Daughter of the Air


Mythology Moodboard: Egyptian mythology

Nut - Goddess of the sky, she symbolizes the firmament and is considered as the mother of all celestial objects. She is the mother of Isis, Osiris, Seth, Nephtys and according to some versions, Horus and the daughter of Shu, personnification of air and Tefnut, goddess of moisture, moist air, dew and rain.


This blog is primarily about my art, with a little of my politics.

Recently A GW staff member who disliked my politics and who had trolled my personal art posts with his disdain and was then blocked, decided the mature response was to collate my GW fan art into a single post to mock and deride it
as ‘The worst series of images on the entirety of this site’ (note the blog he posted this on, had images of him in his GW uniform)
I alerted his employers that he was being an asshat to company customer base. And its my understanding that they cautioned him.

After that he decided to go public and ‘DARVO’ about the issue painting himself as the poor victim who did nothing worse then dislike my art.
I decided that I needed to protect my rep, so I wrote a lengthy post (now below the cut)  

If you are reading this, you have no reason to believe ‘my side, theirs or the middle’ The only thing I can do is ask you to consider which is more likely, that a complaint was made and the company took action, or that I have insider contacts and after 14 years as a professional artist, cant handle criticism.

I have no interest in pursing this further, and my blog remains as always about my art with a little of my politics.

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  • Aries: Winged Warrior
  • Taurus: Flower Face
  • Gemini: Muse of Mimicry
  • Cancer: First daughter of the Moon
  • Virgo: Keeper of Knowledge
  • Leo: Light of the World
  • Libra: Righteous Priestess
  • Sagittarius: Goddess of Fortunes
  • Scorpio: Lulls the Living to Sleep
  • Capricorn: Oracle of Wisdom
  • Aquarius: Daughter of the Air Goddess
  • Pisces: A glimpse of God

#kdramawomensweek || day five: femininity + her

Sung Deok Sun (Lee Hye Ri) ↦ Reply 1988 (2015)

“I could not return to my youth or that street either. Time always flows. Everything passes by and ages. That might be why youth is beautiful. Because it shines, blindingly bright at a brilliant short moment. But you can never go back.”

She is the frequent butt of her friends’ jokes; neither “smart” by their skewed standards, nor “pretty enough” to “deserve” verbal praise. At home, she is the forgotten middle child, overshadowed by her older sister’s brilliance and her younger brother’s neediness. In the total absence of validation, Deok Sun finds comfort in playing with makeup and hair spray, in arranging pretty outfits. Still, she–like so many of us–seeks the acknowledgement of the people around her. She craves affection and seeks reciprocation. It’s what prompts her first crushes. One of the standout moments of her and Sun Woo’s short, ill-fated romance is of Deok Sun running to her room just as Sun Woo comes to pick her up and slathering on foundation (top row, right). Makeup is how she finds confidence. She wears it like warpaint. 

Her femininity is her pride. It is what she has, when even her mother gives up on her dreams of Deok Sun gaining admission to a university.

Fast forward five years, and we see Deok Sun beautiful and grown up, with long hair and makeup done to perfection. We see her in heels and in skirts. She’s a flight attendant, a profession (in that time) known for its beautiful women. She is successful, she takes care of her parents, she has fulfilled nearly every dream she has had for herself. But most importantly, she has learned to love herself. She has learned to harness the femininity that had been her last bit of pride and she has turned it into a career. And that, I think is her true love story. Deok Sun’s is the story of how she stops pinning her worth on others’ opinions of her, and learns that at the end of the day it only matters that she is happy with who she is. 

Their child accidentally hurts them (BTS)

Rap Monster:  -your son never seemed to realize Namjoon’s crotch wasn’t a launch pad. You always felt bad for him because your son would always do it. He would try moving across him and just hurt Namjoon- “boy, you need to stop doing this to me. I’ll never be able to have another kid”

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Jin: -your little daughter would pull his hair by accident as she attempted to stand up. Seokjin would be making sounds as he was hurting from it. He would let her stand then he would pull her hands from his hair- “I’m proud you stood up honey but you shouldn’t grab daddy’s hair”

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Suga: -you were laughing as your daughter slapped him in the face with her little fist. She hit him right on the nose in her sleep and he couldn’t even make any sounds because he was scared that he would wake her up- “shut up please. It hurts”

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J-Hope: -Hoseok should have seen it coming when your daughter ran into him. Head first she collided with his crotch that he squealed but wouldn’t let her know it hurt- “hello nice to see you too baby girl”

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Jimin: -it’s not that it hurt too much. He wasn’t ready for his daughter throwing her little head onto his chest and knocked the air out of him- “why are you so hard headed princess?”

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V: -since your son was little he didn’t understand what he had done to his father. His little foot had nailed his father right in the chin. Taehyung freaked out above him and the little one started crying and Taehyung had grabbed as many things to cheer him up- “I didn’t mean to scare you buddy. Daddy didn’t mean to”

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Jungkook: -the two of them would smack their heads off of each other but instead of worrying about him you only worried about your son and his head. Your son would cry as he would end up making him feel bad- “you ran into me and I’m the one who feels horrible for being here”

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BTS Single Parent AU

kookies-and-myrok asked: Hello, sweets! I love your writing and I’m not just saying that Lol i always get excited when you post smt, anyways do you write parent au’s? If you do can I get a BTS reaction about what they would be like as a single parent? If not then its okay! Keep up the great work 💜

This doesn’t necessarily work as a reaction, but I can do a little like… bullet drabble or whatever on this. Either way, very doable. - Admin Dayna


There’s like… this anime called Amaama to Inazuma (a.k.a. Sweetness and Lightning) which is basically about a single father who raises his daughter to the best of his abilities but he can’t cook as well as his wife (who passed away). I see Single Parent!Jin being like that… except in Jin’s case he can actually throw down in a kitchen

  • Lots of love and affection
  • Smothers his baby girl with kisses before dropping her off to daycare and after picking her up
  • The daycare moms thirst after him bOI
  • His cookies sold out the fastest at the school bakery
  • Partially because Daycare Moms are trying to give him the succ
  • Mainly because his cookies are bomb asf
  • He got hoes
  • Reads/sings his daughter to sleep at night religiously
  • Chocolate covered Strawberries while they watch cartoons together
  • Shed a single tear in the beginning of Finding Nemo evRYTIM
  • Was literally floating on air for like a month because his daughter told him he was the “handsomest appa”
  • Tries really hard to scold his baby girl
  • Can’t look her in the face when he does it because she’s too damn cute
  • Puppy Dog Eyes work every once in a while tbh
  • Dad jokes, fucking duh.

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Picture this: Yoongi is chilling, right? Lounging on the sofa, watching some psychological mystery film or whatever emo shit he watches. His face is pretty indifferent. He’s unbothered asf. His right arm is covered in scribbles and squiggles. His 7 year old son is currently surrounded by markers, casually doodling on his dad’s arm.

  • Lets his son choose whatever toys he wants
  • If his baby boy wants a nerf gun, he’ll get a nerf gun.
  • If his baby boy wants a fucking bubblegum pink barbie jeep atv, he’s getting a fucking bubblegum pink barbie jeep atv.
  • Also lets his kid wear whatever he wants
  • Supports the creative and imaginative endeavors of his child
  • Does not support coloRING ON THE WALL YOU LIL DEMON BABY
  • Sometimes stares at his child and thinks “whose mans is this?”
  • Also looks at his child and thinks “that’s the love of my life”.
  • One time considered redecorating his closet just so that he can hang a bunch of mirrors on the wall so that whenever his child does something stupid, he can sit him in that closet and close the door so that he can look at his reflection and reevaluate his 7 years long life.
  • All in all he’s a super supportive daddio.
  • He’s not like the other dads.
  • He’s a Cool Dad™

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Break-Up (Peter Parker x Tony Stark's Daughter!Reader)

Request: Hiii can I request where you’re Tony’s daughter and he forces Peter to break up with you thanks

(A/N) Again, so sorry for posting so late. I’m swamped with school work, but I promise to try to write and post more often. Honestly, I’ve had this stuck in my inbox for a week and kept forgetting to post. Sorry.

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Jumping onto the “draw your characters’ parents” bandwagon!  Here’s a younger Galerna with her folks (yes, they’re both human). Dad’s a cleric, and got Gal into being a cleric as well.

- @adriana-likes-tea

court-side love.

sebastain stan x reader.

warnings: none, i don’t think. 

request:  I watched an NBA game one night and they showed the kiss cam and there was a mom with a little girl and it was adorable! So, I thought how cute would it be if Sebastian took your 2 year old girl and you (his wife) to an NBA game and the kiss cam would be on them so he would give her many kisses on her face and she would giggle. Can you write one like that? - @starwxars

AN: this is fluff which i’m not great at or confident doing but i hope i did it justice. it’s also really short and the ending sux soooo it’s k.

excitement radiated through the stan household the morning you woke up, not only was your husband finally home but you were officially 20 weeks pregnant with your second child and able to find out the sex of the baby. you and sebastian had been on a back and forth about finding out the sex ever since you’d found out you were pregnant - you being for finding it out and sebastian being against, but after a few weeks of pushing and persuading, he’d finally given in.

stretching your body, you let out a small groan and a sigh before relaxing again, the little life in your stomach given it’s own small kick against your ribs. just as you were about to sit up and start your day, two strong arms wrapped themselves around your midsection, pulling you closer to a bare chest. sebastian sighed into your hair and pulled you impossibly closer before grumbling, “and where do you think you’re going?”

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Ready or not.

Authors Note: Hey, everyone! I don’t know what to write my Shawn blurbs about, but here is Daddy! Shawn. I hope you guys enjoy it. Xx 

Shawn Masterlist found HERE

The backstage bustle is nothing new to you, you have been apart of it for a few years now; you know the ins and outs of pretty much everything. From the security team, to the different rooms’ and pathways, you have it all figured out.

You smile towards the few members getting things ready, your daughter on your hip as she glances around curiously, excited to finally get to see her Dad after two months of him being on tour.

You eventually manage to discover Shawn, his body sprawled out on his back on one of the couches, “Daddy~” Your little girl immediately beams, not taking note that her father is *was* sleeping. He stirs leisurely as you press her small feet to the ground, her wavy hair instantly bobbing as she hurries towards the couch, climbing up and sitting on him.

“Hey, there’s my favourite little girl.” He sleepily snickers, tenderly pressing his hands to arms so she doesn’t by any chance manage to fall.

“Hi, Daddy! Look, I have my own thingy.” She holds out the pass around her neck, pretty delighted to have her own black lanyard dangling around her.

“Ah, you have Daddy’s VIP pass,” He nods, “Come here, give Daddy hugs, I missed you.” He carefully sits up, opening his arms for her to fall into him, doing her best to wrap her little arms around him.

You step closer and greet Shawn with a tender smile, “So, this is what you do to prepare.” You gesture around at the tranquil and empty room of two couches.

“I am so exhausted,” He pouts, still holding his little girl as she just comfortably nuzzles into him.

You lean down and steal a quick kiss, the taste of his lips being something you have craved for the longest time.

“I have missed you both.” He breathes, giving you the loving smile you fell in love with.

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Your child accidentally hurts him (EXO)

Xiumin: -he would just move away after his son stepped on his crotch. He was hurting and didn’t want to swear or anything around him. You would come over after a few moment to check on him- “I’ll be fine. I just need a minute that’s all”

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Suho: -your daughter was an infant so she had no idea how sharp her little finger nails were when they dug into his chest. He would startle her when he let out a yelp and she was the one crying. He would feel bad and would try to cheer her up- “sweetie no need to cry you’re fine. Daddy just needs to get your little mitts”

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Lay: -your first reaction was to check on your son after he ran into his father’s leg. The two of them collided hard and Yixing wouldn’t let it slip that it hurt but he would have liked a little concern from you- “he’s young so he should bounce back, I’m fine to thank you”

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Baekhyun: -he scared your daughter when he kicked her walker away from him. She was very active so when she went over to him she ran her walker right into him. Out of reflex his leg kicked out sending the walker backwards. He clutched his leg but made sure she was alright- “sweetie are you alright? I didn’t scare you right?”

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Chen: -your son was laughing after he smacked Jongdae on the head with his little metal car. It hurt but he wouldn’t let his son know that it hurt him. He was happy with the smile he had- “I’m glad you’re having fun. This is the only time you’re going to do this”

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Chanyeol: -your daughter was at the age where her head was more of a wrecking ball than anything so when she threw her head back and hit his chin. He simply moved her off of him and you worried as he was silent- “well her head is really hard. It kinda…really hard”

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D.O: -you lectured him for yelling at your son. He was sitting on the floor when your son was running around so he accidentally tripped over Kyungsoo and knocked the air out of him which made your son start crying when he was yelled at- “ah, what? Why are you yelling at me? He’s the one who hurt me”

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Kai: -he was shocked when his check was jumped on by his daughter. Her knees dug into his chest. He ended up sitting up and she ended up looking very confused- “you jumped on my chest baby. It didn’t feel nice”

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Sehun: -he didn’t think he would be actually hit in the gut with the soccer ball but it hit him with enough force to knock the air out of him. Your daughter quickly asked if he was okay or not- “yeah I’ll be fine, just give me a minute”

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Kris: -she was walking around on the couch and tripped falling on him. He was surprised more than he was hurt but quickly checked on his daughter instead of worrying about himself- “are you alright princess? Did you hurt yourself?”

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Luhan: -your son got lectured by you after he threw a toy at him. Luhan was hit in the face with a toy car because he wasn’t paying attention to your son. You made your son ask him if he was alright- “I’m alright buddy. But please don’t do it again”

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Tao: -your son would run over to him as soon as he got home. He threw most of his force into Zitao and made his head collide with his crotch. He would groan and hunch over as you rushed your son away. You waited before asking if he was alright- “I mean my crotch hurts but what do you expect”

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Fencing is not proper behavior for a princess,” [the king] told her in the gentle-but-firm tone recommended by the court philosopher.

Cimorene tilted her head to one side. “Why not?”

“It’s … well, it’s simply not done.”

Cimorene considered. “Aren’t I a princess?”

“Yes, of course you are, my dear,” said her father with relief. He had been bracing himself for a storm of tears, which was the way his other daughters reacted to reprimands.

“Well, I fence,” Cimorene said with the air of one delivering an unshakable argument. “So it is too done by a princess.

—  Dealing with Dragons

The song “Into the Open Air” from Disney’s “Brave” is what inspired me to mend my damaged relationship with my mom. The rest of the movie is great too, but it was that one song that really inspired me and kept me inspired throughout the hard work of repairing our relationship. I forgave her for somethings and finally admitted that other things were not her fault and that I’d been unjustly prejudice towards her for years. To this day, that song makes me cry bittersweet tears. On one hand, it reminds me of the beautiful relationship I’m able to have now with my mom, but it also reminds me of the years we lost because of my stubbornness.

Little Dragons (G-Dragon)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hello 💕 I wanted to ask if you could do a Kwon Jiyong scenario as a dad on The Return Of Superman? Thank you very much ❤️

“Siyeong back up” you say pushing the small walker out of the way. The 8 month old had been at the VJ tent fingering up the camera as much as her little finger could reach from it. 3 year old Jiheon sat on the floor playing with his cars. You peaked into the tent handing the man a bottle of water “it gets warm in here"you say before heading over to the other tent. Siyeong followed you as much as she could in the walker. “Mom we’re home!” you hear as your oldest sons Jimin and Sangmin. They were 9 years old and coming home later from school.

“The camera people here” Sangmin stated as he looked in the cameras. Siyeong zoomed over to her brothers before the front door opened again and she headed over. “Look at my pretty princess” Jiyong coos as he picks her up out of the bouncer and kicks it back into the wide open. “Hello” he calls as he looks around with a large smile. “So I’ll be leaving in a few” you told him “you’re not waiting?” he asked as you shook your head “I made dinner then you guys can eat. The night schedule is on the fridge and then the list of what to do” you state “kisses” you call as bend down and two sets of lips kiss your cheeks “coming” Jiheon spoke rushing over. You gave a sad smile to them all “be good for daddy” you say as you stroked your daughter’s cheek before you headed to the door.


“Hello” Jiyong says awkwardly sitting down “I’m Kwon Jiyong” he glances over at Jimin “I am Kwon Jimin. I’m 9” “I’m Kwon Sangmin also 9” Sangmin says as he glances down at Jiheon who was focused on his toy “what’s your name?” Sangmin asked “Jiheon” he responds loudly “how old are you?” Jimin asks “8” “he’s 3” Jiyong corrects as Jiheon smiles. “At this is the princess of the family. Kwon Siyeong she’s 8 months old” Jiyong says standing his daughter up on his lap. “I’ve been on the show when it first aired a long time ago and also with Sarang. But now I really get to enjoy the show for all its worth” Jiyong continues “I gotta poo” Jiheon says ruining Jiyong’s moment. “Alright do you need to hold my hand?” he asks passing Siyeong off and getting up.


The next morning Jiyong woke up and quietly got out of bed trying not to wake up Jiheon who took up most of the large bed some how. He peaked into the crib on Siyeong before heading out. He quickly went to the fridge to look at your directions for breakfast ‘if you can’t make eggs and toast we have a problem’ he read as he smiled ‘Jiheon needs cereal and fruit’ ‘and Siyeong’s baby food is on the top shelf of the fridge’ he read as he opened it up. “This is literally applesauce with a baby brand on it” he says grabbing the eggs and jelly.

Soon the bedroom door opened and the twins made their way out “brushed your teeth?” Jiyong asked “yes” they respond “moisturize?” “yes” they finish as the both go to the fridge for a drink. “Hey are the little ones a lot to handle?” he asks “they’re both attention hogs” Jimin says “watch out for Siyeong’s walker” Sangmin continues. “And you guys won’t be back until 7?” he finishes “nope” they say together.

“Mommy!” Jiheon yells before a whine fills the apartment. Jiyong makes his way back to the bedroom to see Jiheon staring down at his sister who was wide awake because of him. “Mommy?” “she left remember” Jiyong says helping him off the bed. He bent down picking Siyeong up. “Pretty baby. Look at your hair” he coos kissing her face. She gave him a large smile as he carried her out to the table. Sangmin was at the stove finishing the eggs he left there “oh man. I’m sorry” he says “they aren’t burnt” Sangmin says grabbing plates and a bowl for Jiheon knowing the morning routine oh so well.


Jiyong became a popular dad since he started last month. After four episodes people were in love with his children. “Where are we going?” Jiheon asked as he looked around the car. “Petting zoo” Jiyong said as Jiheon clapped. He looked at Siyeong who was half asleep. Smiling he took a deep breath. “Siyeong” he called as her eyes opened wide. “We’re gonna see puppies” he says as she smiles. “You like puppies?” he coos “I like them” Jiheon says “yeah what’s your favorite?” Jiyong asks pulling into the parking lot. “Brown ones” Jiheon answers as the door slide open to the van “yeah? Maybe we’ll see some” Jiyong tells him as he unbuckles him from his seat before moving a cross to get Siyeong. 

“Daddy hold me” Jiheon says as Jiyong looks at Siyeong before bending down and picking up his son. “I wish the twins could have come” he said as they step in. “Look” Jiyong says as he puts Jiheon down. He helped Siyeong stand up letting her practice walking as she made sounds of excitement at the bunnies. “They’re babies just like you guys” Jiyong comments “I’m a big boy” Jiheon says resting his hands on his hips “sorry just like Siyeong then” he corrects as Jiheon nods. 

Feeling eyes he turned seeing people there with their phones “look it’s Jiheon” someone says as Jiheon turns “hi” he says waving at his fans. “He’s cuter in person” the girl tells Jiyong as he smiles “thank you” he says kindly. “Can I get a picture with you guys?” she then asks as he nods. “Ji they want a picture with us” he tells his son who walks over. Jiyong picked him up and got ready to pose. He did the cute peace sign before doing another “pick one” Jiyong tells him as the picture was taken. “Thank you so much” she said to him as he nods “have a good time” she then says as he smiles “we will. Say bye bye” he tells them as they wave her off. “I wanna see goats” Jiheon says as soon as she leaves “alright” Jiyong tells him as they went to look for the goats. 


Jiyong was excited about today as he had all of his kids for once “we’re going shopping” Jiyong says excited “why?” Jimin asks as he finished his milk “well Siyeong is getting too big for her clothing, Jiheon covers his in stains, and all you guys were is sports wear” Jiyong lists. “We don’t need to be in fashion we need to be comfortable” Sangmin comments as he picked up the plates from the table. “You know I was a fashion icon in my day” “and you drove fast cars, smoked, dated, dyed your hair a lot” Jimin and Sangmin took turns listing off. “you guys are mean to your father” Jiyong comments as he started to feel embarrassed.  

“Did mom make you boring?” Sangmin teases “mommy is the best” Jiheon says as Jiyong helps him out of his seat “well I’m going to introduce you to skinny jeans and dress shoes” Jiyong comments not really caring anymore if they were teasing him. He wanted to get them to dress up at least once in their lives as a family for pictures and what not so he could share his perfect kids to the world more. 


“Hey” Jiyong says as you walked into the apartment. It was roughly twelve at night and the filming had stopped for the week. He pulled you in for a kiss as you smiled “I like being greeted like this” you tell him as he kisses you again “you know the twins are kind of rude” he comments as he pulls away. “What?” you asked him as he took your bag “they were picking on me because I used to be like rebellious” he says. “And now you’re a suburban house dad” you joke as he makes a sound “that’s where they get it from” he tells you as you push him lightly walking into the apartment more. “You know I changed a lot for you, I gave a pretty nice lifestyle” he told you “being a dad is better than being some 40-something year old bachelor?” you ask “much better” he promises. “I made perfect humans, with my gorgeous wife. I live in a large apartment in Seoul. Drive a minivan. I still live pretty good” he continued “well we should ship the kids off to one of the other Supermen so we can have a date night” you say resting your hands on his chest as his went around your waist. “

Yeah? What would we do?” he asks as a flirty smile comes across his face. “We’d get good food, that we don’t have to share with tiny hands” you start “then we can watch a movie that doesn’t have talking animals or men in skin tight suits” you continue as he rocks the two of you. “Then we can sleep in without having to worry about being kicked by Jiheon and woken up by Siyeong needing to be changed or held” you continue as he groans “that sounds great” he says “then we can even have sex” you say in a different tone as he starts laughing. “Should we spoil ourselves that much?” he asks as you nod “one night every once in a while sounds nice” you say as he nods. “Then I can call up one of the dad’s then and the show” he states “good now I want to sleep with my hard kicking son” you say as he chuckles letting go of you letting you and him head off to your room.

just wanted to say something: i think it’s unbelievably cute that bolin carried the metal cables for wei and wing in “operation beifong” so they could fight if something happened - just a reminder that they didn’t know they would have to fight kuvira, they just did it cause zhu li was in danger. 

and it was for them, not for su. look:

i like to think they are really close friends. i mean, bolin has been dating opal for 3 years now, he must’ve visited zaofu a lot with her - cause i believe opal did so, given the fact she was almost killed when the red lotus attacked the temple, su would want her daughter around more often. even more after tenzin decided the air nation would traveled the world again. plus, su said that since baatar jr left zaofu their family has never been the same, so opal would’ve want to comfort her parents and brothers, being there for them. sooo for all of that, i believe opal went a lot to zaofu along with bolin - before he joined kuvira, of course. that made him get closer to wei and wing. i think the twins admired bolin for his strengh and skills, cause they’re athletes themselves. plus, bolin is a sweetheart and easy to get along with. i can see the three of them talking about pro-bending, earthbending in general, etc

when bolin gets to zaofu with kuvira and he realized opal was really mad at him, he kind of asked the twins for help, trying to convince them to back him up. they didn’t. in fact, they look way more disappointed than angry when bolin does so - plus he switch their names, which didn’t helped:

they look like the’re saying “dude, shut up. we’re friends, why are you working with the girl who wants to take our fuckin city?”

it’s personal. they are friends and i believe they do look out for each other. like bolin did, being cautious and getting the twins metal cables just in case they had to fight, cause like i’ve said, it wasn’t in their plans to do so. the plan was: get the beifongs and get out. just that

and speaking of personal stuff: the little hand thing wei did when bolin saved him. for me it was his way to forgive bolin for working with kuvira. that scene wasn’t just cute, it was a big deal

BLESS THEM!! bolin doesn’t have to marry opal to be a beifong, he’s already part of the family. i love it. wanted to see more of them. i miss it all SO MUCH

First Meeting (Happy Mother’s Day)
Requested by Anon: canon missing scene where the Evans’ meet James and like his charming mischievous personality more than Petunia’s newest conceited beau Vernon (and Lily’s weird childhood friend Severus Snape).

Eliza Evans was perfectly content with her life and everything in it.

She had a wonderful husband who loved her very much. She lived in a small town where the neighbors were kind and generous. She had little but needed nothing thanks to her two girls. Out of everything in her life, Eliza was thankful for her baby girls. Eliza felt lucky to get to call two special girls like Petunia and Lily her daughters.

Petunia was the eldest and the textbook example of a devoted daughter. Petunia was always focused on becoming something to someone. Eliza knew that Petunia was a carbon copy of her in looks, minus the brown hair from Mr. Evans. Petunia carried Eliza’s looks well, always being the most fashionable one in the Evans’ household. It was no surprise to Eliza when Petunia grew up and left Cokesworth to attend a discounted typing course in London as soon as she’d saved enough money.

Petunia was quite capable on her own after eighteen years and Eliza didn’t worry even though Petunia was miles away in a big city. Petunia shared a flat with another girl in her class and barely scraped by on the bills but she made it very clear she had no intention of coming back to Cokesworth.

Eliza’s oldest daughter was drawn to the urban normalcy of London, a stark contrast to her little sister who thrived in unpredictable fantasy.

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Master Jinora (Jinora)

As the eldest daughter, Jinora inherited the role of Air Nation leader when her father, Master Tenzin, retired. With an ever-growing population of airbenders in an increasingly hostile world, she and her siblings work tirelessly to secure the future of their culture. Asserting control over traditional airbender homelands, advocating for international human rights, and creating a robust network of alliances, Jinora is now regarded as one of the world’s most important politicians and religious figures.

With the help of her father, Jinora has started compiling the world’s most comprehensive library. Housed in the Eastern Air Temple, the project consolidates texts from Ba Sing Se University, the Fire Nation royal archives, the Northern and Southern Water Tribe Palaces, and even from Wan Shi Tong’s library in the spirit world. Scholars from around the world now travel to the Eastern Air Temple to study in an environment free from strife and political interference.