Daughter of the Air

I’ve been really bad about posting for the past few months. I have a bunch of stuff to show and I’ll try to keep more up to date moving forward.

Here is a poster for a retelling of The Little Mermaid (in space). Originally the title of the Little Mermaid was going to be “Daughters of the Air” and I thought it fit nicely for this version.

In my tale this Daughter of the Air falls in love with a stranded astronaut, the first human she had ever seen. She bargains with the Space Witch (A crazed medical AI with a damaged voice box and a terrible bedside manner). The witch promises to surgically build her new legs if the Daughter will relinquish her voice. All the while the Daughter fails to realize that the astronaut is already dead.


Daddy-Daughter Card Wars airs this Thursday, July 7th, at 7:30/6:30c, so watch it!

Not only was this my first time boarding with a partner other than Tom, but it was my first time boarding with Adam Muto which I was very excited for. I can’t believe that I didn’t do those two little portraits of him and me on this promo drawing like Rebecca used to do.

yes, yes, i am wild, i am eyesore, i am
the wind that makes breathing hard,
i am the ocean and the battered shore,

name me witch. name me salem, name me
lover of the evening coals. name me dangerous,
see me swim through your liquid insults
as evidence. i was always
some fae, some siren, some succubus.

yes, i am ugly and wanting and hungry.
i will eat the hell they make for me.
this is my home and i do not exist
for the sheer purpose of beauty.

name me mountain, name me sickening, name me
goddess almighty.

this is my home, i am daughter of fire and air.
i do not exist to make your day sunny. i will be ice storms
and tempests if i choose to be.

this is my home, i am daughter of water and earth
i do not exist to silently agree. i will be
the passion of thunder, the crack in mirrors,
a howl of fury.

yes, yes, i am myth, i am magic, i am destruction. yes, 
i am more than flowers and teacakes and crowns, i am
all that and then some. yes, i wear your words like little 
white lilies. you may throw what you like. they mean nothing.
go on, name me sack of bones, name me rail, name me

you cannot harm me. 
i was born dragon.

—  lady // r.i.d

The bombings in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad have upset a lot of people and probably brought some of you to this website to restore some of your faith in humanity. Amongst all tragedy however, there is a story of a hero that needs to be told. Adel Termos deserves recognition, for his bravery saved many, many lives.

Mic.com; As the world continues to mourn the deaths of more than 120 people in Paris at the hands of alleged Islamic State militants, a hero has emerged whose actions likely saved the lives of countless people — and he’s nearly 2,000 miles away from Paris.

Adel Termos was walking in an open-air market with his daughter in southern Beirut’s Bourj al-Barajneh district Thursday when he heard a blast. A bomb had detonated. Glass and debris went flying. There was mayhem. When Termos noticed a second suicide bomber preparing to attack, he made a split-second decision to tackle the assailant.

The bomb went off, killing Termos. But his sacrifice likely saved dozens, if not hundreds, of lives.

“He tackled him to the ground, causing the second suicide bomber to detonate,” Elie Fares, a Beirut-based physician, told PRI. “There are many, many families, hundreds of families probably, who owe their completeness to his sacrifice.”

There is a quote by Fred Rogers that seems appropriate to me; “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

EXHALE THE STARS ; trace my footsteps to the shores of sleep

i. promise, ben howard // ii. it’s hard to get around the wind, alex turner // iii. the woods, daughter // iv. gymnopédie no. 1, erik satie // v. flightless bird, american mouth (wedding version), iron and wine // vi. threnody, goldmund // vii. still, volcano choir // viii. wandering jane, dario marianelli // ix. tomorrow (live @ air studios), daughter // x. elevator song, keaton henson // xi. what happens now, hans zimmer

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“besa a quien quieras” - “kiss whoever you want”

“las lesbianas somos tus madres, hijas y hermanas” - “we lesbians are your mothers, daughters and sisters”


found in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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