Davey Baby

I lost my little sibling in IKEA and I need your help finding them au

Davey is awkward and anxious, Jack is a child and Les is a menace. Javid au

“Davey, the meatballs!” Les exclaimed, nearly pulling Davey’s arm from the socket as he yanked his older brother towards the cafe.

Davey glared at him and tugged Les back to his side. “Not now. We’re here to find a desk.”

“But Daveyyyyyyyyyyyy….”

Davey rolled his eyes and continued down the aisle, dragging his brother with him. He wasn’t thrilled to be here in the first place. IKEA stressed Davey out with its big crowds and people milling about, sitting on the furniture. He intended to be in and out to get his desk but his mother had insisted he take Les along so she could do the grocery shopping in peace. Les loved IKEA, she had said. Therein was Davey’s problem. Les would spend hours in the store, given the chance and Davey was already starting to feel panicked after being there five minutes.

“Hey look!” Les pointed at a bedroom display, causing Davey to look around.

He saw an adult man jumping on the bed, much to the chagrin of the other shoppers.

Les quickly slipped from Davey’s grasp and joined him.

“Hey there!” The guy said, grinning as he and Les caused a scene together.

“Les!” Davey pushed his way through the crowd to the side of the bed and dragged his brother down. “You can’t do that here!”

“He’s doing it!” Les protested, pointing at the man. “Besides, you can’t tell me what to do. You’re my brother, not my mom.”

“You’re brother sounds like a real wet blanket, kid.” The guy still bouncing on the bed commented causally.

Davey rounded on him. “Why? Because I behave like an adult in stores?” He snapped. “Come on Les. We’re going.”

“Bye!” Les waved as Davey dragged him away.

They went up the escalator to the office furniture displays. Davey breathed easier as this floor was less crowded than the others.

He examined the mix and match desk frames carefully, before finally deciding which ones he wanted.

“Okay, this is the one!” He announced, grabbing a tag for the warehouse reference number. “We’ve gotta go to the bottom floor Les. Are you-”

Davey broke off as he looked up and realized that his brother was no longer at his side.

“Les? LES?” Davey’s hands began sweating as he began walking quickly down the aisle, peering into the display rooms for any sign of his rambunctious younger brother.”

“Les! This isn’t funny! Come out right- ooooof!”

Davey rounded a corner quickly and collided with a large frame, stumbling backwards.

“Careful there!” The man he ran into reached out to steady Davey.

“Thanks,” Davey mumbled after regaining his footing. He looked up. “It’s you!”

The man who had been jumping on the bed earlier grinned. “I’m flattered that you remember.”

“Have you seen my little brother anywhere?” Davey asked, wringing his hands. “He was right there and then he was gone and now I have to find him in IKEA and I hate this fucking store so much and there’s so many people and my mom is gonna kill me and-“

“Hey! Take a breath there.” The guy reached out to pat Davey’s back. “My name is Jack and lucky for you, I have nothing better to do today than help you hunt down your brother in IKEA. What’s your name?”

Davey took a shaky breath and counted to ten. “I’m Davey. And my brother is Les and I really need to find him and-“

“Davey,” Jack cut in smoothly. “I said we would find him and we will so you need to calm down. You’re gonna give yourself a heart attack.”

Davey nodded as Jack gave him a final pat on the back.

“C’mon.” Jack gestured to the escalator. “If I were a kid in IKEA, I wouldn’t be spending my free time in the office furniture.”

“You’d be jumping on beds.” Davey mumbled as he followed Jack down to the floor below.

“Exactly!” Jack smiled.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Davey’s breath caught in his chest as he looked at the sea of shoppers and thought of trying to find his brother.

“C’mon.” Jack said quietly, grabbing Davey’s hand.

Davey looked up in surprise. Jack’s hand was warm and big and felt really nice in Davey’s but he was still basically a stranger.

“Can’t have both of you getting lost.” Jack muttered, blushing slightly.

Davey bit his lip in an attempt to hide his smile as Jack guided him through the crowd, toward the model apartments.

They searched the first one with no luck. But in the second apartment, Jack pulled back a loft bed curtain to reveal Les sitting on the futon, playing on his game system.

“Hey guys! Davey did you know there’s wifi here?”

“What were you thinking?” Davey exploded, dragging Les off the couch. “I couldn’t find you!”

“Well you found me now.” Les rolled his eyes.

Davey glared at him. “Les, I’m serious. You can’t just run off! I-“

“I think,” Jack began. “That this would be a good time for Les to apologize for causing his brother a lot of stress in a big, crowded store where it would be very easy for him to search for hours by himself.”

Les had the decency to look ashamed as he scuffed the toe of his sneaker on floor and mumbled “Sorry Davey.”

“Excellent!” Jack clapped his hands together. “Now to celebrate the return of Les, I propose meatballs!”

“We really need to be going…” Davey said, looking uncertain.

“But Daveyyyyyyyyy!” Les whined.

“But Daveyyyyyyyyy!” Jack echoed, mimicking Les’ pout.

Davey sighed. “Really, we can’t. I have to be at work in an hour and we still need to check out. But thank you for your help Jack.”

He turned, grabbing Les’ shoulder to steer him toward the escalator but Jack called after him.

“Wait! Davey!”

Davey and Les both turned as Jack hurried toward them.

“Aren’t you at least gonna take my phone number so you can ask me on a date later?”

Davey went bright red as Les snickered.

“I… Well I mean- I think I should… I’m sorry, I didn’t… Um here’s m-my phone. You can put it in me, I mean it! You can put it in it.”

Davey looked like he wanted the earth to open up and swallow him whole as he handed his phone over to Jack, who merely grinned wider.

“Please call me.” He said, handing Davey’s phone back.

Jack patted Les on the shoulder and then did the same to Davey, letting his hand linger on the older boy’s arm much long.

“Take care guys.”

“Bye Jack!” Les smiled.

“Bye Jack.” Davey blushed.

Jack gave Les a salute and Davey a wink as he turned and headed back into the depths of IKEA.

“So that was fun.” Les wiggled his eyebrows at Davey.

Davey cuffed him on the back of the head.

“You’re an idiot.”

“But now you have a date!”

“You’re still an idiot.”

The argument didn’t end until they got home a half hour later and Mrs. Jacobs told them both to shut up.

nonstop-laurens  asked:


1. How do much do I ship it?: 

Never heard of it/ Notp / Dislike / used to ship / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / IS IT CANON YET?

2. What non sexual activities do they like to do together?

Jack draws and David either watches or tries to draw with me. Either that or they just talk for a long while.

3. Who does chores around the house?

Davey,,, Again my baby’s a neat freak

4. Who’s the better cook?

Davey. Jack doesn’t even try to cook.

5. Who’s the funniest drunk?

JACK. He drunkenly talks about Santa Fe. Amongst other things he wants. He trips on stuff and just shouts “IM OKAY”,,,,,,, If it’s modern AU he sends Spot Conlon pictures of Davey and rants about how much he loves him. (sPOT FANGIRLS ABOUT THEM)

6. Do they have kids?


7. Do they have any traditions?

Davey’s family traditions possibly.

8. What do they fight about?


9. What would they do if they found their paring tag on tumblr? (If they have one)

Jack would want nothing to do with it. David would be intrigued. They’d eventually find Spot Conlon’s Javid blog.(co-run by Les)

10. Who cried at the end of Marley and me?

David. Jack falls asleep before it finishes. 

11. Who always wins at Mario kart?

Jack. He does a victory dance and then goes to sleep.

12. One thing I like about this ship?


13. One thing I don’t like about this ship?


14. The song I would say fits them?


15. Another headcanon about the paring? (Free space)


anonymous asked:


Favourite Character: Okay. I kind of love allllll of the characters. But Davey is my sweet baby. And of course Katherine because she’s exactly who I aim to be in life.

Least Favourite Character: Pulitzer smh

Favourite OBC Cast Member: BEN FANKHAUSER (his tag may be ‘my husband’ on my personal. oops)

Favourite Current Cast Member (If Applicable): I’m gonna give you favorite tour member because screw it. But I love Stephanie Styles because she’s such a cutie and just…such a good Katherine.

Favourite Song: It depends on my mood, but I’m almost always in the mood for The World Will Know.

Least Favourite Song: Carrying the Banner for the sole reason of it being so LONG and I have to cover all the characters on my own.

Favourite Act (If Applicable): Both of them??? But I might love the music in the first act just a little bit more.

Favourite Ship: Crutchie x Happiness

Least Favourite Ship: I dunno. Maybe Crutchie and Jack romantically? I just don’t see it like that. I see them much more as brothers. But it’s a personal preference thing. I have no problem if you do ship it.

If There is Something I Would Change about The Musical: Okay, my one thing is how creepy Jack does initially come on to Katherine. I think if they chilled out on his creepy, sexual innuendos and focused more on the sketching her sort of sweetness the relationship development might make me slightly less uncomfortable. But I’m kind of digging.

ALSO, release a professionally recorded version of Letters from the Refuge because I WANT IT NOW.

Ratings: ?/10: 10/10. It’s one of my all time favorites tbh. I’ve seen it three times and I plan to see it in theaters again this week. I just love it a lot. It’s one of my favorite eras, I loved the movie, the choreography is just so good, the music is so uplifting and the fandom is just so delightful. It’s definitely on my top 10 list.

♥ heres to six months with my gorgeous clever fae prince ♥