Dave and Donna Henderson


Probably my greatest joy in life comes from Acker & Blacker’s Beyond Belief. I showed my amorous adoration previously on this tumblah with the fanart I did last summer (which, waggles eyebrows, might actually become a print featured at their shows) but my latest labor of nerd love has been to legofy my favoritest of sousy supernatural sleuths. I’m probably a little TOO proud of this considering I’m a 32 year old adult male, but as Will Ferrell said, that age 14 label on the Lego box is just a suggestion. Now, who the devil at Lego do I need to petition to get a penthouse playset build for these two and their friends and foes?

So lately when I think of KNK, I also end up thinking about Beyond Belief. In a way, the two shows are similar except in tone. Beyond Belief is basically, “What if an entire series had the same exact tone as episode 6 of KNK?” As a result, I have reached three conclusions:

  1. If there were ever a Beyond Belief!au KNK fic, Akihito and Mirai would probably NOT be Frank and Sadie Doyle but rather Dave and Donna Henderson.
  2. If 1 is correct, then that means ADORABLE APOCALYPSE BABIES!
  3. If Frank and Sadie Doyle were in the KNK universe, they could probably solve all the conflicts in four episodes instead of twelve episodes and two movies. But that’s not what KNK is about since it’s coming of age and Frank and Sadie ARE of age, nor would Frank and Sadie particularly want to go out of their way to solve these problems.