Daughter of the Air


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Nut - Goddess of the sky, she symbolizes the firmament and is considered as the mother of all celestial objects. She is the mother of Isis, Osiris, Seth, Nephtys and according to some versions, Horus and the daughter of Shu, personnification of air and Tefnut, goddess of moisture, moist air, dew and rain.


Adventure Time - Wheels (Sneak Peek)

Worried about his daughter’s future, Kim Kil Whan asks Jake for parental advice.

It airs Tuesday, January 23rd at 7:30/6:30C on Cartoon Network.

Master Jinora (Jinora)

As the eldest daughter, Jinora inherited the role of Air Nation leader when her father, Master Tenzin, retired. With an ever-growing population of airbenders in an increasingly hostile world, she and her siblings work tirelessly to secure the future of their culture. Asserting control over traditional airbender homelands, advocating for international human rights, and creating a robust network of alliances, Jinora is now regarded as one of the world’s most important politicians and religious figures.

With the help of her father, Jinora has started compiling the world’s most comprehensive library. Housed in the Eastern Air Temple, the project consolidates texts from Ba Sing Se University, the Fire Nation royal archives, the Northern and Southern Water Tribe Palaces, and even from Wan Shi Tong’s library in the spirit world. Scholars from around the world now travel to the Eastern Air Temple to study in an environment free from strife and political interference.

  • Aries: Winged Warrior
  • Taurus: Flower Face
  • Gemini: Muse of Mimicry
  • Cancer: First daughter of the Moon
  • Virgo: Keeper of Knowledge
  • Leo: Light of the World
  • Libra: Righteous Priestess
  • Sagittarius: Goddess of Fortunes
  • Scorpio: Lulls the Living to Sleep
  • Capricorn: Oracle of Wisdom
  • Aquarius: Daughter of the Air Goddess
  • Pisces: A glimpse of God
  • Afton's Daughter: *crying*
  • Baby: *offers her ice cream* Here.
  • Afton's Daughter: Really? You're giving this to me? THE THING THAT MADE YOU KILL ME?
  • Baby: What? It's the only thing I can make. Just take it.
  • Afton's Daughter: ... *disappears into thin air*
  • Ennard: *in the distance* YOU FUCKED UP!!!

I’ve been really bad about posting for the past few months. I have a bunch of stuff to show and I’ll try to keep more up to date moving forward.

Here is a poster for a retelling of The Little Mermaid (in space). Originally the title of the Little Mermaid was going to be “Daughters of the Air” and I thought it fit nicely for this version.

In my tale this Daughter of the Air falls in love with a stranded astronaut, the first human she had ever seen. She bargains with the Space Witch (A crazed medical AI with a damaged voice box and a terrible bedside manner). The witch promises to surgically build her new legs if the Daughter will relinquish her voice. All the while the Daughter fails to realize that the astronaut is already dead.

Superboy and the invisible girl, son of steel and daughter of air
He’s a hero, a lover, a prince
She’s not there

I drew this in my innocence before finding out That Whole Thing About The Boy. so. 

I still don’t get the Bran and Rickon/Princes in the Tower parallel. The whole point with the Princes is that no one really knows what happened, they just vanished. In Westeros, as far as anyone knows, Bran and Rickon’s fate is known. They were murdered by Theon. While the assumption was and is that the Princes were murdered, the mystery still lingers in the question of who really did it.

The much closer parallel is with Sansa and Arya - the Stark daughters who vanished into thin air to fates unknown. Most people think Arya is dead, and theories about Sansa are as wild as some about the Princes once were.


Questions were being asked all around and the moment you saw your daughters hand go up into the air, you froze.

The volunteer came to her immediately, with mic up to her face.

You could feel your stomach begin to churn. You had no idea what was about to happen.

“Hi.” She smiled.

All the captain America cast all awed and smiled back at her. Both Chris Evans and RDJ were expressing how adorable they thought she was, which you couldn’t help but chuckle.

“How are you sweetheart?” Robert asked.

She shrugged her shoulders and huffed. “I’m okay. How are you?”

The crowd bursted out into laughter, Chris leaned into the mic, “who are you here with?”

“My mommy. I asked her to take me here so I can ask you a question.” She giggled.

Your daughter was only 6 years old and to this day she surprised you with her wit and knowledge. She was such a brave little girl, which you were absolutely proud of.

“For me?” Chris pressed his hand against his chest.

She nodded, “will you marry my mommy?” She asked.

You widened your eyes as you felt your body tighten. All eyes were on you, people awing and clapping.

Chris threw his hand out and laughter escaped him.

Your daughter was giggling looking at you then back up to the panel. You wanted to run, far away from that place, but you were scared to make any sudden movements.

“Can we talk to your mom?” Robert asked, flashing a cheeky grin.

You were handed the mic, shaking profusely.

“Did you know about this? Did you put your little daughter up to this?” Robert cackled.

You shook your head, feeling your cheeks burn Crimson as your heart fluttered insanely. “Not at all. Trust me, if I knew this was her evil plan, we wouldn’t be here.”

The cast members chuckled along with the crowd.

“So what you’re saying is you don’t want to marry Chris?” Robert taunted.

You began to panic a bit, the heat radiating off your body. “N-No, I mean yes. I mean-” you let out a long breath. “I don’t even know the guy!”

Robert turned to Chris, a smile forming his lips. “Well, what do you have to say about this kid?”

Chris scratched his nose then shrugged his shoulders. “How about this, how about we get to know each other.” He smirked.

“Woah, are you asking her on a date?” Paul asked, teasing him.

Chris nodded and looked back to you, making your breath hitch. “So what do you say? Will you go on a date with me?” He asked. “Wow, I feel like I’m in high school again.” He chuckled.

You were frozen once again, until Your daughter tugged at your shirt, catching your attention. “Mommy! Say yes!” She exclaimed.

You swallowed hard, hearing everyone chant yes simultaneously.

“Come on, sweetheart. Don’t make the guy beg.” Robert winked.

Taking in a deep breath, your lips curved into a shy smile. “Yes, I’d love to go out with you.”

Everyone, especially the cast members all jumped up and applaud. Chris was a blushing mess as he motioned for you to go over to him on the stage.

The volunteer escorted you over, your heart thudding with every step you took.

He gave you a quick hug, a smile never leaving his face. “Wow, you’re even prettier up close.” He chuckled.

You let out a nervous giggle. “Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself.”

Your daughter was in awe, feeling proud of the situation. Chris gave her a high five, and took a picture with her.

“This was the cutest way to get me to go out with you.” He muttered pulling his phone.

You looked down at your daughter who flashed a cheeky grin. “Yea, too bad I didn’t even know about it until you did.”

He shrugged his shoulders, and passed you his phone to put your number in. “But it worked out. I’m going on a date with a beautiful woman.”

You rolled your eyes, dialing your number and letting it call your phone so you had his.

“She likes pasta.” Your daughter muttered.

Chris tilted his head back and laughed. “Thanks for tip.” He winked. “I’ll be sure to take her somewhere Italian.”

Handing him the phone back, you flashed a smile. “You know, you don’t have to do this.”

He slipped the phone back into his pocket, “trust me, I want to.”

“Alright love birds, we have to get this thing going.” Robert exhaled.

Chris gave you a quick peck on your cheek, making your body shiver. “I’ll call you tonight.” He smiled.

“I’ll be waiting.”

Walking back to your seats, your daughter was squealing in excitement. “Mommy! You’re going to marry captain America!”


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Like Fathers Like Daughter (Carry On Countdown Dec 16th)

I love the idea of Simon and Baz having a little girl. Hope you enjoy! @carryon-countdown


Simon watched his husband throw their daughter up in the air and giggle at her squeals. She was only three years old but already Simon felt like he had to commit each moment to memory, like she might be twenty if he looked away for a few minutes.
“Daddy save me!” Natasha yelled.
“But dad put a binding spell on me, I just can’t!”
“Liar!” Her dark cheeks were rosy red.
Once Penny had told him magicians never gave up their children, but she hadn’t really known the complications that would arise in the years after the Mage died. People had been scared and some hadn’t been very careful during the crisis. A cousin of Baz’s in the Pitch branch had become pregnant. She was only 15 and needed a family to adopt. Simon and Baz had only been twenty-one, but they both knew that they were one of few magicians who would be willing, even wanting, to help the girl. So only months after marrying, they found out they would be expecting their first child.
Baz set Natasha down on the carpet and sat next to Simon on the couch. She crawled over to them and hopped on their laps. She had beautiful dark brown eyes that burned with fire and long curling black hair. Natasha looked very much like her grandmother whom she was named after.
“Is Aunt Penny coming over?”
Simon stroked her hair.
“Not tonight, she’s helping Nana.”
Mitali adored their daughter and liked to take her to the Watford library every weekend. When Natasha started talking she took to calling her Nana, which of course Mitali adored.
She pouted. “No fair.”
Baz tapped her nose gently with his long index finger.
“You’re stuck with us tonight little puff.”
“Can we do magic?”
Baz looked up at Simon, who shrugged and chuckled. He trusted his husband not to mess her up with his magic.
“Go get your wand.” Baz giggle whispered into her ear.
She grinned widely and ran off into the hall.
“We sure have a wonderful daughter.”
Simon leaned onto Baz. “Yes. And a wonderful life.”
Baz turned to kiss hiss forehead. “The magic…it doesn’t bother you does it?”
Simon lifted his head to look at his husband. Baz looked concerned, his eyebrows scrunched together.
“Baz, it’s who she is. Of course I’m not bothered by it. Besides, I remember what it was like. I can still help her with her form, pronunciation, and even talk about Watford. “
Baz nodded. “I just don’t want you to feel left out.”
Simon kissed him lightly. “Don’t worry love, you always make me feel included.”
Natasha rushed into the room with her wand. She was so young, but being surrounded by Bunces, Pitchs, and Grimms she was already learning so much about magic. She held up her wand, dark cherry wood with an ivory handle, and smiled. Armed with her grandmother’s wand she stared at her fathers.
“What am I learning today?” She asked excitedly.


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Breading Peter’s hair with your daughter.

Your daughter literally purred, sitting on the edge of the sofa, as she passed her fingers through the hair of her daddy. You see in her eyes the application which she was currently considering was the haircut of the day. Peter (yes, Peter, THE Peter Hale, is a sugar daddy, you have the right to sit on hearing the shock of this news), meanwhile, allowed himself to elegantly lie full length on the couch.

With you standing in the kitchen, watching your daughter do Peter’s hair with a mocking air on your lips. Her little brow furrowed in concentration, she finally exclaimed with her little high-pitched voice:

“You will be so pretty daddy! Like Elsa.” As she began to gently grasp his hair strands to make him his first braid. You laugh softly from the kitchen counter before you move forward toward your family.

“Want some elastics and barrettes, darling, to keep everything in?” you asked, excited about how Peter would react to his new hairstyle. Peter shot you a gaze over the sofa as your daughter let out a little cry of excitement. “Come on, my love!” you said, “I know that pink looks so pretty on you.” You gently kissed his lips before sprinting to the room of your daughter, to fetch her pink scrunchies and barrettes in the shape of hearts, flowers or butterflies, and dog paws.

Soon, Peter’s head was covered with braids, multicolored barrettes and scrunchies. And even if he couldn’t bear the others seeing him like that, he couldn’t help but be proud of the capacities of the small hands of his daughter.

Scott and Stiles were grumbling, about Peter, of course. For when the time came when they needed his help against a supernatural creature, he wasn’t lounging in the apartment, making small sarcastic comments and putting the nerves of Derek balling.

Since he didn’t answer their many appeals, the pack had decided to follow his scent, which didn’t lead to an underground network of caves hidden deep in the woods as Stiles had thought, but in an apartment downtown.

Despite his humanity, Stiles almost broke off the door hinges. This had the effect of scaring your daughter, who rushed into the comforting arms of her father.

You rush into the open doorway, and they all froze at seeing you. “Who the hell are you? ” Stiles demanded.

“I could ask you the same thing! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” you snapped, getting mad at them. Lydia tried to calm Stiles’s temper a little, putting her hand on his shoulder before walking towards you.

“Sorry, Miss, we were trying to find Peter Hale, but I think we have the wrong house.“ Immediately, the werewolves of the band heard your pulse quicken and saw your shoulders tense. A thing that stressed you more was the small voice of your adorable girl saying from the living room and her father’s arms : “That’s my daddy!”

Derek shoved you aside to get into the house, and doubled over laughing at Peter. The pack followed soon after, and laughed hardly at Peter’s hair. Peter scowled and glared at them, putting his arms around his daughter as if to protect her from these whiny teenagers that could lead her into a lot of their problems.

Lydia was the only one trying to contain herself, fixing Peter’s hair : “You’re … Cute?” she ventured. Okay, if looks could kill, that would be the cause, and the pack would be in pieces, so cottage pie.

Peter was trying his best not to kill them on the spot (not in front of his daughter), and asked them : “I hope for your sake, you have a really good reason to come here.”

“You mean, apart from see your face right now ?” sassed Stiles. You saw Peter’s eyes glow blue, and thought he was going to lose his shit. Scott saw it too, and intervened. “We think we could probably be dealing with a Wendigo in town.”

“So, you know what it is, what kind of creature you have to fight, and you still come here? Are you guys sadomasochists or suicidal, or something like that? Don’t you have homework or stuff to do ?” You frowned, looking at them like they had a third head.

“Wait a minute!” Derek says, having his mind back. “You have a daughter? And a girlfriend?” 

“Wife, actually.” 


“Yes, thank you.” you growled, stressing the words. 

“Stop a minute, when did you get married?” asked Derek again. 

“Why were we not invited to the reception? And how could you have a daughter?” Stiles began to raise his voice, half panicking.

“Are you insane, Stilinski?” says Peter, covering the ears of his baby girl. “How can ask that in front of her?” 

“Ooooooooh, that’s so cute, Peter! What’s her name by the way ?” asked Allison. She tried to reach out and mess with her hair, but Peter pulled aside his daughter, even jumping off the couch to keep his daughter from them.

“You really think you have credibility for a sugar daddy with such a haircut?”

You put yourself next to Peter, running your hand through the hair of your daughter, before detaching his arm, and placing her on the floor. “Go to your room for a minute, sweetheart.” She nodded before smiling at her dad and ran to her room.

“Now, kiddos…” 

“We’re gonna have coffee?”

“Or my feet kicking your ass ?” You ran your hand along the back of Peter, seeing that he was losing his patience and was about to turn. The little pack tensed at the sight, and the youngsters looked at the door, checking their potential exits. “I believe you have everything you need.”

They begun to leave, still looking at Peter and you, trying to find answers, and the little sassy one, Stilinski, seemed like he wanted to take a picture. 

When they were finally gone, you turn to Peter, looking at him quizzically, before passing the hand through his hair. “They’re right, you’re cute like this.” You kiss him, before holding his hands, and you walk together towards your daughter’s room, hoping to make him forget the teasing he will have to undergo the next time he sees the pack. At last, HE had the apple pie life, with a pretty little girl, the most beautiful of the world, to your mind, a white picket fence, and soon, this pretty little girl would have a little brother.

Remember me, part 7 - Thomas Jefferson x Reader

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After the ceremony Margaret fell into your arms, looking much better and with shining eyes.

‘I’m a married woman, ma!’ She laughed and you kissed her forehead, your heart bursting with love for your daughter. Your beautiful daughter.

‘Dad!’ Margaret hugged Thomas too, oblivious to the tension in the air and then left to talk to Rosette. You played with the big skirt of your gown, you had to look good as the mother of the bride. You turned to Thomas, making sure you face was emotionless. You opened your mouth to say something but then some cousin you hadn’t seen in years grabbed you and pulled you away to talk to you.

After dinner many guests left, some staying the night in Monticello, you retired to your bedroom. Sally helped you out of your corset and different from other nights where you talked Sally’s ears off, you were silent.

The look on her face was pity, you realized when she was finished and had helped you in your long lacy nightgown and had combed your hair.

‘Good night, mistress.’ She said, putting a hand on your shoulder and squeezing softly and then left.

‘Good night, Sally.’ You murmured just before the door closed. Staring in the mirror you saw a tired woman. You didn’t look as young as you had looked four months ago.

You looked terrible. It was the stress and the depression you had been in the last months.

Someone knocked on the door. ‘Come in!’ You said.

The door opened, revealing Thomas who had taken off his purple coat. You bit your lip, preparing for the confrontation.

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