hes rlly awkward and stiff cos his clothes are kinda too small and he always wants to fidget bounce pick n shit so he has to think about keeping his hands at his sides and it looks so uncomfortable lmfao i wanna give him some cool indie tats and hes deff got a wild side, but, you gotta work to get it out of him lmao

he lowkey totally knows how to ride a motorcycle??? from when he was younger. he likes netflix and lives off starbucks and is basically just. ykno. ur modern day anxious dweeb who dresses like he raided his dads closet but is too tall to fit any of his clothes and always makes self deprecating jokes about how hes like a middle aged white woman cos he likes wine and facebook memes. he was totally a grungy late teen in the nineties and misses bein that way but feels like hes gotta Be An Adult™. etc etc more character explanations.

what an awful muse. i love him.

do not tag as kin.


This is short and dumb but listen the Strider brothers would definitely own fidget spinners and vape obnoxiously.

How the beta kids met

Jade on yahoo answers: Is it normal to not have a belly button??????
Hi I’m 7 and I dont live around a lot of people so I wanted to know, is it normal that I dont have one??????

Dave: thats a fucking stupid question of course no one has belly buttons thats just a lie that the Big Media pushes to make us all feel bad about ourselves

John: I guess its not TOO weird!!!!! I’m the same age and I don’t have one either :B

Rose: Hello, I’m a doctor and this is a sign of a terrible illness. Sad to say it but you are all going to die by age 10. There is no hope for you now. God Bless your young soul.