~AX 2015~ Homestuck
I am sorry for some of the pics being blurry but if you see yourself feel free to tag yourself or messaging me and I will gladly do it for you. 
Tavros: trex-nipples
Dirk: miraiiboy
Dave: @_lxtrixterboi  
Crockertier Jane: planethelium 
Bro: foggedupshades
Jade: bros-jadeharley
Humanstuck! Meulin:
cavitystuck!Jake: 0nevermoreraven0
cavitystuck!Dirk: darecrow
Dad: warlockofthewoods
Bro: rump-roast
Alpha dave: sedirktive
Priest Dave:
Priest dirk:
It was great getting to meet you all and you were all so sweet and kind. 


~AX 2015~ Beta Kids
If you see yourself feel free to tag yourself or message me and I will gladly tag you.
Ace suit dave: asexualls
Pantless John:
Pantless Dave: myself
Flower CrownJohn:
Flower crown Dave:
God tier John (hood down): 0nevermoreraven0
God Tier John (hood up): 
50′s Jade:
Dave with wing: 
You were all so great and very wonderful.

For Jadekatter!I just wanted to finish this, okay? It is really annyoing drawing on paint but since i have nothing else to draw on at the moment i guess this will have to do?

this was really shitty and i apologize for that. I really didnt want to take the time tp properly shade everything, take away lines that arent supposed to be there, take my time to colour everything etc, etc.

kinda ugly, non-canon clothes, yay. + I love how Dirks hair came out.

Can we pretend that it was my intention to draw the striders looking at each other and not at nep???