Some modern day Hamilton. Credit to @astroidbelt for the Angelica Take a Break text post, X, I laughed for like five minutes straight after reading it. I  wanted to draw Hamilton with a man bun and cute outfits because theirs way too much pain and suffering in act two


How do you write like tomorrow won’t arrive?
How do you write like you need it to survive?
How do your write ev’ry second you’re alive?
Ev’ry second you’re alive? Ev’ry second you’re a l i v e ?

phillip hamilton things, for people who haven't or can't see the show.

-during his rap in take a break, he starts out nervous and then kid gets WAY IN TO IT, bending his knees and flexing his arms and yelling. alex hugs him and looks so proud and phillip is so pleased with himself. it’s precious.

-during reynolds pamphlet, jefferson, madison, and burr take him up front, surround him, and show him the paper. they point and say “at his own house? at his own house? damn.” out loud to him and oh my god his face, he’s shattered. you can physically see his father get taken down a peg in his eyes. I can’t even describe it. it was heartbreaking.

- I always pictured his argument with george eaker happening up close, like he pushed past a bunch of people and was up his face. but no, eaker is up on the balcony and in true hamilton fashion, phillip is making a scene and shouting at him from below. the actors in the “play” even stop to watch, and you’re like damn this really is alex’s son.

-when he’s telling his dad about the duel, alex is standing with his arms folded (and using his “dad” voice) and phillip looks so sheepish but also defiant and it reminds me so much of “meet me inside.”

-“stay alive reprise.” tore. my. heart. out. which I knew it would but jesus. no mercy. I was full on sobbing. (eliza screams at the end of it and I can’t even describe that. it’s so horrible and your breath catches in your throat and she sounds so worn down and destroyed. she’s held it together throughout all the shit alex put her through but in that moment it all comes crashing down and you can hear so much pain. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful. the acting is amazing.)


What have I done… @linmanuel

[I actually spent way to much time on these]


More Hamilton drawings!!! I hope you guys aren’t sick of me yet,

(This is going to be a really long post, I apologize)

Here are a few request’s that I finished, if you don’t see yours, then don’t worry, I’m working on it, and the sketches should be finished by the weeks end. I’m still accepting requests so keep them coming,

on another note, the fact that, the king himself,  Lin Manuel Miranda,  re-blogged my Hamilton drawings literally makes my  life complete! when I saw it there was so much screaming and jumping around in my bedroom, my family thought that I was crazy.

Hamilton just means so much to me, and I haven’t been this inspired in an extremely long time. I’m starting to think about turning some of these drawings into Fan Animations,  I would love to animate a few scenes from Satisfied or  The World Was Wide Enough, so let me know if you’re interested.

Also I haven’t had the privilege of seeing Hamilton, so I’m sorry for any inaccuracy that there might be. All of my artwork is based off of Google images, promo videos from Broadway.com and the confines of my own head as I imagine whats going on, when I listen to the OBC over and over again.


Hey Hamiltrash brothers and sisters, I’m calling out all of you because I need all the help I can get.

I live too far away (South America), I don’t have any chances to get to watch Hamilton (one of my very favorites) and also, I don’t have the Money.

So I started the #MyShotToGetToHamilton project. I did what Alexander did to get out of his island and pursue his dreams of a new future to be a new man: I told my story.

Go check it out, you may like it or even feel related to it at some points. I don’t have the best microphone, a beat box, a professional studio and the sound is not the best.

But I do have a dream, and I also had a pencil and a piece of paper and my imagination. And if there’s one thing Hamilton has taught me is that you must hold on to your dreams and what you want.

If you can help me sending the video to Lin-Manuel, Pippa, Leslie, Alex Lacamoire, Anthony, Jasmine, Renee, Oak, Daveed, Chris, Hamilton Musical, any of the dancers or anyone related to the cast and crew and sharing this video on your Hamilton media and accounts with the hashtag #MyShotToGetToHamilton it would mean the world to me.

The main goal is to get @linmanuel to watch it, so please, if you want to help me or liked the video and the project, please reblog this post.

Lin, if you find this later, I’m free all August until College begins on September 2nd.

Thank you for your support and help, I’ll be forever grateful with you.

Lots of love, Vivi.


How come I hadn’t seen these pictures before?

Say No To This: A Summary
  • maria:help
  • hamilton:would u like some $ can i walk u home
  • maria:you're too kind sir
  • maria:actually can u fuck me
  • hamilton:ya sure lol

A bunch of Hamilton Afterlife doodles, because hearitwhispering’s notes in the tags really made me want to do more head cannons of what happens at the end of the show.

Also I’m going to start working on a Satisfied Fan Animation, I’m not going to lie though, this will take a long time for me to finish but i’ll keep you updated every step of the way and you can expect storyboards and concept art soon.

(And if anyone who’s seen the show, can give me information on how the song is played out, how Renée Elise Goldsberry acts throughout the scene, or anything in general that stuck with them during the performance that would be fantastic!)

Little things I love about Hamilton, in no particular order
  • The seamless transition between Winter’s Ball and Helpless
  • “Did you forget Lafayette?” asks Lafayette with his hair down
  • All of Hamilton’s monologue in The World Was Wide Enough
  • The strains of It’s Quiet Uptown that can be heard at the end of That Would Be Enough
  • Aaron “Talk Less” Burr going off at Hamilton in court “Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?”
  • Madison’s quiet, sobbed “Please.” after It’s Quiet Uptown
  • “Daddy’s calling.”
  • “Call me son oNE MORE TIME!”
  • All of Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
  • “Oceans rise, empires fall”
  • The overlapping melodies near the end of Nonstop, all coming to a head under Washington’s refrain of History Has Its Eyes On You
  • “I’m not hear for you.”
  • “Where have  you been?” “Uh, France.”
  • Farmer Refuted, aka Hamilton thinks you can shut your fucking mouth you dumbass
  • Burr somehow being surprised that Hamilton shows up to his house in the middle of the night
  • “Meet me inside.”
  • “Geoooorge Washington!”
  • All of It’s Quiet Uptown
  • “Washington cannot be left alone to his devices.
  • “You must be out of your goDDAMN MIND”
  • T Jeff’s smug ass during The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • “Siddown JohN YOU FAT MOTHER-”
  • “Aaron Burr, sir” with every single meaning it has throughout the show
  • The transition between Hurricane and The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • “You don’t have the votes”
  • The transition between Aaron Burr, Sir and My Shot (that brought tears to my eyes the first time i heard it without youtube loading and every time since)
  • “I’ll show you where mY SHOE FITS”
  • “John Adams shat the bed”
  • “That’s an order from your commander.”
  • “The fact that you’re alive is a miracle” 
  • The fact that Hamilton literally threw away his shot during his duel with Burr
  • Phillip’s heartbeat during the Stay Alive reprise and it’s subsequent faltering and fading away
  • The less sad fact that Burr killed Alex because he couldn’t stop talking shit
  • A. Ham basically telling Burr that he wasn’t sure which bout of shit-talking Burr was referring to during Your Obedient Servant, but I meant every single one of them
  • Alexander “will destroy everyone including myself” Hamilton making that name true during The Reynolds Pamphlet
  • Both Burr and Ham sound like they’re gonna cry a little during Dear Theodosia
  • Aaron and Alexander’s intricate relationship, constantly flickering from sibling to foe to friend 
  • “ ‘President John Adams’, good luck!”
  • Burr’s awe and bitterness in The Room Where It Happens
  • “I arranged the menu, the venue, the seating.” for three people
  • Anthony Ramos plays both Hamilton’s boyfriend and his son?
  • Take A Break, also called Eliza’s Pretty Sick Of Your Lame Excuses, Spend Some Time With Your Fucking Family
  • “I know I don’t deserve you Eliza”
  • “There you are an ocean away, do you have to be an ocean away?”
  • Guns And Ships, all of it
  • Actually, all of Lafayette
  • “John Adams doesn’t have a real job anyway.”
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women, aka Alex Acknowledges That Eliza Is Way Too Good For Him
  • “Southern, motherfucking Democratic-Republicans!”
  • Jefferson and Hamilton are literally always ready to fight
  • Also every single one of Jefferson’s lines
  • everything
  • i love everything
  • i’ve been thinking about this list for almost twelve hours
  • i love this show
  • shout out to Lin Manuel-Miranda for making me obsessed with some old dead dude who literally never stopped talking and also happened to help found the country and set up the basis for our monetary system