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Loki has a big and mortal, Asgardian pet. The whole team wants to get rid of it, but if Kate can have a dog, and Cassie can have a giant ant, then he can keep his pet.

Eli stepped into the living room at Bishop’s Publishing, where David was seated alone.

“Umm, I don’t know if you’ve seen but we have a bit of a problem out there,” Eli alerted David. He popped his head back into the hallway, confirming that the beast was still there – yep. Curled up at the end of the narrow room was… well, Eli couldn’t be certain what it was. It bore a slight resemblance to a cheetah, although it was more the size of an elephant.

David sipped on his coffee, a book open in his lap. “I’ve just been ignoring it all morning. It hasn’t done any harm. Well, it tore up Tommy’s new sneakers, but that’s about it,” he explained nonchalantly.

“Okay, but… What exactly is it?” Eli asked incredulously.

“I’m not entirely sure. I called Loki and he said something about Kate’s dog and Cassie’s ant, but I didn’t quite catch it,” David told the other boy.

David didn’t seem to be worried, but Eli definitely was. He retreated into the living room, swiftly closing the door behind him.

“America is going to kill him,” Eli stated.

“Yep,” David confirmed.

Needless to say, neither of them envied Loki at that moment.

At the very beginning of the first Young Avengers series the writers were so worried about revealing that Billy and Teddy were a gay couple and it was like they were just barely cracking open the closet door to see if it was safe and then later they were just like “screw it” and threw open the closet door and like six other characters fell out


Prodigy (David Alleyne)  //  Marvel Comics

Prodigy is a naturally intelligent Mutant with the ability to mimic the knowledge, mental skills, and abilities of others around him. Prodigy lost his powers after Decimation, but to an extent, regained them after Stepford Cuckoos restored his previous memories and skills. 

He’s now has all the skills and abilities of everyone he met while his powers were active, including the abilities of most of the other X-Men and his fellow students. Prodigy recently became a member of the Young Avengers. (X)

In Young Avengers he came out as bisexual after kissing Hulkling , admitting he never said that out loud before.

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Have you heard of him? Probably not, but I’m gonna give you fuckers a crash course on this sexy ass motherfucker real quick.

David was always pretty damn smart as a kid (like you probably when you were reading on a college level in elementary school or some shit), but when his mutation got kick started, HE GOT SMART AS HELL. AS IN HE WAS ABSORBING PEOPLE’S KNOWLEDGE RIGHT OUT OF THEIR FRIGGIN HEADS. HE GOT TO THE X INSTITUTE AND THEY GAVE HIM THE CODE NAME PRODIGY BECAUSE HE’S A FUCKING BAMF.

SO, instead of being all cocky and douchey like I’m pretty sure I would be if I had just become a human search engine, HE WANTS TO MAKE SURE THAT HIS KNOWLEDGE IS LEGIT AND BECOMES A GENIUS IN HIS OWN RIGHT.

Flash forward and he’s been a member of the The New X-Men, the New Mutants, AND THE FUCKING YOUNG AVENGERS. He even got depowered by the Scarlet Witch on M-Day and still managed to be a fucking bad ass because realized that he could keep all the knowledge that he had absorbed and has a fucking SUPER BRAIN like PROFESSOR X AND THE BEAST.

Oh yeah, did I forget? HE’S OPENLY BISEXUAL. THAT’S RIGHT. EAT YOUR HEART OUT, FOLKS, AN OPENLY BISEXUAL BLACK MUTANT (he did kiss Hulking, though, scandalous)!

IN CONCLUSION, if you want a sexy, smart, bisexual, genius mutant to follow in Marvel comics, LOOK NO FURTHER BECAUSE THIS GUY IS ALL YOU NEED.