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May I request something for David with his s/o and Preston with a friend, who is an animal magnet? You know, people to whom animals are always affectionate

I love animals! This was a fun request, sorry that Preston’s aren’t super long. I hope you enjoy them anyway!- Rain


  • So happy that animals love you
  • He’s always wanted animals in his life, and this makes it a lot easier
  • Whenever you guys are walking in the woods, random squirrels and forest creatures just randomly begin to follow you guys
  • Tries to have you teach him how to do it, but it’s just something you’ve always had
    • Understands, but is a tad disappointed
  • After a while into the relationship you two get two big dogs, a great dane, and a pitbull.
  • They immediately cling to you, you can cuddle and pet them without a second thought
  • But David,
  • Not so much
  • They’re weary of him, whenever he walks into the room they move into a more defensive stance.
  • If David tries cuddling with you, they both jump in between you two
  • You manage to get them to understand that David is good,
    • Both of you know that they were just being protective 
  • After all of that
  • They love both of you!
  • Anyone can find either of the two dogs with you or David, playing with them or them guarding you
  • You take them on walks a lot
  • The perfect little family :)


  • Thinks that you’re amazing
  • Always freaks out when random animals come to you
  • “You’re a real life Disney Princess!!” “No, Preston.” 
  • if he ever does a fantasy themed play, you’re are the immediate lead
  • really does treat you like Disney Prince/ess/royalty sometimes
  • You two often create names and stories for the animals
  • You’ll spend hours and hours, creating lives and tales with him
  • Both of you laugh a lot at the end

It’s okay, I miss home too.

Background of characters?

Sooo I am very curious on each characters backstory so here is a list. I’d love to receive more thoughts on this as well! 

So far we know Neil is jewish with two parents who are divorced from an unknown reason. His dad is very dorky and nerdy while his mother, from comments made by Neil, is his preferred parent. 

Dolph Houston is american, but was raised in a German army base and whose surname pertains to Scotland. No need to mention who he was modeled after.

David is 24 and one of the only characters alongside Max to have his age confirmed. He is also potentially Canadian after season 1 episode 6 with the comment made about his “papers” by Dolph. It is David’s reaction that leads me to believe this. We know after the end of season 2 that he isn’t blind to the realities of the world but rather chooses to see the bright side of things and tries to get others to see the same. 

Max is of Indian descent with parents who are potentially abusive. He flinches back when people get in his face, he is already cynical at the age of 10 for pete’s sake and by the end of season 2, we know for a fact that they practically abandoned him at the camp. 

Gwen I am unsure on. I looked up all her nicknames and most of them originate from Welsh (aka Britain). We know she is a fan of Doctor Who and “wants to have his British babies.” But her skin ton has me a bit unsure until I looked up anglo-indian, which is a mix of Britain and India. Now this is just heavily perceived and in no way accurate without confirmation. (Although I can definitely see her being Hispanic as well.)

Harrison has made hints multiple times that he can use actual magic but when he makes objects disappear, he has difficulty bringing them back. By the finale of season 2, we learn his parents are terrified of him because he made his brother disappear. 

EDIT: Okay, Harrison is totally Bill Cipher reincarnated as a human.

Nerris - I didn’t realize she was female until the last episode and I feel bad, but she wasn’t a character I cared for until the finale. After having seen her parents, I realized her entire family is made up of cinnamon rolls. They are the one and only perfect family. 

Preston Goodplay lives with his grandma and tends to shout a lot because of her bad hearing. His last name as far as I can tell is just purely a play on words, or a pun if you will. 

Nikki used to be a Flower Scout but after her traumatic experience of being driven out, she now seems to have an illness whenever she is near anything prim and proper. And her mom is a gold digger. Enough said.

Neil Armstrong Jr. “Space kid” - has always been so bazaar with his obsession with space but we later learn it is because his Uncle is Buzz Aldrin and his great grandpa is the actual Neil Armstrong. As his uncle commented: “Rocket fuel runs through his veins!”  For those don’t know, Aldrin is an American engineer and astronaut who was the second person to land and walk on the moon.

Gaylord Nurfington “Nurf” was sent to the camp to enroll for behavioral correction while his mom was in jail. He acts crude and bullies the other children, but you learn the reasoning for his behavior is because he was stereotyped into being a problem child at a young age. He was sent to a facility to work out his problems, only to become worse by the influence of other kids. it is also revealed that he explored his sexuality in the past with a boy named Chris.

Meredith Miller "Ered“ - Ered is stereotyped into the cool kids category. It is confirmed she uses people for her own gain and performs poorly in school, hence the bad grades. Ered’s parents are two male agents of the government that have been keeping an eye on Campbell to validate his legitimacy.

Cameron Campbell is the founder of Camp Campbell, which he named after himself. He is a wanted man by the federal government and is always on the run. Apparently he is rich and powerful and at one point had been the prime minister of Thailand. 

jermy Fartz - Nope.