Footballers and Their Adorable Kids 💞


Everyone is afraid that Rihanna is going to steal their favourite player but y´all better watch out for Niall bc he is the real threat………

And look how he is flirting with Mata

What a whore……………


i recently realized that i haven’t talked nearly enough about my favorite football commercial of all time, the commercial of my heart. i’d like to deeply apologize for that, and for anyone who might not have seen this masterpiece from 2003 (the date in the youtube description is wrong) before due to my silence. please enjoy what is truly the greatest work of commercial art, and art of any kind, of our times, featuring:

  • peak early aughts feathered hair heartthrob beckham
  • raul as the noblest, most put-upon sheriff in the west (with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos from hierro, mori, and GUTI) 
  • tiny arrogant smooth-cheeked baby iker
  • rivaldo as the man-in-black outlaw?????!!!!
  • oh and gary neville is there too, “acting”
  • seriously you guys this whole thing is a giant becksillas wild west fanfic come to life how did this exist almost A YEAR before beckham moved to madrid 
  • wait wait wait but the end is probably the best part 

HI ROBERTO CARLOS - please call becks a gringo again thnx

do i have a million dumb promo and behind the scenes photos taken from this commercial? am i going to be posting them here forever because nothing makes a bad day better than seeing roberto carlos splayed out like the crankiest forties pinup girl ever, or raul and the team giggling like fifteen year olds playing their first round of strip poker? 

come on. you guys should know me by now.

Dating Brooklyn Would Include:

•imitating his British accent

•constant cuddling

•being his date to every red carpet event

•sitting front row with him at all of Victoria’s fashion shows.

•playing football (soccer) with him, his dad, and his brothers

•him constantly trying to take black and white pictures of you but right before he snaps the pic you pull a funny face

•going on shopping sprees and bringing Victoria along for fashion advice

•helping him babysit Harper when his parents are out

•Romeo and Cruz always teasing you guys

•skateboarding together

•hover boarding together

•helping him with prank wars against his dad

•being a complete goof ball around him

•him constantly holding your hand

•him always staring at you because he can’t believe you’re his girlfriend

•messing up his hair just to mess with him

•playing dress up with Harper