Daughter of the Air

I’ve been really bad about posting for the past few months. I have a bunch of stuff to show and I’ll try to keep more up to date moving forward.

Here is a poster for a retelling of The Little Mermaid (in space). Originally the title of the Little Mermaid was going to be “Daughters of the Air” and I thought it fit nicely for this version.

In my tale this Daughter of the Air falls in love with a stranded astronaut, the first human she had ever seen. She bargains with the Space Witch (A crazed medical AI with a damaged voice box and a terrible bedside manner). The witch promises to surgically build her new legs if the Daughter will relinquish her voice. All the while the Daughter fails to realize that the astronaut is already dead.

Voltron Headcanons


•After the war, Lance and Keith start dating.

•Three years later they get married.

•Some time after that, they had a daughter and named her Kim.

~Weird galrian biology and stuff.
~Yes, Keith spent 9 months carrying a child in his abdomen.
~She looks waaayyyyy too much like Lance.
~She did, however, inherit Keith’s smile.

•They ADORE her.

•Kim’s a tiny demon.

•Keith chases her around A LOT.

•Lance raises his little daughter high in the air and says, “ALL HAIL KIMBERLY MCCLAIN.”

~It’s no wonder she’s goofy and silly.

•Kim draws these adorable pictures of her family and her daddies stick them on the the fridge.

•Four years after that, they have another daughter and name her Rosie.

~She looks so much like Keith.
~She has severe asthma.

•She loves music and writing.

•She’s an introvert.

•Keith adores her and smiles whenever he sees her.

•Lance loves her to pieces and prays that the air doesn’t corrupt her lungs.

•Kim adores her and wants to hold her all the time.

•She writes poems and short stories when she’s bored.

•Her daddies keep her stories and poems on their wall. Kim keeps some of them in her room to cheer her up.

•Keith keeps his hair tied back, his front bangs are always hanging in front of his face, and their a little bit long and unruly.

~Everyone nicknames it his mommy hairstyle because he looks so endearing when he’s wearing it and smiling at the same time.
~Lance finds it adorable.

•Kim and Rosie also call Keith ‘mom’, ‘momma’, ‘mommy’, etc.

I just want to imagine Keith being a mommy and lance as a really fun dad, and just give them some really cute children, O K A Y O K A Y

teen wolf final scene

scott and his partner (malia hopefully now that my bby kira is gone i cry) and lydia and stiles are walking together with their children who are bouncing around their ankles excitedly, cluelessly; they think they’re going to the park or somewhere else, but stiles, scott and lydia are silently walking, their hands entangled with their partners and a slight nostalgic feeling in the air. lydia and stiles’s daughter, allison melissa stilinski is playing with scott’s son, charlie isaac mccall as they run ahead of their parents, leaving them walking behind with lydia cradling her and stiles’s newborn, claudia.
they finally reach their destination and lydia takes a deep breath and tears fill her eyes as they push open the creaking gate and make their way over to the familiar grey stone she’d visited time and time again.
stiles looked back at his wife when he realised that she’d fallen slightly behind and walked over to her, placing a slight kiss on her red lips. he doesn’t say anything, just smiles reassuringly and takes her hand, calming her down instantly.
after passing claudia to stiles carefully, lydia kneels down before the gravestone reading ‘allison argent, 1997-2014. a friend and warrior.“
she thinks to herself about how allison’s gravestone hardly did such a beautiful, amazing person justice, and she felt angry at how her best friend had been taken from her so soon.
“i’m so sorry allison. i love you. i wish i could’ve saved you.” lydia had completely broken down now, and suddenly, she hears a voice, so soft and small and quiet that she almost missed it, but the voice was one she recognised; allison’s. she couldn’t tell whether her banshee side heard it or whether it was a figment of her imagination but either way, it soothes her in a way stiles can’t.
“i love you too lyds. i’m so proud of you.”
lydia smiled, her fingers brushing the words carved into the slightly faded stone as she reached into her handbag and pulled out a small friendship bracelet. it wasn’t much, but lydia smiled as she pressed it into the dirt, flashing back to the sleepover her and allison had made the bracelets in. she subconsciously tugged on her own faded and frayed bracelet that a few of the plastic beads had broken off but despite this, the bracelet still held so much meaning that lydia could never see herself letting go of it. she steps back and glances to stiles who steps forward and hands claudia to her ever so gently, the soft lavender tinted shawl her daughter was wrapped in calming her even more.
stiles smiles at the stone, letting out a soft ring of laughter.
“you could never fail to make me smile alli,” he began, tapping the gravestone and imagining that it was allison’s shoulder, imagining allison’s soft laughter ringing around the room as she made stupid jokes and chuckled along with him.
“i miss you. you were my best friend which i obviously didn’t show very well,” lydia glanced at scott, who smiled sadly at her, tears filling his eyes as he recalled the time his best friend went void and he lost allison, a coldness spreading around his healed heart, which would never truly heal.
“i could almost hear you cheering as lydia and i married. i remember all your feeble attempts at trying to get us together. and guess what, you succeeded in the long run. we even saved you a seat at our wedding, right in the front where my mom would’ve been. forever missing you, argent.” stiles placed a silver arrowhead next to the bracelet and stepped back next to lydia, who rested her head against his shoulder as scott stepped forward. allison and charlie were hanging around stiles and lydia, whispering to each other quietly and wondering why mummy, daddy, auntie and uncle were crying.
“just in case you forgot again,” scott whispered, a tear splashing onto the hardened dirt as he placed a single battered ballpoint pen on the grave in line with the bracelet and arrowhead.
he stepped back as lydia passed allison, her tiny dark haired green eyed three year old, a bunch of soft pink roses.
as allison placed the delicate flowers on the grave and ran back over to charlie who was gripping his mother’s hand tightly.
“she would’ve been with us,” stiles said, looking to scott, lydia and malia as they smiled to each other, remembering the senior scribe that seemed so long ago.
lydia remembered allison’s voice gracing the wind and entwined her fingers with stiles’s.
“she still is.”

Curling her fingers into a fist, Minhee’s brown hues skid around the place. This was home, this was where she was supposed to feel at peace yet everything about the place seemed discomforting. Her family whom she didn’t know, the town she didn’t know her way around, the strangers that seemed to eye her with sad eyes after her picture had been aired on the news ‘Kidnapped daughter found after sixteen years’. “Oh for fuck’s sake, stop staring!” She spat at no one in particular while multiple people passed by. “Yes, I’m that girl. Big fucking whoop.”

Get to know me ya’ll (or just ignore me thats cool too)

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countries i have lived in - USA (only one)

favorite fandom - supernatural

languages i speak - english, castellano (what my family calls spanish in Perú)

favorite film of 2015 - I don’t actually go to theatres because I am broke as hell but I really wanted to watch dope, and Selma

last article read - Sparknotes; hair taips for mermaids (I was bored ya’ll. I wanted to make my hair look nice and then I realized that it was more for girls with curly hair but I was still interested anyways

Shuffle music library and write down the first three songs - Death’ great black wing scrapes the air (Being as an Ocean), Daughter (youth…but I have Daniela Andrade’s cover of it), Go Go Go (sleeping with sirens)

Last thing I bought online - 5 earrings from aliexpress

phobias or fears - roaches; the really big ones, spiders, THINGS in the dark, getting stabbed/shot, someone breaking into my home

how would my friends describe me - “youre trash. trash. trash”, THE MOST BISEXUAL BITCH EVER, loud, talkative, aggressive, dirtyminded (lol sorrry ya’ll I’m really immature)

how would my enemies describe me - …..i dont think I have any. Hopefully

who would I take a bullet for - my parents (and other family members I care about)

if I had money to spare what would I buy first - plane tickets to Perú so mami can visit her parents

ten people I want to know more about - @latinxlibra @gaylien-invader @dunsquad @kittensandall @everything-and-nothing-forever @ty-lee-weasley @gloriousmishap @blackgirlkey @alefuckingsana @sarahwillsurvivethis 

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I Do Not Ask the Night for Explanations - OurImpavidHeroine - Avatar: Legend of Korra [Archive of Our Own]
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Series: Part 11 of The Abdication of Hou-Ting LIV or: How Wu Learned to Stop Being Foolish and Love the Detective

Eleven years after the Colossus nearly took down Republic City, Baatar Beifong, Junior has joined his younger brother Huan and Tenzin’s daughter Ikki at the remains of the Northern Air Temple.

Chapter 15: Baatar: The Northern Air Temple


Maps, apricot silk; both welcome and unwelcome surprises.

Finally! The next chapter is up. For all six of you reading! HA! :D

This one is nsfw, kids, so please do consider yourself warned.

So today I went to an open mic for the first time in a couple of months - making this whole thing happen for myself is very time consuming (as is resting). Anyway, it was this little bagel shop on Ventura and my set was Daughter of the Air/Clean/Old Fire. I should’ve seen that it was going to be bad from the start. We got there and a guy was playing like 10 songs… with the owner AND the crowd was like 4 people outside of the staff and @hera-salander. Then when my turn came up, they didn’t even announce me and I was like, that’s fine I can do it for myself. Then, I guess no one had used the piano before and instead of making the piano face the audience, THEY SET THE PIANO UP AGAINST THE WALL.

That’s right, I did my ENTIRE SET FACING A FUCKING WALL. Like they wouldn’t even move it. Nope, I had to warm up this audience in 10 minutes to new music and a cover and I didn’t even get to look at them. Then, to make matters worse, there was this guy playing bongos and HE STARTED PLAYING ON MY SET. I just said, “no percussion please” and like he just got a little upset and everybody was thrown off by that. I am all for jamming, but this a performance that I practiced for and I’m really not looking for any additional input, specially cause I’m going to improvise at the end. Come on man!

In short, I really do feel that I did a great job. There were some mistakes, but overall I sounded great and I played better than ever. I am getting confidence singing and playing in a way I didn’t have before. I also realized that there are going to be audiences that are uninterested and intimidated - and also think you don’t know Joni Mitchell because you look young.

One step at a time!

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sometimes i wonder about what 5h's parents think of while watching their daughters dancing like they're having sex with the air for their music videos/concerts. or singing about sex, in general. lol

it’d be weird for any parent but ???? not that deep 


Okay but what did their parent’s do 9 months before they were born???


Victory or Death; the Advance on Trenton by Don Troiani.
I love this painting for how it captures the desperation of our ancestors in the final days of our war of independence. You can see the cold of winter, the hunger in their bellies, and the knowledge of the strength of their foe all in their expression. Yet they press on through it all that their sons and daughters might live free air and not be yet another enslaved tributary of the British Empire.
Let not the chivalry of our forefathers be for not, and let it not pass uncelebrated.

“Always on the verge of collapsing. Always on the verge of running and I will always be wondering what im running from or over. How could you be the escape of everyone when you are always searching for an escape? And how do you escape from your own skin? You will never know. My soul is wandering somewhere else. Somewhere beyond me. Somewhere blue. I think I’m the stars I’m always staring at and i will never know if the stars are the home I’m longing to or am I the home they abandoned lifes ago. I’m the daughter of the moon and I’m nobody’s daughter at all. I’m the smoke, the air, I’m everything thats keeping you alive and I’m everything thats suffocating me. I’m the shooting star you die wondering where it came from and where its headed to and I’m so tired of shinning and of being a lie and of not having the answers you’re demanding to know.”

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2 & 10

2. A great song to fall asleep to:
Shallows || Daughter (Live at Air Studios version)

10. Top 5 songs of all time:
Shiiiiiit, I’m probably going to think of better shit later, but

Letting It In/Making It Go || Better Off
New Scream || Turnover
Raccoon || It Looks Sad.
The Universe || Gregory Alan Isakov
and last but not least, 
Ghost With A Boner by Diarrhea Planet ;];];];] Just kidding.
Chloroform || Nothing

These probably aren’t my top 5 of all time, but they’re my top 5 over the past few years. Thank you for the questions! It made my day, ily💕