The Forgotten Women of Punk: The Selecter's Pauline Black on Anti-Racism, Ska, and the Power of Subculture

We spoke with pioneering singer, author and actress Pauline Black of The Selecter, a woman who Gwen Stefani, among others, has consistently cited as a hero and influence.

Black, who also manages The Selecter herself these days, was candid and thoughtful about her musical history and present, the ethos of 2 Tone as staunchly anti-racist and anti-sexist and how relevant that is today, and the power of both subculture and multiculturalism. [Read More]


I had no idea when watching, and enjoying, the episode of “Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated”, that the songs “Dead Right Mate” and “We’re the Good Bad Girls” by “Rude Boy and the Ska-tastics” and “The Hex Girls” were written by, and in the case of “Dead Right Mate”, sung by Dave Wakeling, lead singer of the old ska band of my youth “The Beat” (Who performed “Mirror in the Bathroom”, “Hands Off She’s Mine” and “Can’t Get Used to Losing You”).

Cool factor increased by a factor of about umpteen! :)


New Dave Wakeling songs on…Scooby Doo?

“You’re Dead Right, Mate” & “We’re the Good Bad Girls”


The English Beat - Too Nice To Talk To on “Top of the Pops”

circa 1981