David Jablow


Do it yourself by David Jablow

“The ‘do it yourself Doodler” project is a series of drawings I’ve done on a series of pages from a 60′s era vintage doodle pad. Printed on each of the 39 sheets was a woman minus a few body parts and the phrase “do it yourself Doodler”. I decided to make use of each of these sheets using some ink pens and occasionally whiteout.”

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DIY Doodler Project.

Many bloggers have come across these popular doodles from the Do It Yourself Doodler project. The artist behind this amazing project is David Jablow who turned a 60’s vintage doodle pad into an incredible series of drawings now available for purchase (in digital print form).  

Who ever said doodling reflected a lack of attention and only belonged at the back of a high school classroom? This project shows that doodling is an artform in itself. 

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More work at: davidjablow.com

Twitter: @davidjablow