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hi are you doing the still doing headcannon things because i have couple 1) both Feferi and Meenah tried to teach their teams to swim but Meenahs idea was just to push them into the water 2) Dave and Terezi reenacted those gifs all of them 3) Sollux once hacked into Karkats computer and made an entire document just for memes took Karkat an entire day to get ride of them 4) jane can rap 5) Tarvos is the best dancer when got his robut legs he asked everyone to dance with him

i’m always doing the headcanon thing!
good this is good 

Zacharie’s being the lil shit that he is,
Batter’s about to scold him.
Karkat is just wondering how tf he even ended up there,
Dave couldn’t be more amused.
Pearl is confused,
Peridot is just hugging her girlfriend close.

P.S I will upload separated pictures of each ship in one post later

alright so there is a lot going on in this picture so let me break it down.

Rose: just won a bet that Kanaya could beat Karkat at Connect 4

Terezi: just lost a bet that Karkat could beat Kanaya at Connect 4

Kanaya: just scored the title of best girlfriend ever

Karkat: got WREKT


Gamzee: praying that his palebro gets some miracles and that the messiahs have mercy on him because they are laughing down at him from the heavens because hes just a big joke now