the hotel and were the first and last co-ed, teenage golf and tennis camp in a resort ever. Victor operated the hotel until 1982 when he sold it to Land Resources Corp. After a fair amount of work done on the inside, the group went bankrupt and were unable to complete their plan. The hotel has sat empty since.

Locals and urban explorers regard this building as ‘extrlemebly haunted’. Urban legend states that every owner of this hotel has died under “strange circumstances” – often within the limits of the property. Other legends tell of former visitors who’ve decided to never leave and remain in spectral form. It is said you can see the ghosts of those who died here peering out from the windows or roaming the courtyards. One woman who stayed at the hotel claimed,”I felt like I was being watched at all times. We’d hear unexplained scratching and thumping on walls at all hours of the night.” 


“My favorite tv show” is a phrase which pisses me off because it comes across as so simple and meaningless, but House was never meaningless to me. Two years since it ended, and yet I still sit here and cry as I type this. It was much more than just “my favorite tv show”, and although they didn’t do it for me, I cannot thank those who created that show week in and week out enough.

Thank you.

Everybody Dies

~May 21st, 2012~


Born in the nation of Zhalfir on Dominaria, Teferi was recognized as a magical prodigy at a young age. He studied at the Tolarian Academy, where the Planeswalker Urza was preparing gifted young mages to fight the horrific machine empire known as Phyrexia. With a talent for temporal magic and a fondness for practical jokes, Teferi became one of the academy’s most renowned—and confounding—students. Then a Phyrexian attack on the academy left Teferi trapped in a bubble of slow-flowing time for two decades. After he was freed from the bubble, he helped Urza prepare for war against the Phyrexians, despite his concern that Urza’s judgment was clouded by a desire for war. Eventually, Teferi returned to his homeland and became a royal mage, protecting Zhalfir and finding common ground among splintered factions. He established five guilds to help lead his country to prosperity and maintain its stability while he continued his research into temporal anomalies on a secluded island. This research led him to the discovery that he could phase the entire island, with all its inhabitants, out of the time stream completely. But this magic was unstable, and Teferi disappeared—with his island home and every creature on it—for hundreds of years. When Phyrexia launched another attack upon Dominaria, Urza sought Teferi’s assistance in fighting off Yawgmoth’s terrible forces. But Teferi knew Urza well enough to understand that he would become a mere pawn in the other Planeswalker’s arsenal. Instead of joining in the war effort, Teferi drew on the lessons he learned from his earlier failure, protecting Zhalfir and other parts of the plane from the invasion by phasing them out of the time stream for centuries. Three centuries later, Teferi returned to Dominaria to see if it was safe for Zhalfir to return. Although the Phyrexian threat was long gone, he found the plane—and indeed the whole Multiverse—imperiled by rifts in the fabric of time, some of which were caused by his own meddling. Desperate to repair this damage, Teferi sought help from other Planeswalkers—Freyalise, Venser, and even the dragon Nicol Bolas—to seal the rifts, with only partial success. Teferi sacrificed his Planeswalker spark, using its energy to close one of the temporal storms. Dominaria survived, but Zhalfir was lost outside of time, and Teferi was left as a powerful but merely mortal mage.

Some amazing artwork featuring Teferi.

Deus Ex and Canon LGBT+ Characters

I feel a bit iffy making this post as I’m straight and cis, but as the resident Deus Ex Lorekeeper I’ve been asked many times about whether there are canon characters in the series that are lgbt. So here is a list of canon characters, in chronological order:

  • Jim Miller
  • Canon not straight, likely gay - Jim was married to Neil Mayhew-Smith, who is a male character.
  • Neil Mayhew-Smith
  • Canon not straight, likely gay - Jim’s ex-husband
  • Bianca Cavaleri 
  • Canon not straight, probably bisexual - Shadowchild is in a committed relationship with Marta Romanowski, a woman, but what leads to me think she’s not a straight-up lesbian is the fact that she hesitates and stutters when she talks about having helped Pritchard with “glitches” in the past. I interpret this as her saying that they sex-rp’d with their deviantart OCs.
  • Carole
  • Canon lesbian - JC finds her flirting with Lisa. Both of them shoo him away if he tries talking to them.
  • Lisa
  • Canon lesbian - Even though she is rocking the librarian look and Carole is the punk-looking one, Lisa is dominant and Carole is shy.
  • Mark Finley
  • Canon gay - Will not flirt with Alex Denton if they are female but will be all over that if they’re male, eventually inviting him to a threesome with himself and Lionel. Which Alex can accept.
  • Lionel
  • Canon gay - Like Mark the Minister, Lionel will not flirt with a female Alex D.
  • Alex Denton
  • Canon not straight - As a male, Alex can respond to the sexual advances of Mark and Lionel, who are both also male. There are several characters of both sexes who can be read as romantic interests, including Ava Johnson, who isn’t even human. She’s a helicopter. One of the four endings has Alex literally flying into the sunset with his friend Leo Jankowski.
  • Also literally bigender.

Characters who are not confirmed lgbt, but I’ll be darned if they aren’t:

Faridah Malik and Evelyn Carmichael’s interactions in Fallen Angel are sometimes very heavy. I’ve written an entire post about it, look under the Faridah Malik tag.

Adam Jensen’s sexuality reads a lot like JC’s, for similar gameplay reasons. As a character he is so nebulous that it’s difficult for me to read him as having a fixed sexual identity. 

Francis Pritchard is generally accepted to be romantically interested in Adam Jensen, even by the voice actors themselves.

Bob Page and Walton Simons are now, as of Mankind Divided, implied to possibly be married. Which would make them both non-straight and probably gay.

JC Denton is coded both agender and ace. Agender because up to the last minute of development, the player could pick his gender, so his whole dialogue, like Alex D, was written to hit both male and female social cues.

Nathan Frost and Pitney (both men) share some pretty heavy glances through the entire game, though at one point Nathan also stops to admire a mural with some naked ladies painted on it.

Characters I have absolutely no proof for their non-straightness / non-cisness, but I just get A Feeling: 

Tracer Tong, Wayne Haas, Yelena Fedorova, Zhao Yun Ru, Talos Rucker, Zeke Sanders,  Paul Denton, Alex Jacobson, David Sarif, Nicolette DuClare, Ophelia Carter, Ivan Berk, Victor Marchenko… Possibly everyone else, who knows. You can’t be straight in the cyberpunk future.