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“We met Dave first, he originally started taking pictures of us, kind of pestering us the whole time. He’d show up at all these obscure shows - this is way back, like 2006 or something when we were playing Wire Magazine avant-garde noise festivals in Bethnal Green. We just didn’t fit in and no one came to see us and then there was always this dude there with his cameras who was overly nice.”  


Ed Freeman (American, b. Boston, MA, USA) - 1: Cal-Tex Auto Parts, Coachella, CA  2: Dave’s Liquor, Los Angeles, 2011  3: Abandoned House, Niland, CA  4: Eddie’s Cafe, Santa Paula, CA  5: Havana Apartments  6: Trailer, Salton City, CA  7: Brawley Theater  8: Church, Mojave CA  9: Sundowner Motel, Desert Shores CA  10: Sunken Bus, Bombay Beach CA  Photography

pokemon go would be more fun if i didnt have a bunch of fucking pidgies everywhere


“So we made a little film in the LA sun last month. Was just like old times with my homies.”  - Dave Ma, director

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